How to Teach Your Dog to Love WATER & SWIMMING

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Does your dog like water or are they reluctant to approach it? Either way, you’ll love this video. Watching a dog swim for the first time is always a pleasure to see!

This video came out great! My training videos are very real, so you never know how some of these lessons are going to end up! The challenge with teaching dog to swim is that you can’t be sure you’ll get there in a single lesson. Let’s just say that June the rescue dog from, lifeline puppy rescue made us look good 😉

Let me know if you like this one!

An Introduction to Clicker Training:
Train your dog to not be scared of strangers, especially MEN:
Teach your dog to love getting a bath:
Lucy the Shy Dog:

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21 Responses

  1. Lisa Klein
    | Reply

    My French Bulldog swims as she sinks like a lead weight to the bottom. She would drown without a life jacket. And, life jackets don't fit French Bulldogs well.

  2. Audile Galactic
    | Reply

    I have a lab/German Shepherd/pit bull/husky mix. He’s 3 years old, a fast, muscular, 96 pound dog. How will I ever get him into the pool lmao

  3. Rylee Canale
    | Reply

    Why would he say it’s a high kill shelter? Cause it isn’t?

  4. Eduardo Rico
    | Reply

    No my dog does NOT😭

  5. Jack Berry
    | Reply

    My dog LOVEEEEEES baths but whenever we try to get him in a pool he’s scared 🙁 and even worse he’s a golden! That’s what there supposed to do.

  6. Becky Carr
    | Reply

    Our lab puppy loves the water we haven’t been able to get her in any deep water yet
    Our adult dog is not a fan of water but I think he’d like it if he was properly introduced

  7. Mohammad Bokhari
    | Reply

    Saved my 2 lab mixes from Costa Rica & brought them back to NYC. We go out to Montauk often but they don’t like the pool or the water at the beach. They get Terrified of it.

  8. Faith is living a good life Good life
    | Reply

    No not my dogs

  9. 8luvbug
    | Reply

    What kind of dog is that?

  10. Shelly Clark
    | Reply

    I have a Goldendoodle and we're going to teach it to swim

  11. Ognjen GiGo
    | Reply

    I have a puppy labrador and we went to my friends house and he has a pool. And when my niece jumped in the pool pups didnt hesitate he jumped in and swam with her

  12. ppp ppplll
    | Reply

    In gonna try this in the bathtub. Im getting him a life vest for training

  13. Mylie Crennan
    | Reply

    My dog is afraid of watch because the thunder and lightning scares him it rains too so yeah

  14. Dany Halaouy
    | Reply

    My dog doesn’t know how to swim

  15. Laura Merrick
    | Reply


  16. Michelle P
    | Reply

    Looks like a catahoula…. those are baying dogs. I bet she will love the water in no time

  17. Rotceh Paredes
    | Reply

    My labrador loves water because when I go in our river he was running in the water

  18. Klevis Diko
    | Reply

    Today was the first time in the beach for my dog Cooper. I COULDN'T TAKE HIM IN THE WATER😂😂😂

  19. emily mees
    | Reply

    Mine took a few hours. We took her to a dog beach that is very busy. She saw sone German Shepards and tried running in right away then realized THAT'S WET OH NO!!!!! Through out the day she realized all her friends were going in the water and they were fine. Now you can't get her out of the water.

  20. Trixta
    | Reply

    I pretended I fell in the pool on my dog and cat my cat just looked around the pool and my dog bit my foot and dragged me out😂

  21. Amalie Bradner
    | Reply

    No my dog hates swimming

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