How To Teach Your Dog To FETCH Perfectly! (Dog Training Tutorial)

Training a dog to fetch is a very useful behavior that has many benefits. In this video, you will learn step-by-step how to train any dog to fetch. The methods used in this video are based on the science of learning and utilize positive reinforcement as a primary tool. Any dog can successfully learn to do this with patience and over a relatively short period of time. It is important to take your time with each of the concepts demonstrated to get the best results.

Please consider sharing this video and supporting our work to support positive dog training. We believe that dog training has to emphasize the importance of maintaining a good relationship with your dog and not using aversive training methods which are often considered the norm. Using punishment in training can not only harm the relationship you have with your dog but it also has a negative impact on training.

Watson is a 16 week old Labrador retriever who learned how to do this in a matter of weeks. If you would like to follow our work and learn more about training your dog effectively, follow us:
Instagram: tab289

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13 Responses

  1. Catalina Dawnmountain
    | Reply

    Where is the german shepard

  2. marcus spencer
    | Reply

    HEY you're back! My dog bows how to roll over because of your videos haha. I always refer new dog owners to your videos. Glad to see you're still making them.

  3. Tesla Nick
    | Reply

    I'm training one of my dogs for competition obedience next summer. He will do a perfect retrieve but doesn't really enjoy it. I'm looking for ways to increase motivation. He's a chow hound and will do it for clicks and treats but he then spits out the dumbbell as he's approaching me in anticipation of the reward and I need him in the "present" position. I want to get this down before moving on to scent retrieves.
    Any advice or ideas from anyone would be most welcome.

  4. Abi Ma
    | Reply

    Can you teach how to train dog "stand" – meaning stand like human by two legs, i saw it on other dogs training, pretty cool trick, but my dog can only get a trick if i follow your video 🙂

  5. Lori Douglas
    | Reply

    Welcome back!!!! You have been missed!!!

  6. Roy Wilsker
    | Reply

    My dog is very good at retrieving, but he always drops the retrieved object on the floor near me rather than putting in my hand. (Being a sweet dog, when I put my hand out for the toy, he comes over and licks my hand…) I can't get him to understand that the object of all this is for him to put the toy in my hand. Yep – I'm sure this is my problem, not his. But any ideas on how to change this behavior?

  7. Aman Pandey
    | Reply

    Hey, where is your German shepherd?

  8. Gunnut880
    | Reply

    I have totally failed at this with my yellow lab but i am not sure if i could of done this with him at that age of puppy you have in the video he was and still is very high energy, so now i am at the point of he just plays keep away and getting extremely frustrated as he was supposed to be a hunting dog not sure how to correct it, i have tried having him on long lead check cord and gently pulling in but he fights it too much, and also the walk backwards or away he just stays about 1 ft away and if he thinks i am going to reach for it he turns and runs away and generally in circles

  9. Azethine
    | Reply

    I'm happy that we both have puppies at the same time. I've been watching your old videos but I still feel so lucky coz I get to each my puppy the same things you teach your puppy chronologically 😀

    ps. the give command is always challenging xD

  10. Kleshtrem
    | Reply

    Welcome back, dude. missed your videos!

  11. Dup Dupss
    | Reply

    I miss the ultra close camera shot

  12. Martians Kitchen
    | Reply

    it's so awesome how you break down your techniques. My new dog is really jealous and refuses to learn basic obedience training. please help here.
    my older dog I trained it using your techniques and that worked a treat but this new girl is just trouble. please help. Thank you

  13. DblOSmith
    | Reply

    I should have done this when my dog was a puppy. I tried, but he just never got it. Iguess it's never too late.

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