How to Teach your Dog to Fetch a Beer!

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10 Responses

  1. Clorox bleach
    | Reply

    This is sooo good i think it is fake

  2. Adrian Ramirez
    | Reply

    Hey zak! Can you add a time elapsed to the end of your videos? I understand you're a pro therefore most of your viewers wont be able to replicate your results in such a short amount of time, but all of your videos seem so seamless which is kind of discouraging when struggling with training.

  3. Panther Gaming
    | Reply

    Can you do a service dog training video please. Like if you agree

  4. Jennifer Pennington (Dog Trainer)
    | Reply

    Ha Ha! Love the Hi fives after the successes.

  5. Derp Da Derp
    | Reply

    Ok, the last 2 days I've been training my dog on our rug (only soft flooring in house because hardwood), and she gets the idea that when she wants to train then we have to do it. She sits in the rug barking for people to come give her treats ;-; and whenever we come home from somewhere she waits on the rug for us

  6. Klarisa Colja
    | Reply

    Wooowww you did so amazing!
    All of you!!!
    I'm looking forward to teach my 8 week old german shepherd this when I get him!!!Love your videos and I always get thrilled when you poat a new one!
    So many stuff I can/will teach my puppy!will keep you updated!

  7. C Palileo
    | Reply

    How can I teach my puppy to respond to commands quickly? He knows basic commands but moves very slowly.

  8. Joe Bro
    | Reply

    Really awesome stuff your doing here Zak but I can't help but be jealous considering i really want to do exactly what your doing for a living… Looks like you have already really made your mark on the internet community! Good luck with everything man!!

  9. Ledestroyer22
    | Reply

    I've recently subscribed to your channel since I've recently have gotten a German shepherd puppy

  10. Stephanie Eglington
    | Reply

    200th comment

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