How to Teach your Dog to do 4 things in Minutes (Roll over, Play dead, Sit, Lie down) The BEST DOG TRAINING PAGE on FACEBOOK My second (video blog) channel: Follow me o…

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D
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42 Responses

  1. Rosalia Genova
    | Reply

    i love to see true dog lovers doing this.. thanks for the video im so gonna
    try the play dead and roll over

  2. Nikoo Azarmi
    | Reply

    I love how your Dogs are so happy ! :)

  3. Rachel Nahmias
    | Reply

    hi Zak, Great Clips! love the clicker way…
    I have a 3 month old Husky…
    My question: I see a big diffrence between when i work with her on the
    “tricks” and when we are not working – when w work, she i amazing and
    listens to down, leave it etc… and when she is just around – Nothing!!
    How do i ake the tricks work all the time and not just when th clicker and
    food is in my hands?
    Thank you! and love your clips

  4. Tieya Thompson
    | Reply

    Dogs are loveable and smart but some times the just don’t lisen but now
    George helped me he can do an th thing

  5. Ryan Moody
    | Reply

    Your awesome Zak! 

  6. Michael Knight
    | Reply

    Im so jealous of you. You have the best job ever. 

  7. George fisher
    | Reply

    I tort my mini Jack Russell how to play dead


  8. Shailyn Dee
    | Reply

    My dog won’t do it :/ He either stands up to follow the treat, flicks his
    head back and tries to get it from the other side or just flicks his head
    back and stares at me. I know he won’t learn straight away but is that
    normal? Am i doing it wrong?

  9. Kat Quirit
    | Reply

    great thanks!!

  10. David Thomas
    | Reply

    My dog wont roll over at all or play dead :P

  11. RabiRose
    | Reply

    You are quite the character… lol. And your dog has the most beautiful
    eyes. I’ve always wanted a dog like that

  12. Trinity Pham
    | Reply

    OMG it worked but he can’t play dead yet,but he like does a half roll and
    stands up again

  13. Charlie Ayteniz
    | Reply

    What breed is Indiana? Almost looks like a border collie rotty mix

  14. Aurel Eijgey
    | Reply

    Wow thanks that really helped me train my dog playing dead and roll over it
    only took like 3 mins

  15. Bassem Nour
    | Reply

    My dog is so hyper she jumps to take it from me 

  16. Aaron Xavier
    | Reply

    um you know that cheese could kill your dog.cheese , grapes and choclate
    could kill your dog

  17. Amy Polkadot
    | Reply

    your so awesome ill have to try this with my dog!!!

  18. Byeong jun Na
    | Reply

    Can’t get my dog to roll over. What if your dog is too flexible but you
    want to teach your dog to roll over. How would I do it???

  19. Deanna Romero
    | Reply

    Continue I will keep training her until she gets it. Thank you for your
    videos they are Truely helpful.

  20. Rasheed Hall
    | Reply

    you’re good man im hitting the like button

  21. Katja Dimič
    | Reply

    I love that you always kiss dogs, it really shows how much you love them!
    One should always kiss their dog! :)

  22. Jacky Perez
    | Reply

    I didnt even tell my puppy to roll over andhe did I was so happy thank you
    for the tips

  23. VampireCharmer1864
    | Reply

    Got any advice or tips on how to get our 6 to 8 week old puppy to go down
    the steep hallway stairs? She runs up the to her bedroom, but is a scardy
    cat and wont come down them. She is a mix of a big dog and a Chihuahua. So
    she has a big heavy butt.

  24. guinea pig
    | Reply

    the only thing i need to learn is how to be patiant with my dog:)

  25. Sammy Bouzid
    | Reply

    Indiana Jones rollover???

  26. vismaya sivadas
    | Reply

    how many dogs do u have ?? 2? 3?

  27. Rahab Aftab
    | Reply

    I am looking for a bouder collie puppy so do you think that my puppy will
    do all this when it’s a puppy cause I want it to get trained as soon was

  28. TELEthruVOXx
    | Reply

    Dude, u rule

  29. Virginia Ferrer
    | Reply

    I really enjoy your videos. You know how to explain and create a simple
    structure for dogs and the owners to follow. Thank you 

  30. luz sanjuan
    | Reply

    i have an american pitt terrier and he just gives me his paw as soon as he
    sees a treat because thats all i taught him on my own /: he is too hyper.

  31. ninjablue2011
    | Reply


  32. kieren shanks
    | Reply

    I have a Siberian husky im trying to get to play dead

  33. Monica Marshall
    | Reply

    My dog is a rescue dog, he’s about 8 years old. I am trying to train him.
    He knows sit and stay. But people say that you can’t teach old dogs new
    tricks? Is that right? 

  34. pinksoniauk
    | Reply

    Great vid, the basic tricks in dog training yet the most important. Can u
    make a video on how to house train your puppy please?

  35. Joshua Angular
    | Reply

    Your dog training videos are baf ass bro thanks alot really helps

  36. Brianna Gillen
    | Reply

    Lol that scared me for a second because my name is brianna

  37. Olariu Giulia
    | Reply


  38. Heather G
    | Reply

    Your so adorable :)

  39. muhammad shoeb
    | Reply

    Pwoohto mevzk

  40. muhammad shoeb
    | Reply

    Pohto gan

  41. David Herndon
    | Reply

    Great positive dog training technique.

  42. dooggyloover
    | Reply

    Indiana is beautiful. And I love your enthusiasm when training! I’ve always
    used the lure method with my dogs.

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