How to Teach your Dog to Bring You Things

How to train your dog to bring you things! This video is sponsored by BarkBox! Get a free BarkBox when you sign up for a 6 or 12 month subscription at

Have you ever wondered how to teach your dog to retrieve something? It can be very convenient, plus it’s a great way to build and refine communication between you and your dog!

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Playlist: How to teach your puppy or dog the basics in order:

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24 Responses

  1. Randomly Sammy
    | Reply

    Piper is beautiful!!

  2. Arabella Leighton
    | Reply

    will you make a video sort of like this one but for puppies that are very roudy? my puppy wont do the trick becouse he is to wild

  3. Stupid Me
    | Reply

    I need to teach my puppy how to walk

  4. philo George
    | Reply

    Zaky do you have shirts for dogs

  5. Hila Kruger
    | Reply

    love your videos!!!

  6. X3_ACE17
    | Reply

    Jeez. How to we get you to come to our house we have a Doberman shepherd puppy who is very hyper active

  7. Kaveh Khaksar
    | Reply

    Dear Zak, your training sessions are awesome, me and my 5 months old golden retriever have been learned a lot from you, just wanna thank you here…you are amazing…Lots of thanks and love from Tehran and god bless you

  8. chagga john
    | Reply

    very good job,I'm a teacher now through these videos

  9. Alexandra Casillas
    | Reply

    Is that doberman a mix? just wondering cuz of her white paw No hate. just asking

  10. monstersince
    | Reply

    my dobies stop me from getting bored. beautiful intelligent dogs

  11. monstersince
    | Reply

    good boy, now put it back is the second part of the game my dobies love

  12. AV GEAR
    | Reply

    Zak please make a video with a beagle

  13. merp werp
    | Reply

    When he said "get your leash!" She looked at it and it just felt like she was saying "the fuck is that?"

  14. Panther Prime
    | Reply

    Thank u but when I told my dog to give it back he ran away with it

  15. aldo damian
    | Reply

    This guy is so fucking white in everything he does.

    Nice vid btw

  16. La Petite Bantam
    | Reply

    This dog race looks like snoop dog.

  17. Arjun Shedge
    | Reply

    How to teach bang bang.pls tell me.i am not able to teach my dog.awesome videos u have. Pls explain.

  18. Jack Grazer
    | Reply

    Must they be puppy's?

  19. Sarah Foy
    | Reply

    Umm well my dog is not "The playful tipe"

  20. mohammad hammouri
    | Reply

    hey i need help i have a gsd female that was born in 3/2017 and when i walk her i cant control her and she always pull so strong that i need to let go what can i do to let her follow me and not pull me. plz help
    btw im 11 and im not strong at all
    plz help

  21. Cristina Mathew
    | Reply

    I love your positivity and patience when you train dogs. Your doing a great job and service to us dog owners Zak!!!

  22. Christine Whittaker
    | Reply

    My Collie actually learned to bring me things kind of by accident. She likes teasing me by grabbing something of mine then running off with it and throwing it in the air then laying down to chew it. One night she grabbed one of my boots and took off with it so I told her to bring it to me. She just lay down on the floor and pretended to chew it all while watching me to see what i'd do. I told her, again, to bring it to me then added "Please". She stopped chewing and looked at me. I then said "Pretty Please" and she actually brought it to me. I obviously praised her very much then I gave her a treat. I created a Monster! After that, She started grabbing every shoe or boot and bringing it to me then sitting down to wait for her treat. One night she brought me a boot without me asking her to so I gave her a treat and put that boot under my desk with all the other shoes and boots I'd collected. She ate her treat then went around behind my chair and reached under the desk to grab the same boot she just gave me and carried it back around my chair and handed it to me then sat down waiting for her treat. How do you get a Collie to understand that it's not fair and doesn't count when she sneaks around and grabs the same boot. Sometimes if Pretty Please doesn't work, I have to ask her "Do you want to trade" then she'll bring it over and wait for her treat. She understands "Trade". If she's really being stubborn and none of that works, I just tell her I'm going to Cry. That works every time. Now, if I point to an area and ask her to bring me something in that area, she'll do it. If she grabs the wrong thing, she'll go back and get the correct one. She's so cool and She's so strange. If I sneeze, she can be sound asleep, but will jump up and run to me and put her front feet up on my lap and look at my face to make sure I'm Ok, I guess.

  23. Sam Cheu
    | Reply

    Hey he rewards all the other dogs treats but y not piper he only gives her the treats after 10:40

  24. greg james
    | Reply

    What if your dog will already go and pick up a bone versus a toy on command, but won't touch a shoe?

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