How To Teach Your Dog to Balance a Treat On Their Nose!

This is one of the most impressive dog tricks and a great foundation for teaching more advanced behaviors. Teaching a dog to do anything can be achieved with…

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D

40 Responses

  1. Naldo411
    | Reply

    my german shepherd´╗┐ is a White Coat and also has a long coat as this one. She is also 100% German Shepherd

  2. beccababytv
    | Reply

    my dog shook my hand when i did´╗┐ the first step

  3. lujain abdulaziz
    | Reply

    my german Shepard has exactly the same´╗┐ fur length, and it 100% german Shepard.

  4. APEX
    | Reply

    is that dog just a normal german sheperd because a lot i see´╗┐ have very short hair but i want one that has fur like yours. any response would be nice.

  5. swietens
    | Reply

    haha loved the face when it had all the cookies on the forehead´╗┐

  6. moise2022
    | Reply

    This is perfect!´╗┐

  7. Istrice08
    | Reply

    Good job!´╗┐ I really appreciate your thorough approach, making every step crystal clear for the dog. There’s so much aversive stuff around, it’s a real pleasure to watch this video!

  8. fvet08
    | Reply

    I did it way differently til now ­čÖé I taught the dog to balance other things, first non toys (pack of kleenex), then toys, then boring´╗┐ treats, then actual treats. I didn’t even think of your approach! ­čÖé

  9. rozmoz
    | Reply

    She’s so cute!´╗┐

  10. Helena Svensson
    | Reply

    I think these´╗┐ tutorials are amazing! Thank you so much!

  11. ahmed abdelhady
    | Reply


  12. sazkwatch
    | Reply

    good´╗┐ tutorial

  13. Chuk Prav
    | Reply

    this stuff is like coding in´╗┐ assembly language.

  14. ritmrpariot700
    | Reply

    I’m going to try this out when I get my new puppy…after it’s trained in´╗┐ other specifics ­čśÇ

  15. ritmrpariot700
    | Reply

    well that’s rude´╗┐

  16. Regan Strong
    | Reply

    you are´╗┐ sooo fucking ugly

  17. mademoisellekori
    | Reply

    ive tried and my dog´╗┐ keeps on lowering her head

  18. mymidas80
    | Reply

    First day, 5´╗┐ minutes and Kodi is doing it! Thanks!

  19. clickandtreatpets
    | Reply

    cool´╗┐ breeze!

  20. cutecat90320
    | Reply

    I´╗┐ mean the dog’s face with all the treats is soo cute

  21. Hanan Walker
    | Reply

    there is no´╗┐ 3:42

  22. Maureen Bongat
    | Reply

    i tried that “leave it” trick with my terrier and shitzu and they worked perfectly fine with it with just a few minutes training .. ­čÖé <3 maybe i'll try this trick and go further with their training .. i'm really excited especially i'm just´╗┐ a newbie trainer .. ­čśÇ ^_^ <3 thanks so much for the vids .. hope to see more soon .. ­čÖé muah !. by the way , can i ask you how did you train your dog do math ?. ­čÖé if only you let us know . thanks in advance . <3

  23. Maureen Bongat
    | Reply

    i think you´╗┐ have to train your dog with a “perfect leave it” first before teaching your dog the balancing trick ..

  24. cutecat90320
    | Reply

    LOL´╗┐ 3:42

  25. xxbabigrl94
    | Reply

    can someone help me? i did what he did in the video so´╗┐ many times, but it does NOT work! he also NEVER makes eye contact with me.. he’s always looking at the treats…. and when i try to put it on his nose, he won’t let me go near it ):

  26. fortsmithow
    | Reply

    Dogs can learn anything we can. But you have to give them as much time as you would a child. Not just feed and´╗┐ water them. Gosh, even pidgeons and rats love us back when we show them our affection. Good Video!

  27. fortsmithow
    | Reply

    Dogs don’t need a clicker lol. Would you train your child´╗┐ with a clicker? lol. Talk to your pet just like a person. That’s all you need to do.

  28. Syria Dotten
    | Reply

    Gettin´╗┐ a German tomorrow!!

  29. XxKuShK1234xX
    | Reply

    any´╗┐ one know wat kinda treats are those?

  30. khoavietphoto
    | Reply

    wonderful´╗┐ tutorial !

  31. wiz123456789007
    | Reply

    shoot it´╗┐

  32. hptheminted
    | Reply

    Cute dog´╗┐ and really good video !!

  33. HalfH3art
    | Reply

    You have a beautiful dog btw! I´╗┐ just got a 6wk old Siberian husky/lab/chow mix.

  34. HalfH3art
    | Reply

    What´╗┐ kind of treats do you use?

  35. Sleepystanley
    | Reply

    yes plz
    i have´╗┐ a husky

  36. Sleepystanley
    | Reply

    awesome! ´╗┐ how many session for each steps

  37. franzoni20
    | Reply

    How´╗┐ to teach bark and watch on command

  38. Amrita Bal
    | Reply

    what treats do you use?´╗┐ ­čÖé

  39. Andres Herrera
    | Reply

    Hi,´╗┐ what do you give her as a treat?

  40. Hiero Sondak
    | Reply

    me too are we doomed ? lol´╗┐

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