How to teach your dog a fun searching game

Hello once again! Sorry for the lack of videos but finals kept me really busy. I have a few things filmed that I need to edit, so please look foreword to my …

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D
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26 Responses

  1. zzSweetnezz
    | Reply

    ”you also need a dog..!” HAHAH

  2. Hackiesacker007
    | Reply


  3. TheNewera305
    | Reply

    How does she drop the bone down my lab doesnt do that

    | Reply

    She’s adorable and I had fun just watching her being all excited to play @ 2:16. 🙂 

  5. Dave Colborn
    | Reply

    There are a few other steps and nuances, but you basically have the gist of training a narcotics dog.

  6. EmkoTT
    | Reply

    I love dog movies on Youtube. They always cause me to chuckle.

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  7. Sameera Sampath Gunasekara
    | Reply

    I couldn’t detect the comment you posted. The YouTube API says this video can be commented on without having to be approved. Could you please try again? Sometimes it takes awhile for YouTube to spread the comments across their system.

    Here is the most recent comments I found here.

  8. Sameera Sampath Gunasekara
    | Reply

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  9. JBShelli
    | Reply

    Thank you for that video. your video is going to be a big help for me. I am planning on teaching my dog Wooly how to Easter egg hunt this spring. I’m sure that when he knows how to do it he is going to have a blast. Thanks again.

  10. weareportugal
    | Reply

    a dog???? ohhh never mind i have biaaaatche -.- now serious…. the size of the dog (nose) is important?

  11. nick mandra
    | Reply

    my chihuahua loves when i play this game with him. I played this game with him and at first he was like wat ur u doing but then he was like oh this is fun

  12. dubworldo
    | Reply

    i”ll try it now brb

  13. Mary Jane
    | Reply

    I have a 5 yr old Jack Russel and she loses hair like mad too, I just give her more baths with conditioner and it seems to help a lot, it also makes her coat smooth to the touch 🙂

  14. shane hayes
    | Reply

    if your dog is a labrador could you tell me if yours loses alot of hair if yes how old did your stop at because i have one losing hair everywhere its anoying shes 5 just wondering how long it takes? thankyou

  15. 65lps65
    | Reply

    i might try this with one of my dogs (i have a lot!!)

  16. jadedjimmy
    | Reply

    awww your dog is so cute! i have an Australian shepherd and great job on your video! i will try it out with my dog!:) good luck!

  17. rottweilerdoglover
    | Reply

    Smart dog, very well trained and behaved.

  18. jthigpen2495
    | Reply

    i let my dog smell a toy and then she was able to find it without it being in obvious places

  19. Jack Dowd
    | Reply

    good video but music is annoying

  20. chocolateandbooks
    | Reply

    I came to visit courtesy of Gonetothesnow dogs. That was a great drawing you created of Shiloh!

  21. Troyju2006
    | Reply

    You might of wanted to mention that this might not work with all dogs. Labs are bred for search and rescue and hunting so it is a lot easier to train a lab to do this trick then to train a breed of dog that doesn’t hunt such as a husky, or any other working dog.

  22. chico thedog
    | Reply

    hey im making a channel for the dog im getting and its going to be how to train your dog to do fun things do you mind if i use this trick in a different way?

  23. firehawk4014
    | Reply

    i was watching skyrim videos and this popped up after WTF

  24. Vera Thornton
    | Reply

    This is too cute. Did you train your dog yourself?

  25. Llamabear99
    | Reply

    thanksyou so much!! my dog and i love playing this game!! :)

  26. SUGAR: Golden Woofs
    | Reply

    I do this all the time but mom uses a “toy”. I am a retriever so searching it is not so hard. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

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