How to teach your cat tricks : Stand up (easy)

I am not a professional trainer but I love playing with my cats. These series of videos will show you some tricks you can teach your cat, either the easy one…

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26 Responses

  1. Kenneth Kity
    | Reply

    its really easy thanks

  2. dani curry
    | Reply

    My cat looks so much like yours like they look as if they r twins Hahahaha
    so cute xxx

  3. Jason Fan
    | Reply

    my cat don t reach my hand T.T

  4. addnon
    | Reply

    Now how do I teach it to walk?

  5. angedediamant
    | Reply

    First, teach him to to attack your hand (reward him when he does not attack
    you). It can take some time. Young kitten can confuse toys and humans. Show
    him toys and make sure he understands that he can attack that instead of
    your hand. Then, he will be able to start learning the trick.

  6. Daniela Del Rey
    | Reply

    my cat is a male and he doesn’t like to be pet and he always biteS 🙁

  7. seifahmed15
    | Reply

    For females it is very easy as my cat

  8. ThtBlondeKid
    | Reply

    My cat just looks at me like i’m an idiot.

  9. angedediamant
    | Reply

    This trick may be hard with a cat who easily bites. You can try with a toy
    or some dry catfood. Hide it in your hand when he begins to understand the
    trick (and when he is in a good mood 😉 ). He will focus on it rather than
    on your hand.

  10. lazycrittertheviking
    | Reply


  11. Ibis Quintero
    | Reply

    nice try but cats don’t give a fuck about tricks they do whatever the fuck
    they want

  12. Devin Schott
    | Reply

    my cat does this

  13. GimmeBannana123
    | Reply

    i love your cat mines black and white it also had kittens 🙂 ima teach the
    kittens haha

  14. lazycrittertheviking
    | Reply

    I would pet my cat, but he normally bites my hand when I try.

  15. SticksyDoodle
    | Reply

    Or just use a treat lol

  16. angedediamant
    | Reply

    The cat in my second video (“walk with me”) used to “attack” my legs at the
    beginning instead of just following me. I rewarded him each time he was
    kind ( I gave him food he particularly liked such as tuna or beef, for
    example) and he finally understood that it was better for him not to
    scratch my legs.

  17. FreeRealms These Day
    | Reply

    My cat is very laziest and he so lazy to reach my hand he just go away and
    just like O.O

  18. seifahmed15
    | Reply

    I trained my cat to sit when i say sit!!!!

  19. GabyRainbow2O
    | Reply

    My cat loves me and always wants to rub against my hand but when I put it
    higher he wont stand up!

  20. Kagrez
    | Reply

    my cat doesnt like to be touched unless it wants to be fed then it kisses
    my ass

  21. Only One Girl
    | Reply

    He grabs my hand instead of letting me pet him though. Is this okay?

  22. TheKittyOKat
    | Reply

    What about a young kitten who would rather attack my hand? She’s playful
    and aggressive

  23. angedediamant
    | Reply

    Some cats are “made” for training : they will obey easily and understand
    how to do a trick rapidly but others need more time to understand. It does
    not mean that your cat is idiot. You can try another day or with another
    way to do this trick : put something on your hand ( a toy or some cat dry
    food). Don’t raise your hand too high at the beginning.

  24. angedediamant
    | Reply

    @GabyRainbow2O Some cats need a week and others need months to learn a
    trick… Begin slowly, only a few centimetres away from his head. He has to
    consider this as a reflex (do not forget to reward him each time he
    suceeds). When he does, he is ready to learn the trick and so to rise
    higher. Mine stands on the points of his feet so he can rise very high.

  25. MakeMeASandwhich1000
    | Reply

    My cat will only do that if theres food in my hand:/

  26. GabyRainbow2O
    | Reply

    Ok, thanks! I’ll try

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