How to Teach your Cat to Shake Hands (Paws)

Teach your cats to shake! Watch this online video and learn how to teach your cat to alternately shake hands (paws)! Watch cats shake their paws when asked!!…

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42 Responses

  1. CPRTn
    | Reply

    Trust in the Lord JESUS CHRIST with all your heart and lean not on your own
    understanding. Trust JESUS CHRIST, make Him the Lord of your life !

  2. xxxciara2011xxx
    | Reply

    aw your cats are so cute. the snow white one i would love. i can see they
    love you and you are a good animal owner. i have a cat and am going to try
    train him but he probably wont do it. lol. 

  3. kickassnigga
    | Reply

    my cat is constantly trying to contact the aliens, how to i train him not

  4. Molly Watson
    | Reply

    Lol my cat is way too lazy! But I’d love to try!

  5. joana meza
    | Reply

    That’s what I did with my dog and it work

  6. Kristin Hrosinkova
    | Reply

    How much cats do you have

  7. BlueFluffyKitten
    | Reply

    Hi, so I recently trained my cat, he is 2-3 years old. Before I watched
    this, I did it manually until he knew, and would do it by himself. Now,
    here is the probolem. My cat will just bat my hand, not properly. Before
    you think im a bad owner, he wasnt like play fighting, or anything. Now
    matter how long we do it he just cant. I know the joints of the cats leg,
    so it is not possible that its hurting my dear Chillie.

  8. PeachaSarissy .
    | Reply

    My cat can do tricks too. You can check my video 😀

  9. Sven Van Dorst
    | Reply

    this won’t work with my cat is this because i have a dutch cat or because i
    do it wrong?!!

  10. Tom Raider
    | Reply

    your cats are huge!!!

  11. Little Loveless
    | Reply

    ive trained my 5 week old kitten to hi five me

  12. Scooter Dash
    | Reply

    please tell me how to tech my cat to shake paws but first he cant calm down
    he bites

  13. Gabriel Chagolla
    | Reply


  14. n4ktz
    | Reply

    Don’t let them have in unless they shake, even if you have to do it for
    them. Eventually they will learn!!

  15. n4ktz
    | Reply

    They are trying to tell me something!!

  16. n4ktz
    | Reply

    Your cat may not like it at first however once he understands he is getting
    a treat for doing it he will start to do it himself. If you are afraid of
    getting scratched, trim his claws. Do not have him declawed(not humane and
    can change personality of your cat).

  17. n4ktz
    | Reply

    That is fantastic!! Someone asked me above how long it takes and I told
    them it could be only a few days!! This is another success story!! Now
    teach him to shake other on command and as I show in video!! Then teach him
    to sit. Soon he will learn all commands.

  18. n4ktz
    | Reply

    Yes, especially Jake….it is tough with multiple cats. Some need more food
    than others. We have started to feed the ones who need more while keeping
    the others away from the food. However we do free feed the dry cat food.

  19. n4ktz
    | Reply

    Every cat is different however if you keep at it, it could only take a few
    days. Be patient because every cat I have worked with has learned to shake.
    We have quite a few and we have not taught them all to shake hands however
    they are all capable of it!

  20. n4ktz
    | Reply

    American Shorthair. He is a rescue and was a feral cat however because we
    were able to catch him young he calmed down shortly after coming into the
    house. He is older now and a gentle cat!

  21. n4ktz
    | Reply

    Just be patient and do not give treat unless you shake her hand. Even if
    you have to do it yourself. She may not like it much at first however just
    gently do it every time and eventually she will learn to get the treat, she
    must shake!

  22. CallMeEdith
    | Reply

    I tried but my cat just jumps all over me to get the treat hahaha

  23. reema476
    | Reply

    Wow, good job teaching them! I’m actually trying to teach my cat but she is
    always hungry and when she see food she would jump and scratch me and bite
    me just to get it and never pay attention! How can I make her calm and
    teach her? 🙂

  24. Daniela Tzakova
    | Reply

    HI! What tipe of cat is the white? I have absolutely same cat but i don’t
    know whats her breed/kind? have she a breed?

  25. angel caruuth
    | Reply

    how long dose it take I ha a cat but I must know how long please

  26. angel caruuth
    | Reply


  27. Xiao Guniang
    | Reply

    I really love your videos, but I have to ask, aren’t your cats a little

  28. Rhianne Leiper
    | Reply

    im just curious as i have a brand new kitty who is about roughly 7 months
    old, i see its very strsaight forward (this is myfirst cat) but how can i
    start if off?, as in i dont think my cat would appreiate me holding up his
    paw? im not sure if hed scratch or not ? xxx

  29. braveheart
    | Reply

    got mine when he’s 2 yrs old and he did the shake after 2 days trainning

  30. Eri Beckles
    | Reply

    Same here and when they are tired of licking my hand they start to bite.
    And when it comes to holding up food they jump up and try to get it D:

  31. TheEmeraldGamer
    | Reply

    whengbcfchds i was typing this sdhffffhcomment my cat was walking on the
    dkghlksd keyboard

  32. Trill Rap
    | Reply

    They are not dogs you fucking morons. They looked like they were hating
    that. I used to be a vet and this is wrong

  33. Carolevw
    | Reply

    Thank you. I think I would like to find something more appropriate for them
    to learn, and I’m slowly getting them to behave better to each other when I
    reward them for being well behaved, so it is good advice. I have to ask
    though, as I never seen it before: what’s the hole in the cupboard for? The
    cats seem really curious about it! Like me… lol

  34. alexxtoski
    | Reply

    All my kitten does is lick my hands D:

  35. JodiePetal
    | Reply

    My cat Angel can do this, but she refuses to do it on camera which is
    annoying, all she does is give me the -_- face when I have the camera on
    and tell her to do something XD

  36. Vikki McTighe
    | Reply

    Thank you so much. I am a first time cat owner from the UK and this is a
    very useful tutorial for me…. can’t wait to try this and other tricks
    with our cat!! 😀

  37. Arina Nashwa
    | Reply


  38. Jackii Ai
    | Reply

    I tried this and my kitten slapped my hand

  39. FamzDa Ripper
    | Reply

    lol your cats just got his own way of doing things its normal. I’ve seen my
    cousins cats are alot frienly to humans than my own tabby one. she doesnt
    let us pick her up for too long, cut her nails, give her a bath etc…

  40. Tylar Coffman
    | Reply

    Are.those.Bengals or just regular tabby cat. I have a Bengal

  41. Rikki Ellis
    | Reply

    can you help me train my cat

  42. J.R. Bjornson
    | Reply

    Thanks for this great video I have subscribed to your channel.

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