How to teach your cat to LIE DOWN

Tutorial to teach your cat to lie down on cue, after you teach down, you can teach your cat to roll over (tutorial coming soon)
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Happy training. Robert, Didga, Boomer, Bindi and Jeb

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D

26 Responses

  1. super ninja YT
    | Reply

    Y love tour vídeos and catmantoo

  2. super ninja YT
    | Reply

    Y love your vídeos and catmantoo

  3. L. Clu
    | Reply

    Hi I am really amazed how well your cats are trained! They are smart kitties! I have long been thinking about training my cats and so far I only successfully trained them how to high five and paw using food reward. They are 2-year old now is it late for them to learn other tricks?

  4. Cindydea
    | Reply

    Just found this channel from dodo, i love this channel!💕

  5. JF L
    | Reply

    I love this. I don't understand why the clicker though. Anyone?

  6. Keeping Up With The Kitdashians
    | Reply

    JUST FOUND THIS CHANNEL….hello follow cat lovers 😽💕

  7. God's Creative Daughter Monique
    | Reply

    God bless you Robert, Didga and Boomer. I love all of you. You are so precious.

  8. ирина петрова
    | Reply

    What a smart girl!!

  9. Sunny D
    | Reply

    Thanks for sharing will have to try this, my cats already sit on command and one of them gives me a high paw because she loves to use her paws 🐾 No treats just head scratches as a reward.
    Oh and I love Didga she is awesome and Boomer is a cutie too! 💖

  10. Ximena Aldana
    | Reply

    Why somebody would need their cat to do that?

  11. Bayou
    | Reply

    I've managed to teach all my cats, 5 of them, to sit at command. XDD Now I'm trying to teach them to lie down.

    It's easier to teach them in group. The one who obey the quickest get the most treat, and the rest will start following the lead seeing that if they do what the obedient one does, they'll get yummy treats. LOL

  12. Britt H
    | Reply

    I love it, thanks!!!

  13. eojd
    | Reply

    I thought training cats stresses them out

  14. Paul Lachen
    | Reply

    It's Lie Down! Lay down means to place something.

  15. mii-chan is catみーちゃんは猫である/
    | Reply


  16. Troy Babs
    | Reply

    Hey Robert, I noticed when this video was posted early, that you asked people where they are watching from, but I don't see that comment here any longer?? Hmmmm… anyway cheers, from Canada. 🙏🐈

  17. Patrise Arts
    | Reply

    I ♥️ Didga. She looks like a former cat of mine who I wish I had good vids of, Cypress. Love to Boomer too.

  18. cassssssy
    | Reply

    Who else watching this and have no cats nor any kind of pets hahaha

  19. DebbyAbqNM
    | Reply

    When I had cats, I would see them obviously about to "sit down", and as they did so, I'd say "Sit Down" and maybe add a hand motion. They caught on quickly and it nearly almost always worked when I'd ask them to sit down. They also understood "Get down" but didn't much like it. However, they enjoyed hearing: "Are you hungry?" and "Do you want to eat?" Those questions always got their attention right away 🙂 Cats are much more likely to respond positively if they are having fun, as Didja clearly does!

  20. darth biernot
    | Reply

    Even though I don't have a cat I watch every video! Very informative and entertaining! Greetings from Germany!

  21. Epik76 00
    | Reply

    You are a god… love your videos

  22. Soulcatcher
    | Reply

    This is amazing! I don't own a cat (yet) but if I ever get cats, teaching them would be awesome.

  23. Olga Dobray
    | Reply

    Умный кот!

  24. Canal da Li
    | Reply

    Sou apaixonada por gatos. Sou do Brasil, e vocês?

  25. まるどら小麦 Red tabby Komugi
    | Reply

    Cute! Please watch my japanese cat too!!

  26. John Marzil C. Clemente
    | Reply

    Best cat ever ❤️

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