How To Teach Your Cat A Trick In 6 Easy Steps | The Dodo

How To Teach Your Cat A Trick In 6 Easy Steps | Here’s how to teach your cat how to jump through your arms — in 6 easy steps 🐱 🙌
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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D
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16 Responses

  1. Samantha Oxholm
    | Reply

    Someday I'll teach my cat that trick so she get's fit for once!!

  2. Shrabani Dash
    | Reply

    i dont have a cat..gonna try this on my dog

  3. ANIKAY .s
    | Reply

    Instructions not clear both of my hands are gone now!!!

  4. abhi seng
    | Reply

    I was training my cat. Now I can jump through cat paws when he creates the loops and also beneath and above my cat.

  5. Wilson W.
    | Reply

    Do more trick videos

  6. Kim Wright
    | Reply

    Yeah that was cute. I would try it out on my cats but they are fat and lazy lol

  7. AlphaWolf- Gaming
    | Reply

    This looks way easier than it was. This lady has patience.

  8. Lana ashmuz
    | Reply

    I really like videos like that lol

  9. S J
    | Reply

    Is that how they train circus lions to jump thru flame hoops

  10. KailaTheCovertOne
    | Reply

    I'm happy now thank youuuuu

  11. 808steveA
    | Reply

    If I tried that with my cat, he would say you're having a laugh aren't you.

  12. Strawberry Kit-kat
    | Reply

    i can just calmly tell my cat to go to his room and he will just go

  13. pyrotheevilplatypus
    | Reply

    Now, set your arms on fire for an authentic looking circus trick – Lion through the flaming hoop!

  14. Gangster Hamster
    | Reply

    I honestly though this was just a sarcastic video of a guy failing at teaching his cat tricks

  15. Amanda Verlezza
    | Reply

    I have no idea if this will work for my cat because she only eats the treats or comes if you throw them to her

  16. Mayu Chan
    | Reply

    these are the videos i keep open next to the porn tab

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