How To Teach Your Budgie To Fly To You

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D

16 Responses

  1. Kualskie 188
    | Reply

    im was just wondering how taking their food away helps them trust you

  2. anthony mercado
    | Reply

    I subscribed trying to get one these sexy bird in the future

  3. lillie may
    | Reply

    I have a budgie just got him he goes on my hand in the cage no problems and quickly but seems to be so scared of me when heโ€™s out the cage any advise ?

  4. Kelly Whitesell
    | Reply

    Can I be the one to win plz I'm a Really Really REALLY BIG FAN maby the BIGGEST ONE U HAVE

  5. Ta ta
    | Reply

    You're so funny! And cute. Love this video I want budgies

  6. Maria's World
    | Reply

    How did you tame them? Got any tips?

  7. lps kitty
    | Reply

    I love this video it is really helpful and i have a bugie of my own.

  8. Brandonn Jones
    | Reply

    @budgiebreeder1 what state are you in bro?

  9. Mike 888
    | Reply

    I like what you do man, its a nice hobby. You have a good heart it seems.

  10. Keshawn Williams
    | Reply

    This video is very helpful

  11. Nzbakiwi Nzbakiwi
    | Reply

    great video

  12. Keira&Hopestime
    | Reply

    I have 2 budgies and they both are really cute :d

  13. Jerrbear Hey
    | Reply

    Omg I love your videos your the best

  14. THFC7788
    | Reply

    Nice video mate, love your insights on budgies!

  15. Tierra Graham
    | Reply

    My babies just laid their first egg๐Ÿ˜ so thankful for your videos. So excited

  16. Valente Cauevas
    | Reply

    Aww that white bird is so cute

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