How To Teach Your Budgie/Parakeet To Talk

How to teach your budgie to talk.
1.) have a male budgie
2.) tame him
3.) Pick a phrase or word
4.) repeat at least 40 times per day
5.) stay consistent You should see results in about two months

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18 Responses

  1. Mc Golden Freddy
    | Reply

    You are right budgies can learn to talk

  2. Colin Vieth
    | Reply

    After the budgie learns the word or phrase do you need to continue saying it?

  3. M.A mendoza
    | Reply

    yeah a normal like hahaha

  4. ali esmaili
    | Reply

    Love this video man you are a legend

  5. Maryheart Casungcad
    | Reply

    This is so cute oh my gosh i cant resist it 😍

  6. Bee Sidwell
    | Reply

    Or instead of dm ing him u can just look at it's neak if it's blue it's male pink it's female if u don't believe me look it up

  7. Q&J
    | Reply

    I have two parakeets

  8. Iced Lemon Tea
    | Reply

    4:38 woah cashew was about to go in your mouth.

  9. PaintingGalaxies
    | Reply

    I taught my bird how to meow. We call him a dog, he's actually a bird, but he meows. Ultimate power move.

  10. Nancy Anne Nesteriak-Gentili
    | Reply

    Excellent teaching!

  11. Emily Manyak
    | Reply

    My bugie is talking than you so much

  12. Carolyn Huber
    | Reply

    i have a parakeet and i’m trying to get it to talk

  13. Jose Luis
    | Reply

    I have two birds parakeets I’m trying to teach them to talk so thxs

  14. EverythingBagleAislynn Breyer
    | Reply

    I am about to get a parakeet soon and ill use your advice! You are so awsome! ^-^

  15. Karla Ventura
    | Reply

    I got three birds yesterday and I don’t know how to get their confidence

  16. Moises Ochoa
    | Reply

    You are cool

  17. Ppoki
    | Reply

    Both of my budgies were doing that while watching this

  18. RE NNE
    | Reply

    Can you teach them how to talk when you bought them from a petshop?

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