How to teach your bird to Step up easily!

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50 Responses

  1. vinigure22
    | Reply

    My bird Chiri tries to get out of the cage without my hand and won’t step
    up. She just stares at my hand and lets me put my finger on her chest and
    tell her “step up”. I’ve had her about two months now. 

  2. Sam White
    | Reply

    I have a cockatiel that I just got for Christmas. His name is Charming. He
    constantly looks at himself in the mirror and makes little to no effort to
    get out of his cage. I think he’s scared at my house. He won’t step up or
    move away from his mirror. I really need help. He was previously abused by
    young children at his last house so it scarred him a bit. He’s not
    physically hurt but I think what happened hurt him mentally.
    I don’t know how to train him to step up and stuff like that. He doesn’t
    even let me touch him without hissing and trying to bite me.

  3. Kirtana K
    | Reply

    Parrot Whisperer, I used a perch for my bird to step up on at first, before
    switching onto my hand, but whenever I use it, he bites the perch. I don’t
    really know if he thinks the perch is food, or a finger, but when I tried
    using my hand he stabs my fingers and pulls on them. Help?

  4. Meowbunbun caow
    | Reply

    My bird is tame she will step up but wont stay for long she is very wild
    and curious and inquisitive she wont want to come to me after i let her out
    because she thinks im going to put her back in the cage help please

  5. Robert H
    | Reply

    How do you fix territorial and aggressive behavior in a budgie. Also I
    don’t know if mine is a male. Like I am 99% sure he is because of his blue
    cere but he has some behaviors of a female. Like being aggressive and
    hormonal and territorial

  6. Nekolynxx
    | Reply


  7. Jonah Andrew Da Silva
    | Reply

    i got my bird to come to my hand on its first day

  8. Roseeah 12
    | Reply

    I can handfeed and pet my budgies belly/cheast but I can’t get her to step
    up… Sometimes, she put one foot on my finger, and then she flies away,
    and it’s really frustrating…

  9. Aoífe McAlinden
    | Reply

    Do you have to tame your birds (I have 2 budgies) when they are babies, or
    can you tame it any time? My female budgie is now 2 years old and when I
    first got her i had almost finished taming her when we got another budgie
    and my near-tamed bird stopped coming out of the cage and wouldn’t come
    near anyone. Sadly, the 2nd bird passed away due to sickness that couldn’t
    be cured, and the first bird was on her own for a few months and she comes
    out of the cage now that the second bird is gone. We aren’t always at home
    so we thought our bird was a bit lonely during the daytime, so we bought
    another budgie (male) but he is a bit younger than her. I want to tame both
    but I don’t know if its even worth trying again with the 2-year-old? Thank
    you :)

  10. Sspitfire
    | Reply

    I’m getting a severely plucked African Grey soon and it has trouble
    stepping up and always fall down if it steps up on anyone’s arms, what
    should I do?
    It looks something like this:

  11. Anika Yesionova
    | Reply

    Hello, I really need an advice here:)

    Quick question: How to get close to the bird when he’s in the cage, if he’s
    constantly moving? He gets so excited and starts jumping around, eating,
    drinking, touching my finger, but never holding steel?

    Longer explanation: We’ve got our cockatiel the day before yesterday.
    Watching his behavior the first day, I thought it will take long long time
    to get close to it, but… The very next day he started picking up seeds
    that I was giving him through the closed cage – first carefully, but then
    more and more confident. Today on my words “want a seed?” he’s already
    there waiting for a treat. So I thought it’s a good time to try and start
    getting him used to the hands and put my hands in the cage. First he was a
    bit worried, but then he looked ok, but always very excited, jumping and
    running around, eating and drinking. Sometimes stepping on my finger
    “accidentally”, few times stepped on my finger and held there like a minute
    or so, but I can’t get close to him with my own will, he’s like playing
    with me:) How to do?

  12. Tisha Thomas
    | Reply

    Yeaaaa your the best parrot whisper I have a male budgie your awsome 

  13. TheMinecraftWolf
    | Reply

    My conure is kinda tame, I got him from petcco, but he was a biter. When I
    put my hand near or in the cage, he lunges at my hand. And when I try to
    get him to step up he yanks the loose skin on my finger.

  14. TheCreptix King
    | Reply

    I got my parakeets to hand feed without putting my hand on the cage or
    inside the cage i could even touch his chest without him freaking out but 2
    days after he didn’t want to do that anymore.
    Solutions? Anyone?

  15. The Enderman In The Suit
    | Reply

    Sometimes my bird falls down his branch in his cage and starts flapping
    then looses alot of fethers ):

  16. PN GamingLoL
    | Reply

    Having problem with teaching bird to step up ?
    Then stop what you are doing and subscribe the youtube channel call “Parrot
    Whisperer” and like the the FB page call Bird Tameness for newest update
    about taming ,training and teaching your birds tricks and keeping them
    happy and healthy

  17. Ranya Ghazal
    | Reply

    Parrot Whisperer when I said ”Step Up” to my bird and put my hand on its
    chest it always bites me.How do I fix this?

  18. Jeremiah B
    | Reply

    How often would you recommend these practices on a day? minutes? hours?

  19. King Kareem
    | Reply

    So i have a big Military Macaw and im at the step where i put my hand close
    to him but if i try to even touch his stomach hell bite me. But he will let
    me pet him and scratch his head but wont come on my hand even when i dont
    touch his stomach he just moves away from my hand what should i do??!

  20. Sayder Quadriad
    | Reply

    I have a question Parrot Whisperer I seem to have taught my two budgies to
    get on my finger, but I seem to have to teach them everyday they run, fly,
    and dodge my finger. Eventually I can get them to stand on my finger calmly
    for minutes making my arm sore, but as soon as I put them down 5 minutes
    later it starts all over again. I don’t know how to have them be tame
    consistently. I slowly start every time except once, but the result is the
    same they eventually relax then the next 5 minutes they are scared again
    please help.

  21. Hashim Gilani
    | Reply

    I’m scared to take my lovebird out can u please tell me how should I take
    it out I really love them

  22. Nancy Tapia
    | Reply

    So I have a 2 love birds, which I’ve been trying to interact with. For some
    reason I haven’t been able to successfully handle them. One of them that
    are getting better but still not willing to be held or played with. Do you
    have any suggestions that you would be willing to share on exactly how to
    train them? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. 

  23. Arcyamen
    | Reply

    hi +Parrot Whisperer my fisher lovebird steps up on anything but my
    finger/hand ! when I put my hand into the cage he doesn’t freak out
    literally but he starts to climb up circling his cage !! Also he doesn’t
    steps up on the stick/perch for free unless there’s something to eat in my
    other hand….although he lets me pet him on the chest,head and beak but
    only when he eats from my hand !! so please let me know whats wrong !!

  24. Fightfor Love
    | Reply

    I have two little birds in the same cage, it’s really hard to get them out
    of their cage since one is more scared than the other and one is
    aggressive, is it possible that both of them can be raised and tamed in one

  25. Tisha Thomas
    | Reply

    I’m my moms son by the way your soooo awsome

  26. Arta Voita
    | Reply

    hi. i have a problem. when i bayed my budgie after 1 month i stardet to
    work wit him but he bites me every time i try to do something and he never
    have been scared or something like that but he justs bites me

  27. Faizan Rehman
    | Reply

    parrotwhisper ive got budies and when i try to give them treats they get
    scared and fly all over the cage could you help me.

  28. Oem Freek
    | Reply

    how long should I wait until I start taming my sun conure??
    I just got one 3 days ago,,

  29. Hailey Burns
    | Reply

    Hi, I have a male cockatiel and I take him out of the cage a lot but im not
    sure he likes being out of the cage or if he even likes me. also when hes
    gets on my shoulder he bites and pulls on my earings is there a way to stop
    this? lastly, he steps up he is fine but he runs away when I try to pet
    him, why wont he let me pet him?

  30. Jacob Gelven
    | Reply

    At 0:34 there should be another percentage, 100% don’t know how to use

  31. Adam Zoebi
    | Reply

    My baby brother cries a lot and the TV sound is so loud doesn’t my budgie
    get scared of this?

  32. Sean Avilla
    | Reply

    my bird eats from my hand outside and inside the cage and if i raise my
    hand he will step up

  33. A twinking Tween
    | Reply

    I have 2 parakeets and they do not trust me at all. (They live in the same
    cadge)I got them about 6 months ago and they are babies. They would never
    leave the cadge because they have to stick together in their minds. One
    trusts me a little bit but the other one does not like me please tell me
    how to fix this problem. That would be great!

  34. hamza omar
    | Reply

    what if my bird is aggressive what should I do please help me bird

  35. Nitro Gaming & Entertainment
    | Reply

    My b day today and there’s no better way to start it off with a new video

  36. Alex Mohamed
    | Reply

    How would I train a moroon bellied conure? My bird just doesn’t want to do
    anything with me 

  37. Ilya Zhilinskiy
    | Reply

    OMG thank you now my parrot can do tricks go on my shoulder!!!!!!!!

  38. Jenny B
    | Reply

    Thank you Parrot Whisperer for all your videos! I got a new young
    cockatiel about 4 weeks ago who was not very tame, but thanks to your
    videos, he is sitting on my shoulder right now and spends lots of time
    outside his cage with us! He is so fun, I had no idea about the whole
    “step up” training until watching your videos. Thanks!

  39. Aiden Haack
    | Reply

    How old do you recommend being to have a macaw

  40. hamza omar
    | Reply

    what if my bird is aggressive what should I do please help me bird

  41. Paula Pianda
    | Reply

    This is what I wrote to a person after YOU sent her that link:
    “Those parrot “whisperers” (with gave themselves their title) are not
    experts, even apparent not animal lovers:
    – no nature =fresh branches, herbs, no branches as bars is to be seen
    – they present birds without partners
    – they clip wings
    -> this is opposite of what birds want!
    Read what I write to Crafter MC!
    Why should a parrot become tame, if one takes him everything?
    The taming-approach is totally false, if the birds need’s are not

  42. Parrot Whisperer
    | Reply
  43. tarek sallam
    | Reply

    What is the best bird to buy

  44. Sqwiddy
    | Reply

    No affence but your seriously obsessed with birds its kinda nd of creepy :(

  45. Val Valiant
    | Reply

    Where you from?

  46. Lexi Johnson
    | Reply

    My grandmom has a cockatiel that hasn’t been out of the cage in a few years
    and I’m trying to get it used to being near people and when I try to open
    the cage it gets very scared but when the cage door isn’t open it isn’t
    scared it will come up to me and sing . How can I fix this ?

  47. hamza omar
    | Reply

    hey every one subscribe to the bird whisperer because he is a miracle

  48. Rosa Miguel
    | Reply


  49. Zachary Butcher
    | Reply


  50. Ilya Zhilinskiy
    | Reply

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