How To Teach your Bird Flight Recall Quickly ! | Part `1

Bird Tameness is back with another “How To” Video !. A LOT of Bird lovers and PW’s Fans have requested this video to be made!. Parrot Whisperer decided to teach one of his very own birds, Igor, an adult Male Quaker Parrot to flight recall!. Igor is a re-homed abandoned bird who has never had any prior experience with Flight-recalls/target training or such. Parrot Whisperer demonstrates how he taught one of his very own birds to fly to him on command in 4 DAYS! and how every bird owner following this video could do it!. Patience, edication, repetition, time and consistency are the key components to successfully teach your bird/prrot to be flight-recalled. For guranteed results, please follow this video in detail and ensure proper research!. Like this video if you found it useful & share to help other bird owners teach their bird/parrot be flight-recalled !


Watch How To Teach your Parrot to Fly to you in 3 days | Part 2 :

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20 Responses

  1. Terry Barreneche
    | Reply

    what are good treats for quakers?

  2. Shahzaib Khan
    | Reply

    you are well trainer than parrot wizard

  3. Kashaf Ali
    | Reply

    Help me😭😭 my parrot keeps on crashing when she flies and she can’t fly in general so please help me

  4. josh kress
    | Reply

    Igor is so cute

  5. Mesh Mallow
    | Reply

    What type of bird is egor

  6. The ozone Master
    | Reply

    I do not have a bird but you are teaching me how to take care of a bird. Thank you very much😁😁😁

  7. Moeytube
    | Reply

    I found that the visuals were better than just talking

  8. Joel Crooky
    | Reply

    The thing is, I can't get my bird to stay still on a perch like that to begin with. As soon as I bring him out of the cage he either signals for me to take him back inside, or he flies around the room, perching on anything that's tall (like wardrobes). How do I get him to sit still for training?

  9. ano nymous
    | Reply

    Is there a way to make parrots not panic when you take them outside? Everyone of them started panicking outside at some point and no longer responding to the call. This is getting expensive, I'm at bird number 4 now

  10. Geek Squats Cinder
    | Reply

    I just got my budgie today, and he's already used to humans. I already managed to teach him to step up on my finger, fly to another perch, and (sort of) shake my hand… well, my finger. Even though he learned these easily, he still won't recall, but I'm sure that might take a bit longer. By the way, his name is Zephyr, and I'm pretty sure he's about 2-3 month old.

  11. derek lambert
    | Reply

    i m wondering how he Understanding your English ?

  12. Nerdy Riley
    | Reply

    what biscuits were you using for treats?

  13. Galaxy Frost
    | Reply

    So it only took 19:38 mins……xD

  14. TheR Gang
    | Reply

    my bird doesnt like eating from my hand 🙁

  15. Lydia Buhler
    | Reply

    He has helped me understand my 2 birds and helped me to work toward making them happy #ParrotWhisperer

  16. Deez Mutts
    | Reply

    Omg you've got to teach him how to bring the remote control.

  17. Deez Mutts
    | Reply

    I fucking love quakers

  18. XxMajishaNxX
    | Reply

    wait…does anyone know what type of parrot was in the thumbnail???

  19. Raiden Katsu
    | Reply

    lol for some reason my bird flies to my shoulder instead of my hand

  20. Lavender
    | Reply

    My parakeets hate me.. how do i get them to like me again? They dont bite me, they wont let me touch them AT ALL

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