How to Teach Wave Trick to Parrot This video is about training a parrot how to wave. Please read the full article to learn what to do. I taught Truman, my Cape P…

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36 Responses

  1. samenatorful
    | Reply

    no matter, you can teach´╗┐ you’re bird any trick withoud anather bird to show him first

  2. michele Dickey
    | Reply

    How do you teach them if you don’t have another bird´╗┐ to introduce it???

  3. Andr├ę Jud├í
    | Reply

    Hello michael Brazil fan here, happens to have days that Kili is not to train? there are days that´╗┐ my super smart cockatiel Billy just is not to train, what I do is go to where he wants to go and try again the next day.

  4. Parrot Wizard
    | Reply

    I have an entire´╗┐ article about that on my blog. Check it out.

  5. NumNaughts
    | Reply

    What´╗┐ do you use as treat?

  6. Parrot Wizard
    | Reply

    Well if it knows how to pick its foot up to step up,´╗┐ then why not?

  7. batman
    | Reply

    can you do´╗┐ this with a 49 year old cockatoo?

  8. abdullah 77437
    | Reply

    Wa treat´╗┐ do u gve when he waves his hand eats the treat called

  9. rohan bansal
    | Reply

    have cut´╗┐ the birds wings

  10. panabonita
    | Reply


  11. Parrot Wizard
    | Reply

    5-15´╗┐ minutes is a good starting point. Less for birds that can’t pay attention that long. Over time, challenge the bird to focus for longer to teach better behavior.

  12. Jasleen Jazz
    | Reply

    How long should each session last? a few minutes everyday?.. I tried this trick with my´╗┐ 1 year old amazon parrot,it totally works! i used “Hi” instead of “wave”.

  13. djp1113
    | Reply

    How old is the´╗┐ small bird

  14. halim azri
    | Reply

    can i do it with pigeon?? just´╗┐ asking!!

  15. linda melbright
    | Reply

    a´╗┐ very intelligent and talking pair of healthy African grey parrots 21months old available for adoption to lovely homes contact

  16. cs411000
    | Reply

    So funny that your other bird off to the side is paying attention, waving like crazy and getting nothing for the effort. Wouldn’t it be best to remove him from the area when doing 1:1 training so that the other one doesn’t feel as if he’s working without´╗┐ a reward?

  17. linda melbright
    | Reply

    a very intelligent´╗┐ and talking pair of healthy African grey parrots 21months old available for adoption to lovely homes contact

  18. hamdi obeid
    | Reply

    is it that easy to´╗┐ train a cockatiel or is it harder ?

  19. mw3videoguy
    | Reply

    Parrot wizard your the best thanks you rock man!!´╗┐ And your parrot xD

  20. Ronan Kelvin
    | Reply

    Die kili die´╗┐

  21. Cierra Steele
    | Reply

    Towards the end of the video the smaller bird dropped his food and tried to take the bigger birds food. The bigger bird chirped at him to back´╗┐ off. So funny and cute. Good job on teaching the trick.

  22. Joshua cao
    | Reply

    Is it harder with parrotlets parrot´╗┐ wizard

  23. crgron
    | Reply

    Awesome what about´╗┐ cockatiels?

  24. Parrot Wizard
    | Reply

    Yes but it’s harder.´╗┐

  25. iqbal ahmed
    | Reply

    Can I do the same´╗┐ training with a love bird?

  26. Joshua cao
    | Reply

    I have a parrotlet but when I teach it tricks it just flys off.How do I make him not fly off?His wings are´╗┐ clipped

  27. Parrot Wizard
    | Reply

    Ignore only. Don’t try any other kind of punishment. Make sure your bird´╗┐ wants to do the trick and wants the treats.

  28. Bart C
    | Reply

    I have the same kind of parrot as you (senegal parrot) and I have taught mine this trick too.

    When I give the command, he often waves´╗┐ back at me like he is supposed to. However, he doesn’t ALWAYS wave back at me. He only does it when he feels like getting a reward. Sometimes he is just lazy and ignores the “wave” command.

    How do I respond when he “failed” to do the trick? Ignore it? Or some kind of “punishment” (back in the cage) ?

    He does it a few times but gets tired of it fast.

  29. qutabayan
    | Reply

    What do´╗┐ u feed the parrot

  30. DrugStabbingTime
    | Reply

    Ah, gotcha. Thanks.´╗┐

  31. Parrot Wizard
    | Reply

    Parrots catch on to visual cues very easily. It’s no big deal to get the parrot to do tricks with simply visual cues. Teaching them to do it from the word is the tough part. So if the parrot can learn the trick and catch onto the visual cue in 3 days,´╗┐ it may easily take weeks to learn that verbal cue and differentiate it from other verbal cues. So I put big emphasis on teaching the verbal cue from as early on as possible to give the parrot more time to catch onto it.

  32. DrugStabbingTime
    | Reply

    Why didn’t you try it without the´╗┐ voice and just the hand?

  33. Gentle4Giant
    | Reply

    what do you´╗┐ use as threat/reward?

  34. Parrot Wizard
    | Reply

    The video shows about half to a third of the actual training. Plus there is down time in the process. The video is stretched across multiple sessions. So in reality each session was about 10-20 minutes. That does not necessarily mean I encourage your sessions to be that long. Your parrot has to build stamina for training. You may only be able to do a few minutes at a time at first. Kili can go on´╗┐ over an hour.

  35. Fyzz FruitBat
    | Reply

    how long is each training session?´╗┐ or is it as long as the video indicates?

  36. Katie Aurora
    | Reply

    awww soooo cute !!! when he said wave the other one waved >w<´╗┐ i exploded with cuteness

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