How to Teach The First 7 Things To Your Dog: Sit, Leave it, Come, Leash walking, Name…)

Puppy Training! First things to teach your puppy or dog! Sit, Housetraining, leave it, and more! This video is sponsored by Petflow! Set up automatic pet food delivery today at 

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Playlist: How to teach your puppy or dog the basics in order:

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18 Responses

  1. Maria Cooper
    | Reply

    Just a suggestion for a dog toy… 1&1/2 year old dog loves stuffed animals which I recently found some in the baby section at local store that are made with a raddeler inside which seems to be my dogs most favorite (and she is so spoiled that she has multiple backests of toys honestly to many to ever play with I just can't decide which ones to get rid of)

  2. KAI
    | Reply

    What should I do when my puppy avoids bringing the toy back? He used to bring it back, but after a few times teaching him to let go, he starts to not bring the toy back and run away if I try to approach. He seems to not like me taking the toy away from him.

  3. Sam Lop
    | Reply

    2:45 what goldie is thinking — num num num do you still have it in your hand? huh?

  4. Bernard Zuiderveld
    | Reply

    Ինչպես վարվել մի-շուն

  5. Ybz Boone
    | Reply

    What kind of dog is this??

  6. Kristin Druey
    | Reply

    Would love to see a video on the first few nights at home and how to train to be happy in her kennel… How long to let her fuss, etc.

  7. scared cat
    | Reply

    What breed is that dog? 🤧❤️

  8. مدونة ربح المال
    | Reply

    Learn how to train dogs

  9. Russian Gamer
    | Reply

    Does petflow ship in Europe?

  10. Amy Rose
    | Reply

    My dog shes 1 years old…she refuses to come inside when called! I think she loves it outside but if I'm sick or its COLD out I'm just ughhh. Lmao

  11. J. Cole
    | Reply

    I feel like I’ve seen you somewhere before hmmmm

  12. Carmen Rivas
    | Reply

    my name is Maria

  13. Carmen Rivas
    | Reply

    Zak can u do a video of how to show your dog to not go on people and how to stop barking at people

  14. boogie203
    | Reply

    Fantastic. Love the information. This could help with your training. Guaranteed

  15. Moses gonzales
    | Reply

    My dog is only a week old and she knows how to play fetch we didn’t even teach her

  16. mermaidmilk
    | Reply

    zak I remember watching your videos several years ago when I was still in school (in the uk) and I really wanted a dog (I was that sad quiet kid who didn't have friends so wanted a dog to make up for it) but I was never allowed cause I was young & my family weren't well-off, so I would watch your videos allll the time to make up for it. Fast forward to 2017-ish my family found a puppy in the mountains of china during a walk, and my mum took it in. And in June of this year the dog is going to come to live with me yaaaayyy (my chinese family's house is too crowded atm) He is a half miniture-poodle and half chinese -mix so he has the most lovely temper but is as stubborn as a husky! Therefore I really want to train him properly and searched for dog training videos. I am so delighted to find your videos again!

    ty for bringing happiness to a younger me who couldn't have a dog <3 and I look forward to learning from you for real this time.

    p.s., Looking back my parents made the right decision, we were too poor to have a dog and I was too young to understand. So if you are young, wait until you have a job after schoold. And parents should NEVER give in and say ''yes'' to a child about having any pets they cannot handle, it is so unfair on the animal.

  17. Healthy Tips
    | Reply

    Video very nice compliments …. but I would just recommend if someone needs a course that I bought a year ago to train my puppy German Shepherd….
    A really well done course and an instructor always ready in case you have difficulties…

  18. Katt-Kandy Records
    | Reply

    I'd love to know without looking myself, does this pet flow site ship internationally (to Canada?)

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