How to Teach Parakeets to Talk || Pet Care Tips

How to Teach Parakeets to Talk || Pet Care Tips


1. Have a limited number of parakeets. Parakeets can develop their ability to make noises by talking to other birds, so having a few birds can help both of them develop the variety of their chirping. However, having too many birds will focus all their communication on other birds, instead of on communicating with you.

2. Make your parakeet comfortable with you. Make friends with your bird by spending time with it, speaking to it, and keeping it nice and comfy in your home. Basically, treat your parakeet like it is a part of your family, because it is.

3. Pick the right time to train your parakeet. Make sure that the bird is calm and ready to focus its attention on you. If the bird is tired or distracted, it won’t be as easy to train.

4. Repeat one word to your bird, over and over. Speak clearly and slowly, teaching them only one word at a time. Your parakeet may not know to repeat the word right away, but just keep repeating it.

5. Reward your parakeet if he or she says the word you’re teaching it. This will reinforce the behavior and also help to further the bond between you and your bird. Parakeets love millet sprays; Celery and carrots are also great treats and they provide essential nutrients for your budgie’s health.


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