How to teach Ferret to rollover

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D
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10 Responses

  1. Amy Kershaw
    | Reply

    @GetBoltz I am in exactly the same situation! My little Ferret just want to
    run around continuously!! Ha ha, though I have started getting her to
    respond to her name 😀

  2. parisisawesome101
    | Reply

    im gonna try training my ferret to do some tricks. its pretty smart
    already. it know its name. i still need to litter box train her though, she
    will even push the litter box out of the way and use the bathroom where it
    was sitting. she is about 8 months old

  3. GetBoltz
    | Reply

    nice my ferret is not calm at all its hard teaching it manners/tricks

  4. akanekishida1
    | Reply

    good luck with that fool!

  5. Melissa Velmor
    | Reply

    omg omg omg!! u have the cutest ferret ever!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. ISABEL7825
    | Reply


  7. nene crews
    | Reply

    oh thats so cool!!! i didnt know ferrets can be taught tricks

  8. sirbobington
    | Reply


  9. nextgenvids100
    | Reply

    he looks just like my ferret scooter

  10. Kevin Perez
    | Reply


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