How to teach ANY dog to Come when called!

This is one of the most crucial commands that every dog should know. Dogs that are reliable off-leash get to have more freedom, fun and exercise. They secret to teaching this is to always set your dog up for success and then reward them for succeeding. Follow these few tips to get started.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments section.

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Thank you for watching!

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26 Responses

  1. Mikaj
    | Reply

    the fucking close up thou

  2. YvieBusiness
    | Reply

    Thank you

  3. Dane Crusher
    | Reply

    I dont say "come!" I just lower my hand and when he sees it he comes running to it

  4. Twin Cities Photography Group Inc.
    | Reply

    Thanks I was watching a few videos on long leash training and nobody except you told us what to do if the dog doesn't come.
    Thank you.

  5. Kelly Brunner
    | Reply

    thanks bro you rock

  6. Laura Barber
    | Reply

    I like the pairing of come with a release word. Smart…thank you!

  7. Susan Flowers
    | Reply

    You deserve the praise for your positive training techniques GREAT JOB!!!

  8. cowboyfromkettins
    | Reply

    But what if your dog is a little cunt?

  9. Alvaro Pascual Santamera
    | Reply

    awesome !!! thank you very much

  10. Forest Sun
    | Reply

    dude, you are using German Shepherd to show a video. try a breed that is not smart like German Shepherd

  11. Gursharan Sandhu (Mc-Savage)
    | Reply

    The dog chooses not to cum

  12. Gursharan Sandhu (Mc-Savage)
    | Reply

    Get out my of bubble bro

  13. Diane Karr
    | Reply

    Great Video. I was having problems with my lab coming when being called. watching this video has set me on track for proper training of my dog. It works great for my and my best friend

  14. TempestLuna
    | Reply

    Thank you! I will try this with my pup <3 He is only 6 weeks and is already potty trained and knows how to sit! This should work perfectly.

  15. MasterJoJo105
    | Reply

    I finally found a trainer that uses positive reinforcement that works. Love your video! Most of all, after years of failure, I have learned training is not task oriented. It is all about dogs learning the meaning and purpose of the task they are being taught. The concept is so simple. I just didn't understand it until I saw your video. Thanks ever so much! :)

  16. Zizo Omer
    | Reply

    its working thank you ?

  17. alex yazbeck
    | Reply

    Whats up with his close ups!

  18. Tony Wonder
    | Reply

    never watch this on acid… you will think he is a owl person

  19. Dear Puppy
    | Reply

    #Shut the Fuk up I've had six dogs in my life and I've trained all of them very well. My latest, a 1 year old Rottweiler named Bruce is by far the most stubborn, smartest and confident I've ever seen. I've been working on this with him for 4 weeks now, using all the same techniques seen in this video which also happens to be the same techniques with my previous dogs. He is very smart. He plays along on a leash, does everything perfectly. Even with distractions like other dogs and people. The moment the lease comes off its fuck around time. The best part is the level of dedication he has to be the alpha. Let me give you a picture. He is perfect with a leash, he'll even be perfect off the lease up to a point. Say a person is on the other side of the fence and he goes over there. I'll call him with "Come", clicker and treat at the ready. He does it! Comes over, sits, get treat and then immediately takes off again. I quickly say "come, he does the same thing. gets the treat, gets the praise, waits a bit then runs over again. LOL! I need to make sure he's not training me for treats. I then fall back to long leash. He then go's back to being perfect again. Waits, stays and sits after the treat and everything. Little sneaker. He's not an aggressive dog at all. He only wants to lick and cuddle EVERYTHING her sees.
    His desire for affection supersedes everything else. It has to do with his background. 2 young girls adopted him at birth when he all soft and cuddly and small. Now that he's bigger(80 pounds and all teeth) they decided they didn't want him anymore. His first year at their home he was in charge of the house. He would demand food, affection and anything else he desired. They compiled because "he was SO cute". As he got older and found his bark they got scared when he would bark at them for food or affection. He took full advantage of it. 2 young girls, a mother and 2 female cats. He was the only guy. He figured that out pretty quick. Now they complied out of fear of getting bit by him. That's when their mother asked for my help to take him in and change his behavior before he turned into something scary. So here we are. I've gotten the demanding bark out of him. He's reverted to using "cute and cuddly" tactics, but is now looking for new ways to manipulate. It ain't happening. I've been down this road before and I'm confident I can help him grow. This isn't a plea for help post but more of a never give up and adopt a "it's a lifestyle" post. If you have a dog that does not want to learn as easily as the dogs in these videos don't give up. Stay consistent and make his training a lifestyle. From the moment you wake up to when you go to bed there needs to be repetition. Don't let them train you with whining, crying, barking or any other sneaky stuff. They are dogs. They learn by watching patterns. @rahil sheikh

  20. Wolfie's Nose
    | Reply

    This was offending

  21. Sean Reese
    | Reply

    Hey man, love your videos. Very articulate and easy to understand. Quick question though; if you are in the situation where the dog is not responding and you have to give a gentle tug on the leash to get the dog to return to you, at what point are you clicking? Right as he turns around from the tug on the leash?

  22. SkizzyJ
    | Reply

    if i say come, my dog humps my leg.

  23. Saramarie Mera Babic
    | Reply

    your copying Zak George your even using similar words to him

  24. lucylocket118
    | Reply

    my dog keeps running away and shes run in the road, on the train tracks and everything she could ahve died and whenever i take her to the park she finds a gap and goes through the fence and escapes  she also takes peoples things and runs off with it and doesnt drop it when i tell her to!! I've had enough of this behaviour but I don't want to get rid of her she just never listens to me

  25. L1011 Shanghai
    | Reply

    For the love of God, man… please take 5 giant steps backwards before your next video shoot. You scared my dog away from the video, and me!

  26. roberto sicairos
    | Reply

    What do you think of dutch shepherds? I am about to get a 1 1/2 year old male

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