How to Teach a Rat to Jump into Your Hand on Command

Hi viewers, this is my first video on YouTube. The video is steps on how to teach your rat to jump into your hand. This is one of my two rats, Pepper. I am a…

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45 Responses

  1. Ani Dub
    | Reply

    song please :)

  2. Pegasus The Winged Stallion
    | Reply

    i have two 15 week old boy dumbo rats. does it matter what age they are to train them? D:

  3. Zachary Edwards
    | Reply

    what treats do you use?

  4. Drew sprinkhuizen
    | Reply

    I teaches my rat to run from my fence to my front door and there’s stairs

  5. Abby Roeser
    | Reply

    Yes I”m sure it could be done! Might take a little more practice

  6. Abby Roeser
    | Reply

    Can guinea pigs jump? I used to have a ginnie, but I never saw him jump, but if yours can I’m sure he/she can learn this!

  7. Abby Roeser
    | Reply


  8. Abby Roeser
    | Reply

    Yes, absolutely!

  9. i〈3me
    | Reply

    ya!!! **high five**

  10. greengrassvids
    | Reply

    Please do some more “how to tricks videos” This was so helpful!
    Your such a good trainer!

  11. Vladys Gómez
    | Reply

    can we do this with a mice¿?

  12. MsUltraKawaii
    | Reply

    Why do you need a clicker?

  13. Nichole Bosas
    | Reply

    no, you can make it with your tongue

  14. Hayley Zawesome
    | Reply

    sounds like she’s making a click with her tongue

  15. Theninja Pickle
    | Reply

    Should i get a rat or bird

  16. Foxy Crystaline
    | Reply

    Can I learn them at any age? I know it’s better to start when they are small, but mine are two years old..

  17. MGTfilmakers
    | Reply

    just like ur life 🙂

  18. MarshmallowMammals
    | Reply

    Abby do you think you could do the same with mice?

  19. lombardo671
    | Reply

    i tought my rats spin and they know it, but wen i try to teach then this trick they spin lol

  20. lombardo671
    | Reply

    No lol like do u know wen people do that clicking noise everytime their pets do somthing right wen they train them?

  21. Mika Rose
    | Reply

    Is that a Last of Us reference, good sir or mams?

  22. lombardo671
    | Reply

    do u need a clicker?

  23. Sam Clevenstine
    | Reply

    That was a great video that was awesome thnxx

  24. lomilovedove
    | Reply

    Do you know if guinea pigs can do this?

  25. rat den
    | Reply

    do you mind do a video on training your rats basics!xoxox plz your amazing!xxx

  26. anitahb5
    | Reply

    Wow, i’m absolutely amazed… Do you know if these things could be done with hamsters?

  27. lifelover41
    | Reply

    oh okay thanks anyway 😀

  28. xTrinaMarinax
    | Reply

    no unfortunately, hamsters are not as intelligent as rats… i’ve kept both and my hamsters could only just be taught to use a ‘hamster toilet’ in their cages, meanwhile the rats came when called, where taught to use a maze and even learned to cheat the maze by pushing parts over

  29. Lindsay M
    | Reply

    haha my ratties love cheerios 😀

  30. lifelover41
    | Reply

    could this work on hamsters?

  31. Abby Roeser
    | Reply


  32. Chris Cole
    | Reply

    very dum

  33. phillyhippie
    | Reply

    my rats name are Dewy and Fibonacci :3 i got them from the petstore and they are not used to human contact and are skittish =/

  34. Reitanna Seishin
    | Reply

    the only things i’ve taught my rats to do are to climb up me, and one of my boys does “kiss kiss” when i say that he kisses me, and they also know when i click my tongue twice and say “no” that they need to back away from whatever they’re doing (like jumping off something). though that one they just seemed to get each time i did it without any treats, and of course, no negative reinforcement. they’re good boys 🙂

  35. santiagonx
    | Reply

    put more videos of haw do you care an lern that this is the bes page or rats

  36. delpierochilipeppers
    | Reply

    thanks pepper! you’re awesome! greetings from france 🙂

  37. Brittni Livingston
    | Reply

    I have four babies, none of which even know their names. After seeing this though, I’d really like to start working with them more.

  38. lovisaekstrom
    | Reply

    You should continue posting videos like this!! They are very inpiring and all rattie lovers i’m sure would love them 🙂

  39. HeatherLB
    | Reply

    I’m so inspired now to train my rats. I already have them hooked on Cheerios. Please make more videos!!

  40. bronzepumpkin
    | Reply

    Fantastic! Your ratties are the best. I can’t wait to start teaching mine tricks. I just got them a hammock and now all they do is snooze and laze around…Gotta get them exercising 😀

  41. RattieHedgieGirl
    | Reply

    great training tutorial! I am going to try it out

  42. DebbietheRatlady
    | Reply

    Hi Abby, I would like to write about your rats in an ad campaign I’m doing with my non-profit the Rat Assistance & Teaching Society, where we are trying to improve the way pet shop employees see rats. Would you please contact me on Facebook.
    Thanks! Debbie Ducommun

  43. Abby Roeser
    | Reply


  44. Krista Huysman
    | Reply

    What kind of treats do you give them?

  45. AndinoPets
    | Reply

    omg amazing! thanks i will try this with Emmy! 🙂

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