How to teach a pet rat to walk on back legs (.. three steps)

Womble takes us through the steps he took in learning to walk on his back legs. Again when trying this, don’t spend too long training the rat each day, 5 min…

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41 Responses

  1. AmazonGirl5527
    | Reply

    I can’t teach my rats to do ANYTHING because they are not motivated enough
    when I show them the treat. They just look and go ‘huh’ but thats it!!!!!!
    I can’t teach them to do anything!!!!!!!!

  2. Natalie Green
    | Reply

    This is teasing, seriously. How would you feel? You are making them do
    this. Why? What is the point? Humans (and aliens) walk on 2 feet, not on
    all fours. Gawd, respect what rats do and accept they can walk on 2 feet
    when THEY want to, not you.

  3. Slushhhhy
    | Reply

    you shouldn’t really be endorsing this behaviour for pet rat owners.

  4. JadeFarrae007
    | Reply


  5. d0pesick
    | Reply

    I’ve decided that I’m going to teach my heart rat how to do some tricks.
    Then he’ll be my model to teach the brothers.. story of his life. Hehe.
    He’s an absolute doll. Your rats are gorgeous and I love your videos!

  6. Cybergast1
    | Reply

    What cage bedding do you use for your rats?

  7. rafaelsjm
    | Reply

    great song

  8. PurpleOtter21
    | Reply

    @THEIFproductions She won’t do tricks unless you teach her, and two weeks
    is far too soon to start teaching her tricks. Get her used to you first and
    then when she’s happy and settled then start to think about training.#
    Patience is the key.

  9. rafaelsjm
    | Reply

    When is the video of teaching a rat how to do a handstand-walk coming?

  10. lucy skinner
    | Reply

    @hondekop113 lol

  11. chaos18panic
    | Reply

    Nice. šŸ™‚

  12. Imogen Campbell
    | Reply

    What if your rat doesn’t like treats?

  13. hunterkoehler
    | Reply

    how long have you been training your rats? and how old were they when you
    made those videos because my rats have been weined for a week now and i
    dont know when to start training them

  14. kerflop
    | Reply

    omg i was laughing so hard

  15. reliewztag
    | Reply

    everywhere in the background there are people sitting..:D

  16. WellThisIsAwkward101
    | Reply

    That’s so cute when he started to walk!! =3

  17. stumpyz9
    | Reply

    hell yeahz dancin rats!

  18. thedevil1112
    | Reply

    Thats easy i do it wif my rats all the time

  19. carene16
    | Reply

    you should be able to, i never bothered with tricks until i thought hey
    lets try this. i would pu tthe treat over the flat house i wanted him to
    jump on and say up. doing it again and again, i now have to point at it and
    say up and he’ll jump up there. as long as you say the same word everytime
    they should get it

  20. koolaidkid36
    | Reply

    what is that your feeding your rat? I’ve been looking for some kind of
    treat to give my rats but i can’t find anything, :/

  21. LightningWolff
    | Reply

    @winchesterntk1 alot of us do, my friend used to have a hamsters.
    Personally i think hamsters are ugly, no offense, and my friend’s used to
    bite people and didn’t like to be played with. i got pet rats and they are
    the friendliest pets i’ve had, i’ve never had one that bit or hurt someone
    and they love to be played with. the only other animal that can compete
    against them are rabbits. a Hamster learning this? i find it hard to
    believe, if you manage to do it you should post a video.

  22. twotonekate
    | Reply

    these creatures never cease to amaze me!

  23. Hanurrbal
    | Reply

    You are a god.

  24. tantepose
    | Reply


  25. bertrow12
    | Reply

    would a hamster work?

  26. TheSliciak
    | Reply

    cute:D they have funny feets:) how many time you need to teach him that
    trick? few hours,. few days?

  27. staffweilder
    | Reply

    what are you using to treat?

  28. uglymama54321
    | Reply

    What do you give them as treats? Love your videos. ahaha

  29. pementaloaf
    | Reply

    Hey, what is that color pattern called? I love it!

  30. MiniCookieKira
    | Reply

    the rat is so cute !! by the way: what is the that you give him? i don’t
    want my rat to get fat just because i try to teach her tricks ^^ so what is

  31. MrRET223
    | Reply

    I am teaching my rat this once i get one šŸ˜€

  32. LittleDaisyBee
    | Reply

    your ratties are so cute! how easy do you think it is to train rats?

  33. afterdeathdynasty
    | Reply

    this is the best thing ever… my brother just got one today and he already
    loves it

  34. lennix25536
    | Reply

    hey thats how i train my dog

  35. Mandy Pimentel
    | Reply

    @winchesterntk1 I know a lot about hamsters, I personally prefer mice and
    rats though. You probably can’t teach them to do a lot… Hamsters aren’t
    as smart as rats (no offense).

  36. chaos18panic
    | Reply

    Oh my god. That you would even consider this…

  37. chaoskitty1257
    | Reply

    can they learn it through a command as well? like if i said “walk” while
    they are walking with the treat will they learn the command (so i wouldn’t
    have to hold my hand up while i want her to do that trick)?

  38. Katja L
    | Reply

    get a second one. People, rats need rats. She won’t care less about you,
    only become happier when you’re not there.

  39. MsSunnyvalley
    | Reply

    Rice Krispies is a very good treat for training as it does not fill them up
    fast. Kashi is also good but more filling.

  40. bylotcho
    | Reply

    So beautiful, I really love your rats <3

  41. Heaven Lawson
    | Reply


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