How to teach a gerbil to follow you

This was requested by GerbilGenius1 go subscribe to her she is awesome! Anyway (does anyone else think i say anyway to much?) this is a simple trick that you…

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D
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46 Responses

  1. ImplantedAgenda
    | Reply

    she has more subscribers than Vitaly

  2. Layne Schryver
    | Reply

    it didnt work with my gerbil 🙁 but hes fat and doesnt like to do much 🙂 i
    do give him exercise though :D

  3. Anime lover
    | Reply

    Uhh…. weird

  4. Madison Aguilar
    | Reply

    Hi my hamster is a dwarf hamster his name is simon 

  5. Patrice Jetter
    | Reply

    I will try this! I adopted my gerbils from a rescue shelter and they have
    some trust issues. Now that they seem to trust me now, I am going to try
    this as the “next step” for them. Thank you for your help! 

  6. GerbilCrazy84
    | Reply

    Hazel, You didn’t let ANYONE down. Some people just don’t know that you
    have a beautiful life behind the screen. I get it. Others get it. We are
    just glad you’re back. Hope Silver, Shadow, Zoe, and all your other
    wonderful pets are doing great! -GerbilCrazy84

  7. Madison Aguilar
    | Reply

    Hi my hamster is a dwarf hamster his name is simon 

  8. Sofia Filman
    | Reply

    Cutest thing ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Lilu the Ender Wolf and Gaming
    | Reply

    i love that song, its called Paradise

  10. Jillian Champion
    | Reply

    I love ur pics in the background when u start the video did u draw those?

  11. mariahh xo
    | Reply

    aw that’s such a cute, smart gerbil ! (:

  12. Melissa Rooke
    | Reply

    Thx that makes me feel better because somtimes i let my gerbils on my bed
    so now i can just tap on the bed and she would come!!!!!!!

  13. Dino Batlak
    | Reply

    Det fungerade cool

  14. Kamiya Chang
    | Reply

    I hv a gerbil too!!!! I love ur vid ignore haters

  15. Rita Kitsis
    | Reply

    I think they are cute and funny gerbils:D

  16. MeganNicolexX
    | Reply

    Never mind, I already know now (:
    I ment the last song by the way :p

  17. MeganNicolexX
    | Reply

    What is the name of the song? I love the video by the way! I think I’m
    going to try this (:

  18. Tou Xiong
    | Reply

    Wow i never knew much about gerbils when i was a kid, and now i know so
    much, and i want another…

  19. lpsviolentanimals13
    | Reply

    hey I love ur vids but could u make on and how to make ur gerbil or hamster
    trust u because my gerbil midnight does not trust me so pleaz comment back
    to me

  20. Laurax lou
    | Reply

    That’s amazing 🙂

  21. 13alpal25
    | Reply

    Just because someone’s name is foreign to you, does NOT mean they’re a
    terrorist. What an ignorant and awful thing to say.

  22. AquaQuadels1
    | Reply

    Does this work on hamsters?

  23. Hazel1157
    | Reply

    u could use a playpen but if you dont have that then if your doing it
    inside you can take tons of square like objects and line then up by a wall
    so u have like a wall behind you and then a barrier of square objects so
    the gerbils can escape or you could go into your bathroom and remove
    anything thats on gthe ground and put a towel under the crack of the door
    🙂 hope this helped!

  24. Warriorcatsluvur
    | Reply

    My gerbil hates being held.

  25. Erina .J
    | Reply

    …my gerbils can give me High Fives.. but its not so high… so its a just
    a Five.. 😀

  26. nina valdez
    | Reply

    how about guinea pigs?

  27. sassykid9
    | Reply

    My gerbil jay crawls into my hand on command

  28. Hazel1157
    | Reply

    awww thats awesome! lol u could just call it low fives XD

  29. Chris Girl
    | Reply


  30. Chris Girl
    | Reply

    Hey I really liked that video could u make one about how to train your
    gerbil to jump over things and to climb up things

  31. Hazel1157
    | Reply

    I believe your a 7 year old trying to sound cool on the internet, well
    guess what? its not working! Now please leave you foolish comments to

  32. dmitrij kazakov
    | Reply

    kids are not permitted to make youtube videos

  33. i just want the truth about 9/11
    | Reply

    epic intro i love the black gerbil so qute

  34. Jennifer Lopez
    | Reply

    i had 2 gerbils 1 passed away i still have the other one we r really close

  35. Kimberly Mayrand
    | Reply

    My gerbils are scared of me. Well, not my gerbil, my sister’s gerbil is. 😛

  36. Beccas Ark
    | Reply

    Great video! I was just wondering, if you dont have a trampoline, is there
    like another way to keep them in an enclosed area?

  37. Flor de Liz Reis
    | Reply

    omg you’re so cute!

  38. Olga K
    | Reply

    why do you care?

  39. Rae'vyn Phiar
    | Reply

    you are so pretty! I also love that pic of the cat in your room! thanks for
    the tip!

  40. Hazel1157
    | Reply

    sure of course!

  41. Matti Betts
    | Reply

    I have 2 baby gerbals – and they are quit small and in-trainabal! lol

  42. MorningAndNightProductions
    | Reply

    Do You like Cats?

  43. ChocolateBubble14
    | Reply

    That is awesome!

  44. MyJambalayaOfPets
    | Reply

    Oh my gosh how precious! I love it. You gerbils really do like you!

  45. Preston Pan
    | Reply

    does it work with guinea pig??

  46. Kimberly Mayrand
    | Reply

    Its kinda weird. That she dont like me

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