How to Teach a Bird to Fly | All About FLYING!

Your quick lesson on descending flights! (plus some ascending and other fun moments, too!)

And next session that piano top is definitely gonna be put down 😉

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D
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14 Responses

  1. Kiera Larose
    | Reply

    What do u use as treats

  2. ¡YikesCali!
    | Reply

    Hello i have a baby macaw turning 3 months soon and i heard thats when they learn how to fly. Just a quick question. How do i get her to fly to me? She gets stubborn and she doesn’t listen when you call her and we really want to teach her so things can be easier. So we can free fly train her. Any ideas?

  3. David J
    | Reply

    I am kinda binge watching this series and am so glad i found it.
    In this video you can realy see the improvement Morgan has had in her confidence.
    Her Foot, that made her hasitating the first videos, is so much more in a noirmal use.
    I love seeing you guys build up the confidance level of this bird so much.
    She is pushing with both foots now, THAT is awesome!

  4. Lyrics
    | Reply

    Beautiful wings ♥️ and beautiful birds

  5. Kimberly Ramirez
    | Reply

    I want to learn how to boomerang flight!! you should definitely make a video about it!

  6. MattyWolfBoi019
    | Reply

    Macaws are so pretty

  7. Sammy Gunz
    | Reply

    You guys are great, I've learn a lot from your videos, God bless your family, Yes, of course, including the birds, lol 😂

  8. Caden Hostetler
    | Reply

    Do you have any tips on keep no bird smell down in a room , the room my grey is in is carpet and small and I need a way to keep it from stinking and I clean it morning and night

  9. Knikkinakki
    | Reply

    Wow nice orb catch on the slow mo of jinx flying up to the cupboards can see some more in other parts of vid too!!
    Love your vids look forward to new uploads – thank you for sharing your skills xxx

  10. Joey Quigley
    | Reply

    If you had to choose a bird that will travel with someone all the time, even outside and to businesses (with harness), would that choice be a macaw? Looking for something affectionate for an emotional support animal for a man with PTSD. Would be hand raising from a chick.

  11. Juan Mont
    | Reply

    Nice job 👍

  12. Love of Pets
    | Reply

    It's nice to see them fly. My Ringneck flys to me, it's feels so good.
    I like the outdoors enclosures that you have. Do the neighbors complain about the noise? I would love to leave my Ringneck outside but I worried her screaming would bother neighbors. I do put her outside in her smaller cage but I am there with her.

  13. Alyssa Adams
    | Reply

    I want to steal Jinx so bad. I absolutely love him! He could torment my Dad since my Dads nickname has always been Bubba as well. I just picture Jinx saying Bubba and my Dad saying what do you want? Lmao! I would never steal him obviously, but it's funny to think of that scenario.

  14. Rita Baumann
    | Reply

    would it be okay to lay mulch under the aviaries? I was thinking to soften under their feet. Then I could put the "dirty" mulch in my garden (AKA natural fertilizer) and add clean when I clean it? or will they get splinters?

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