how to tame your syrian hamster :-)

this is a simple guide to taming your hamster.

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43 Responses

  1. Lavinia van Dinter
    | Reply

    how much does it hurt when they bite? :)

  2. Masterchefbunny AJ
    | Reply

    *plz replay* I have “tried” holding my hamster once but it bit me and blood
    went EVERYWHERE! my hamster is, 8/9 weeks old, i havn’t tried holding her
    again because i dont want to loose to much blood 🙁 please give me some
    tips of holding.

  3. mrslolokaiwahine
    | Reply

    I used thick gloves to avoid being bit. Then after a while she got used to
    me and I didn’t have to wear them anymore. I think wearing gloves help at
    first! hopes this helps anyone:-)

  4. Crissy N
    | Reply

    ur hamster looks nice !!

  5. GinaMolyneux
    | Reply

    hi i got a syrian hamster 2 weeks ago and im afraid its going to bit me
    and hurt alot. im on my mums acount. do u have any tips on biting cause im
    afraid its gonna bit and ill drop it im so scared please reply it would be
    a great help. thx for the vid it helped a bit . iv tried the bath teckneak
    wile my mum cleaned the cage and i hope your reply it would rlly help!

  6. Joshua Jose Magnaye
    | Reply

    i follow your instructionand boom *biscuit* my hamster go to my hand by
    herself 🙂 thank you for the video. Love You and ur voice :*

  7. Hanii Mae Pascaran
    | Reply

    Hi ! My hamster Oreo is about 2 months old and I still don’t wanna hold him
    cos Im really scared , but I still want to tame him , is it still possible
    with his age ? Thank you :)

  8. ninjae4976
    | Reply

    I love your hamster! :)

  9. SnowZegtBlup
    | Reply

    What did I just watch. 

  10. agrazm805
    | Reply

    I just got my hamster today. Thank you for the tips!! Good job awesome

  11. littleman4102
    | Reply

    Thank you very much as I got a Syrian hamster today and did not know how to
    approach it or lift it so thank you for the information on taming i.

  12. Giotto Sawada
    | Reply

    Mine is not tame and it always hide around the corner :(!! Idk what to do

  13. richcampoverde
    | Reply

    Never mind all this just use a loin whip and a chair 

  14. animallover890100
    | Reply

    If ur freaking afraid of it then why the frik did you even get it? Hamsters
    can tell if ur scared and then they will get scared and that will make them
    more likely to bite. Be gentle, and dont worry, there is no reason to be

  15. animallover890100
    | Reply

    And Lavina van Dinter, it hurts quite a lot. Especially if they draw blood.

  16. happyhamsterz4u
    | Reply

    I can give a few tips now but if you scroll down you should see there are
    some other tip i have put up in reply to people. Sorry i cant reply to
    everybody but i will try my hardest. 1. Dont use gardening gloves the
    hamster will get used to them and not your hands and the smell of them. 2.
    Use the cup but not to often as i say again the hamster needs to be used to
    you picking it up and moving it about. 3. Stroke them and be around them as
    muvh as you can. 4. Hand feed them treats. 5. When you pu

  17. happyhamsterz4u
    | Reply

    yuuuup 😉

  18. hakentt
    | Reply

    Syrian hamsters can be difficult to tame.

  19. redskid6
    | Reply

    Pochi my hampster will bite you

  20. malica hamilton
    | Reply

    im scared to touch mine

  21. minecraftplaya12
    | Reply

    Your Chanel is stupit

  22. TZtoxicXd
    | Reply

    Why is she in the bath just ur cage

  23. Justrandomness1
    | Reply

    Aww Lilly is soo cute

  24. happyhamsterz4u
    | Reply

    thx hopefully it works I wish u luck my hamster was exactly the same when I
    first got her just try to make her feel as safe as possible and stroke and
    have your hands in the cage as much as you can just having your hand in the
    cage for your hamster to climb over can make it more tame 🙂

  25. happyhamsterz4u
    | Reply

    objects into the cage rub your hands all over them you need your smell to
    become familiar to the hamster. 6. Before handling them DO NOT rub your
    hands in the sawdust once again your hamster needs to get used to the smell
    of you and how you handel them. 7. Once you are handeling them hold them in
    a cupping sort of way to make them feel safe Thx for reading! 🙂 xo Ps.
    There has been a certain comment on this video that wasnt very nice. If
    anybody has anything to say that is not nice then plea

  26. happyhamsterz4u
    | Reply

    That reply is in three bits scroll down to read the start x

  27. Skye Billow
    | Reply

    chip would just jump off the cage?!! lol

  28. happyhamsterz4u
    | Reply

    just a quick tip as I tamed Lily with my hands and now she is so tame she
    can fall asleep on me and I take her in the car on my lap and let her out
    on a field so she is extremely tame now. I didn’t use a cup when I tamed
    lily but I think if you just use the cup to move the hamster somewhere if
    you are not confident that you are not going to drop it then I think that
    wouldn’t make much of a difference. thanks for subbing ooo 🙂

  29. FluffyPig Fluff
    | Reply

    my hamster is a syrin but is the size of a chinese hamster and he isent 5
    weeks yet so its hard to tame him cuz hes fast and little ive had a syrian
    before but he was big when i got him and he was slow

  30. happyhamsterz4u
    | Reply

    Please keep them to yourself I dont mind suggestions on how to make my
    channel better I like my channel to be a happy place xx Thanks for your
    support x 🙂

  31. xoxLOVElove
    | Reply

    @ AnTrineseAnT just wear gardening gloves when first holding your hamster
    😛 that way u wont feel it biting lol

  32. malica hamilton
    | Reply

    yeah I guess that would be scary ive named my hamster Oreo and I can now
    pick him up and hold him and he will walk on my hand and stuff I used your
    idea about the bath and that helped alot

  33. happyhamsterz4u
    | Reply

    . I am going to be filming a video tomorrow on taming my brothers hamster
    which I can hopefully upload by the afternoon 🙂 I do have one tip before
    I put it up DONT use gardening gloves because the hamster needs to get
    used to your hands remember your hamster is tiny and your hands are big
    take it slowly imagine how scared you would be if a giant reached through
    your bedroom window and pulled you out of your bed? xox

  34. happyhamsterz4u
    | Reply

    and that is why you need to tame them! 🙂

  35. Emokatzenhai
    | Reply

    In the Bath?!??

  36. beckio1234
    | Reply

    Thanks i hope this works, mine is only 10 weeks old and terrified of being
    touched but has never bitten, she’s very jumpy and jumps out of my hands
    too :/

  37. ColourfulMidnight
    | Reply

    Your hamster is adorable!!

  38. Justrandomness1
    | Reply

    Wow u have 1000 views

  39. happyhamsterz4u
    | Reply


  40. happyhamsterz4u
    | Reply

    Thank you so much

  41. happyhamsterz4u
    | Reply

    thanks so is yours!!!

  42. happyhamsterz4u
    | Reply

    yer I guess that would make it harder if its smaller, loads of people don’t
    agree with this but I don’t really think you should use gloves or a towel
    to tame your hamster with because then the hamster gets use to the gloves
    and towel and it doesn’t get use to your hand.

  43. happyhamsterz4u
    | Reply

    i subbed u

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