How To Tame Your Rats

Todays video is educating you on how to tame your rats.
In this video I inform you and give you my guide on taming rats, I hope you find this helpful.
This has been hugely requested, so I finally made it. I hope you enjoyed this, despite not having real rats in the video, but I tried to include some different clips to make it interesting, so I hope it was enough to keep you interested as well as learning 🙂 x


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Filmed with: Canon EOS 70D Camera

Edited with: Final Cut Pro X


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14 Responses

  1. Alix Alkemade
    | Reply

    When they are settling in the cage does it affect them when you take in and out the water and food

  2. Fuzzysoul of Windclan
    | Reply

    Also my rat just climbs my shoulder for warmth and the dark, silly girl.

  3. Fuzzysoul of Windclan
    | Reply

    On the settling part peachy said "They have been taken from their litter," but my sis has one of my rat's brief so, we're all GOOD!

  4. Sasha Hendry
    | Reply

    You can't see your face

  5. John Minihan
    | Reply

    rats actually cannot catch most illness from humans, strep is an exception to this. however, they do carry the germs bacteria ect that we can catch

  6. SHY SHY
    | Reply

    omg this sounds like it will help. p.s. I love your clock

  7. Maggie Shipley
    | Reply

    i got my three rats (fuzz butt, Parmesan, and Gustave) from the humane society. they were dumped, so they didn't have the best time. but only Parmesan, my personal rat, is very timid. the rest will just climb up on you.

  8. CraftyPanda
    | Reply

    I didn't tame my rats I just had them in there cage for 1 day and and handled them a little bit more every day

  9. Melinda Mercier
    | Reply

    Thank you for this great video! I have a question. In the meantime, while they are in the settling in phase, how do we go about cleaning their cage if they are still in their settling in stage? Mine are pooping and marking everywhere and it's time for a clean, but I don't want to disturb them.

  10. Like a BOSS
    | Reply

    Lol my rat is already my buddy I didn't even tame her she's just a super friendly buddy

  11. Selena Cardwell
    | Reply

    ive had my rats for six months,the un-confident one is a lot more tollerant than the confident one.their names are hank and boris

  12. Müggy 1935
    | Reply

    I've recently adopted two girls. (I've had rats before) One of them took 3 days to warm up to me, and the other I assume will take months. ?

  13. Elise Laframboise
    | Reply

    My baby rats just arrived, already ate from my hands, fell asleep on me, got really excited and playful when I rub their bellies and played with them in their cage.

  14. Morgan Craig
    | Reply

    Hi. I want two rats for my birthday, but my parents are weary of the bad smell. Is it truly a bad smell.

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