How to tame your Pet Bird

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49 Responses

  1. Mohammed Mana Bin Qutami
    | Reply

    step one leave it for a couple of days.
    ok he has been in my house for 1 year
    step to put your hand in the cage for 10min – 20min each day.
    ok, he screams at my hand and starts flying around the cage and tries to
    bite me.
    step three give it a millet.
    scared of it slowly gets close and only bites it and does not eat it.
    step four hand feed
    :O O.o …… bites of a bit of flesh from my finger……
    step five step up .
    yea right i am going to do that xD *gets jet pack and flys*

  2. BuilderBoy01
    | Reply

    I has a male 1 pets Cockatiel bird, he loves white breads.

  3. Deede Chi
    | Reply

    I have a female bird 2 years (never tamed when I got her), & she doesn’t
    like to be looked at when you are close enough to touch her. Should I do
    all the steps in your video but without looking directly at her or should I
    try to make her feel comfortable with my apparently ghastly face?

    Please do respond back to me.

  4. Ijaz Khan
    | Reply

    my budgie bites me! while am taking my hand near to him… :(

  5. Homulily
    | Reply

    This was really helpful thanks! i’ll be getting a pet bird soon so i’m
    trying to find out all the information I can about them to prepare. One
    thing i’m scared about is letting it out the cage once it’s tamed… will
    it know to fly back? sorry if that’s silly to ask, I’m just wanting to make
    sure in case i have to train it to get back into its cage haha.

  6. sultan haider
    | Reply

    do grapes or apples work as treats?

    | Reply

    How long does this process take? (By steps)

  8. Dingo1336
    | Reply

    Its hard to be patient when they’re so cute :3

  9. James Stephenson
    | Reply

    very good video 🙂 i need to teach smoky my cockatiel to not bite me, (he
    bites the folds in my skin on my fingers) i have said no to him lots but he
    wont stop.

  10. Emberly White
    | Reply

    …you do know I trade a wield magpie by YouTube.
    birds like media as much as you do.
    only had it for one day and all ready got it no my had. 

  11. naufal rahid
    | Reply


  12. rhys parks
    | Reply

    it works =)!!!!!!!

  13. Zoe E Lopez
    | Reply

    thank you! This will help me a lot for taming my pet bird. Because i just
    got her today

  14. Cat Bully
    | Reply

    fantastic!! I am going to try these steps

  15. Sidharth Mittal
    | Reply

    okay so i have sucess in feeding him with my hands nd he also let me pet
    his head and loves to cudle my fingers but now i m facing problem is that
    he always want me to pet him even when i m trying to make him step up… he
    is not stepping up on my finger bt instead of stepping on my finger he is
    cuddling my finger 🙁 nd sometimes be scared of my finger.. pls help me :/

  16. Shweta Shah
    | Reply

    AAWWW how cute!..Mine loves Harrison’s Bird food :)

  17. awsum2000
    | Reply

    should you have the wings clipped ?

  18. ese grillo
    | Reply

    i always put my finger next to the cage and my bird always wants to bite
    it.. i want my bird to bite me, will it hurt?

  19. husna Arian
    | Reply

    i have the exact cockatiel 🙂 he is sooo cute :D

  20. nuchu1000
    | Reply

    i love your video. been trying to hand feed my Gouldian Finches
    Crimson(male) and Karma(female) since quite a few days now and Karma seems
    to be comfortable to perch on my palm and eat whereas Crimson doesn’t seem
    to trust yet! Funny thing is i tried to just place my palm inside with tiny
    few seeds and started reading aloud! after a while Karma flies down,
    perches on my palm and goes off to sleep! i start giggling it looked so
    funny and she wakes up! all i wanted her was to start getting used to my
    hand inside the cage! hope i make more progress the coming weeks :D…would
    love to have them tame as your bird some day soon :)

  21. sultan haider
    | Reply

    is any type of millet fine or it has to be for birds

  22. husna Arian
    | Reply


  23. Verito Jelezova
    | Reply

    2:37 hahaha so cute!mine stays like this to

  24. trinitajuanita
    | Reply

    Great video. Just wondering if anyone can tell me where I can buy a cage
    just like this one. I’m from Sydney Australia and so far I don’t really
    like any of the cages I’ve seen. I’d like one with a catcher like this,
    because my cockatiel is so messy, but I also would like one that is not so
    big and bulky because I keep him inside. If anyone can help me, that would
    be great, thanks :)

  25. sai xiong
    | Reply

    hey were did u buy that bird

  26. 00aBs00
    | Reply

    i have the exact same bird …. and i can tell you one thing …. he will
    NEVER get on any finger … he is always angry … always afraid … and
    always blows snots out of his nose … 🙁 … even if i wanted to carry his
    dang cage he would jump and flap his wings like a maniac

  27. Alexius Dickman
    | Reply

    I have a new little bird like yours and he seems to be scared, the normal
    owner said she worked with him a lot but, he seems very new and scared. Do
    you know why he wont even let me put my hand in his cage without being
    super scared?

  28. Chris Finlay
    | Reply

    I have two ‘tiels, both between 1 and two years old. They are the same when
    biting – they don’t actually bite my finger, they just tap it with their
    beak. It’s so cute!

  29. Matthew Webber
    | Reply

    Can’t wait for my two to be as tame as yours. I’ve had mine for 2 weeks now
    and they’re gaining confidence everytime I leave the cage door open they
    wonder a little further before deciding to go back in.

  30. Mikayla Rivers
    | Reply

    Please reply!! I have got 2 cockateils recently. They are brother and
    sister. It has been 3 months. They wont let me do anything. If my hand is
    even near thier cage they both try to attack me. I can barely put food in
    their dishes. Before i got them they were beaten and abused. WHAT DO I

  31. knulfine
    | Reply

    Keep the window closed and then wait. He’ll return the the cage eventually
    because that’s where the food is 😉

  32. Loukas Asatiani
    | Reply

    and i just wanted advice for the canaries for my friend i dont have bird
    pets..i think that its wrong to have a bird locked up in a cage for ever
    and just doing nothing only sleep, feeding..they need to fly in the skies
    and live normally…anyway the birds are not born to be locked in cages for
    humans to look at!

  33. starburst money
    | Reply

    im scared to tame my bird when it kinda comes to my hand. i cant keep my
    hand from moving. im scared

  34. -K Onepiece
    | Reply

    nice now how is he? he can sleep in ur shoulder? he can follow ur commands
    now? he can repeat ur words?

  35. Stikkify
    | Reply

    To everyone who keeps saying that just SPENDING TIME with your bird will
    not gain you its trust. The two days is a precaution, to avoid stressing
    out the bird. Although a bird may seem calm, trusting, and tame in a few
    hours, some will take longer!

  36. Juan Bustos
    | Reply

    I hope this works.

  37. Salih Durmisi
    | Reply

    Yeah, it actually prefered to eat from my hand before eating from the
    millet. but it likes eating millet today. And has no problem eating
    anything. It was just because he had’nt seen a millet before and didnt know
    what it was. My cockatiel is afraid of everything he doesnt know of, until
    he touches it with his beak.

  38. Salih Durmisi
    | Reply

    Well keep handfeeding him. It will sooner or later realize that it isnt
    dangerous. I got my new cockatiel 1 month ago from the petstore too and he
    was really scared when they chased him around with the net. But just when i
    got him at home, i started talking to him, a little bit, till the next day.
    Then i started closing my hand up on to him so slow he didnt realize it.
    And then he just stepped up. But wasnt used to it. But hes used to it now.

  39. Lianne W
    | Reply

    thanks 🙂

  40. Salih Durmisi
    | Reply

    hmm, actually what I did to make him less afraid and more willing to eat it
    was just, let it hang there and he explored it and finally ate from it. But
    still he doesnt seem to like it. It’s very weird because all cockatiels or
    most cockatiels really love them.

  41. Littlethelynx
    | Reply

    eating off YOUR TONGUE?!

  42. uzair ali
    | Reply


  43. PuppyLuv920
    | Reply

    Rude, your other comment was so rude

  44. SabrinasTVTube
    | Reply

    How old is your bird here? How long did this take? And what do they eat if
    you get them when they are a few months old?

  45. MuerteLa
    | Reply

    what if your bird fly away when you take him out?

  46. Hannah Sheldon
    | Reply

    I don’t recomend pushing you bird at all instead ask it by placing your
    finger in front of it and maybe lure it with the millet until it steps up
    on its on free will.

  47. Darryl Sawyer
    | Reply

    all birds are tamable with time. be patient and the follow this guys
    advice. refer to the reply I gave starburst money right above you.

  48. PuppyLuv920
    | Reply

    Don’t have to be so rude.

  49. kason cheese
    | Reply

    i have had my untamed cockatiel for a year, is it too late, please respond,
    i wont get mad.

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