How to tame your new rats ( step 2 )

PLEASE NOTE** the cage used in all of my step video’s is only tempory 🙂 the boys are in it untill they get neutred, and then they will be living in the b…

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25 Responses

  1. Katie Wigglesworth
    | Reply

    im doing this with my gerbils i try not to flinch when they nip but it

  2. fairmonkey212
    | Reply

    Aww, cute rats! The blue hooded one looks a lot like mine, only the stripe
    is thinner. I got mine on Wednesday, and I reckon I’m on step 3! This helps
    a lot though, thanks! 🙂

  3. Bob Mels
    | Reply

    XD HAHAHA ive got my rats 3 days now and they already walk on my
    shoulder… AND i didnt force anything.

  4. sticky2208
    | Reply

    Well I have 8 rats in total, it has taken me no longer than 2 week to fully
    complete the taming process with them, obviously it depends on where you
    are buying your rats and if they have been socialised previously, in most
    cases its fairly quick though, always best to buy from a breeder so you
    know that they are all ready used to humans 🙂

  5. mando3dallas
    | Reply


  6. Hergis Dergis
    | Reply

    Where is step 1?

  7. HyenaThePirate
    | Reply

    These videos are great! I’ve always wanted to own rats and now I have a
    good visual reference! Could you please tell me… how long typically
    should you continue step 1 with the yogurt and spoon before moving to
    putting your hand in the cage in step 2? a few weeks? a few months? Thanks!

  8. sticky2208
    | Reply

    It all depends on the rat really 🙂 with me it only took a few days to move
    onto step 2, so if you would feel comfortable then merge step 1 and step 2
    together and see how your rats react, if they arnt comfortable with your
    hand then just revert back to only doing step 1, mix the steps around a
    little and see what works for all of you 🙂 the whole taming process doesnt
    take long, im happy to help in anyway so feel free to contact me at any
    point 🙂

  9. sticky2208
    | Reply

    @WeWillNotRockYou1 New rats often do sneeze 🙂 usually it stops after a
    week or 2, it is nothing to worry about for now as it is most likely
    because your rat is scared and has alot of new smells to cope with, it
    should calm down once your rats settle in.

  10. VeronicaLovesConner
    | Reply

    So is it normal for a new rat to act like it doesn’t like me?She just sits
    in her igloo all the time (I have real bad insomnia, I’m up until 4 a.m.,
    &she was still in there),she doesn’t run on her wheel, she refuses to take
    treats from me(she eats some stuff once I leave her be,particularly the
    Popsicle(fruit blended up and frozen) that I made her), she really doesn’t
    even eat all that much that I can see. My sister took her rat to her mom’s
    house, so she’s alone for now, but won’t be tomorrow.

  11. sticky2208
    | Reply

    @xXxScareFactoryxXx Thanks for the update 🙂 sorry ive taken a while to
    reply. So glad that they are living together happily, seems you had a
    pretty easy intro! Has emma come out of her shell now then? or is she still
    a little shy? 🙂 My siamese Maisy only has the dark part on her nose the
    rest of her body is white, most siamese are supposed to have the darker
    markings and the top of the tail on the back and on the nose, maybe her
    markings will change as she gets older 🙂

  12. TeaLobster
    | Reply

    Thanks for not playing some gay song like “Hey There Delilah.” A nice,
    wordless piano song suits this well.

  13. ariesgod13
    | Reply

    Beautiful Rats, Your white one looks like mine 😀 Her name is Nova, and she
    is such a sweetheart

  14. Ali B.
    | Reply

    Do you do the same if you have baby rats?

  15. oPuPo
    | Reply

    Good luck today Leo and Leeroy :). You’re in my thoughts.

  16. sticky2208
    | Reply

    @mando3dallas Sorry, Dont understand what your asking 🙂 Where does what
    come out?

  17. sticky2208
    | Reply

    @THScam2009 Yes at the time i made these video’s i was actually taming
    them, if you keep watching you can see my hand slightly flinch when they
    nip it lol 😛 They are completely settled in now though 🙂 plus getting
    older, over 1 year old now and still my boys are hyperactive lol

  18. THScam2009
    | Reply

    Are you actually training them in these videos?? Because you seem to be
    doing really well.

  19. TheQuakerLover
    | Reply

    this video is soo helpful!

  20. sticky2208
    | Reply

    My rats have come from different places, the 2 males in this video where
    rescue rats, If your planning on getting some its best to either buy from a
    breeder or rescue a pair from a centre such as the RSPCA or even your P@H
    adoption section rather than supporting the pet shop industry 🙂

  21. xXxScareFactoryxXx
    | Reply

    @sticky2208 Emma has a bit come out of her shell, she is very hyper and
    loves to play but she doesnt really like being picked up

  22. sticky2208
    | Reply

    @mswendysanchez ive sent you a private mail 🙂

  23. OMGYoureOver9000
    | Reply

    Beautiful music…and lovely rats

  24. sticky2208
    | Reply

    yes hun 🙂 leo and leeroy i decided against rolland lol 😛 cant wait to see
    your new little boy’s xxx

  25. TFfan75
    | Reply

    Rats are the best pest ever, smart, sosial, and very friendly:)

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