Watch in HD This is just the way I personally have tamed ALL my hamster and it has worked every time 🙂 please remember all hamsters are going to be differen…

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D
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33 Responses

  1. Schachtel
    | Reply

    I’m getting a syrian and he’s going to live in my room (where is sleep) so
    I need a very quiete 11 inch weel any suggestions? 

  2. Xeonex
    | Reply

    Does it mean anything if my hamster stays in her hideout all day? Or is
    that just her being nocturnal? Please note that I have not touched her in
    any way.

  3. Tanja Nguyen
    | Reply

    is a bin cage save for ur hamster?

  4. DroiidMiner23
    | Reply

    Is it OK to have your hamster big????

  5. joyce parks
    | Reply

    question: is it ok that my syrian hamster ate a small peice of sculpey
    polymer clay?

  6. chrissyluvspeace
    | Reply

    What time should you do this, at night? Or during the day if they wake up?

  7. carislittlepiggies
    | Reply

    This is a fantastic video and is extremely helpful for me as I prepare for
    my first hammy! 🙂 Thanks for sharing these tips! 

  8. JoJo Mama
    | Reply

    do you still have your bulldog?

  9. agworldoflove
    | Reply

    Nice video once again, Tori! 

  10. CookieHamster2086
    | Reply

    Petrie is so adorable! Great editing. This is so helpful if I get a new
    hammy sometime. 

  11. Syrians101
    | Reply

    This is so helpful!! It’s great to know how you tame your such sweet
    hammies! Great video:)

  12. sheylynn pickel
    | Reply

    If Petrie has the entire 100 gallon tank and pop tart has bin cages, where
    are you keeping Merlin? 

  13. theBinkyBunBun
    | Reply

    This method works really well 🙂 thanks for thr informational step by step

  14. Nick42435
    | Reply

    How do you know if they are tamed

  15. Wonderwoman908
    | Reply

    You are awesome but I have one question could you do a taming a rabbit
    video even though this I a hamster channel 

  16. ChocolateColors26
    | Reply


  17. ThatGamingGirl
    | Reply

    My hamster is already tamed but lately she’s been biting me! Why is she
    doing this and what do I do? Thanks!

  18. AvaLPSproductions
    | Reply

    Tori I really need your help.

    So I have not yet tamed my hamster, and I’ve had her since March. I really
    want to tame her and pick her up but im incredibly scared, I dont know why?

  19. Cookie_Killer
    | Reply

    I did it but my hamster bit me

  20. FuzzyPolkaDot
    | Reply

    I just love seeing those cute faces on your intro. :3 You did an amazing
    job on this! I love how you took it step by step so organized. 😀 Petrie
    was just the sweetest throughout the whole thing too. <3 This is definitely
    one of those topics that is often much longer as there is so much to say,
    but you packed in such nice detail yet still managed to stay under the 10
    minute mark! 🙂 Nice job with the filming & editing, & I love your shirt,
    it really looks good with your hair color. 😀 <3

  21. Shaylee Hawes
    | Reply

    Dear Tori,
    After watching this video I realized that I have been doing a couple of
    things wrong with my new Syrian hamster. I have had him for 4 or 5 days
    now, and the first couple days I immediately started to hold him and play
    with him. Recently, he has started biting even though I made sure to wash
    my hands with non-scented soap. It has been hard to bond with him because
    I’m scared he will just keep biting. Does it take time? Will he always
    bite? Did you ever go through this with one of your hamsters? Thanks! 

  22. Ava Sutherland
    | Reply

    Hi i am ava and my friends hamster has been biting her where when she lifts
    up her hand he is latched on and i wanted to give her some tips so what
    would she do because when she puts her hand in the cage it goes to her and
    bites her she isnt a bad hamster owner and does not scare it so what should
    she do?

  23. Winged star
    | Reply

    Hi chocolate colors26 I don’t know if you still remember me posting
    comments almost every video you’ve ever made, but I have another question.
    I already had my hamster for almost three months, so can I tame him now?
    But he’s quite naughty and bit me until I bled one time, so can I still
    tame him? Also one more question, is it because you tamed your hamster so
    it will not go away when you let it out to play? Thx and sorry for
    bothering you with this long long comment XD 

  24. Pet Universe
    | Reply

    Another great video! Where do you find those kinds of music?

  25. CyborgBlowfish
    | Reply


    Hey choclate colors 26 is crittercare a safe bedding i just got a hamster

  26. Rosie Goodall
    | Reply

    Hi Tori! When I first got my hammer I tamed her with one of your videos,
    but she would still bite and draw blood. My Dad and me managed to stop this
    after a while though. One day when I was handling my hamster she managed to
    run away under her cage. I managed to get her back soon after however it
    has scared me ever since. While I wasn’t handling her my Dad was and she
    got quite attached to him ( he had cured her biting habit as well ).
    Whenever anyone else handled her ( no matter how well she knew them ) she
    would bite them and draw blood. What should I do? Should I try taming her
    again, to me? I love you and your pets and I hope you keep making your
    amazing videos! X :)

  27. Emma Kinch
    | Reply

    Hi CC26, again… Lol. So I’ve been rubbing the solution for mites on my
    syrian and some fur has grown back, but the bare skin is blue?!? Is it just
    because of the color of Listerine or is there something wrong? I tried to
    get help from HH Forum but no one answered

  28. Mary Chapman
    | Reply

    Hi there! I have a young campbell hammie (possibly part winter white) and
    she is a pretty awesome little girl. I have had her for almost a week and I
    waited 2 days before really handling her but she did get in my hand to go
    from her box to the cage I bought at first (wasn’t expecting to get her)
    and then again from the cage to the current tank set up she has now. She
    didn’t have any issues with getting in my hand those 2 times except she was
    a little shy and curious. She nibbled a little but not enough to be a full
    on bite.

    My question is that I have gotten her to entirely not nibble (she sniffs
    now instead) and she will get up in my hands and have no problem with it.
    She has a lot of energy so I have tried giving her many toys in her tank
    and I have done some exercise time in the tub and in a playpen set up and
    even short (like 5 minutes or less) in a ball which she seems to love. She
    jumps right in it lol. My question is if there are specific ways of
    training an hamster to calm down a little? I would love if she would sit in
    my hand but every time we bond she is kinda all over the place. She likes
    my hands and will climb right in them and is fine with me walking around
    but as soon as I sit down she goes for an adventure! I have been talking to
    her while I hold her but that doesn’t seem to be working well either. 

  29. PetLover 74
    | Reply

    Is it unhealthy if I feed my hamster fruit and veggies every day during
    taming? Or can I just use a normal food like sunflower seeds?

  30. LoveAG andBritish
    | Reply

    why didnt u tame merlin in this vid?

  31. Steph M
    | Reply

    I never noticed how red your hair is. It’s a gorgeous color!

  32. lpswolfdragon lpsrock
    | Reply

    weird 2-3 days..for some reason my hamster liked me day 1 is that normal 

  33. Cheyenne VanCleve
    | Reply

    hey tori your videos are amazing it would be amazing if you replied

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