How to tame your dwarf hamster

Here is a tutorial on how to tame your hamster! Please comment subscribe and request videos! I hope this helps!!

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16 Responses

  1. Kaylee Marie
    | Reply

    my hamsters are female babies do they are really scared. Thy are not very nice so I am in need of help.

  2. dinogal xox
    | Reply

    My hamster loves sunflowers seeds too like if he sees one he runs to it

  3. maddy lucas
    | Reply

    GUYS if this works only for people whit nom nom (biting) wear gloves gardening ones then after take one of then try with one glove and your hand then try with both your hands =SUCESS thats what i did with my lil hoagie rip love you and ps je died on my birthday

  4. Tara L. Martsatsang
    | Reply

    what kind of dwarf hamster is this…?

  5. Kyle Cooper
    | Reply

    I just got a Russian dwarf today

  6. Pople BackyardFarm
    | Reply

    enjoyed this

  7. Angela Zheng
    | Reply

    I have the same ball ?

  8. hk hyltown
    | Reply

    what's in the treat mix?

  9. David Lee
    | Reply

    my dwarf hamster love sunflower seeds too

  10. Alecu Claudiu Alin
    | Reply

    I don't understand this, why everyone on YouTube needs to move their hamster in another box to tame them, I can do that easily with all of my hamsters in their own box or outside the box without any problem, they love it and seem to be ok. I hold them play with them feed them and everything else, just don't understand why u need a new box??

  11. BassBoost Universe
    | Reply

    that hamster ball is to big

  12. Golden Shep
    | Reply

    Give him afew minutes to get used to his cage not 30 seconds

  13. TheSisko1
    | Reply

    Can't even pick mine up, it's super aggressive as soon as my hand goes near her, she's 10 weeks old. She looks at me through the bars of cage and is happy to see me keep kind of, but I put my hand and and she starts attacking and has bit me

  14. Janneth Moctezuma
    | Reply

    I trideit and it did not work

  15. Kaitlin Whitmore
    | Reply

    what if your hamster doesn't like to be held and bites and can't be held with your bare hands what do you do please make a video about it

  16. Chelsea Jules
    | Reply

    what type of hampster is this i was lookinh for one fluffy and cute like this one

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