How To Tame and Earn The Trust From A Green Cheek Conure or Other Scared Parrot

Green Cheek Conures can be quite fearful lil birbs! In this video, I’m going to show you my tips and tricks on how I was able to tame and earn the trust from my green cheek parakeet. If you have a green cheek or any other parrot that have shown fearful like behaviors I can definitely help you out!

Plastic Clips For Treats on Cage

Step 1
Cage Placement
-semi busy room
-keep loud household appliances to a minimum
-in a corner with plenty of lighting and where they can see you when you walk in

Step 2
Know the Green Cheeks Limits
-slow motions, calm energy, minimal eye contact, make sure he/she can see you perfectly
-when you begin to approach cage, if the green cheek begins to become on guard, stop where you are and hang out there for a little bit. Let your bird enter a calm state. Reward the behavior. Don’t leave until your bird is calm and distracted by toys and food.

Step 3
Treats and Perches Strategically
-Sit by the cage and hold the treat while feeding them to your bird. Keep the bird beside you for as long as possible.
-Keep handling nonexistent depending on your birds fear level
-If he steps on a perch for you, hold it slanted never horizontal if your bird bites you.

Step 4
Make Other Rooms Fun
-Build your birds confidence by letting him/her come out on its own. Clip a treat above the opened cage door to encourage him or her to come out and explore.
-Whether he feels more comfortable stepping on your arm or perch, bring him into another room where there will be treats. Get him away from the cage

Step 5
-Fearful birds tend to want to stay in there cage. While bonding, take him into a fun room with plenty of treats and toys. Let him explore with no handling.

*If your bird is scared of hands, in the beginning do NOT focus on handling your bird. Build a bond without hands being involved, then slowly introduce your hand. Avoid bites entirely which means…. NO hands for a while πŸ™‚

Let me know if you have questions! The #birbsquad is here to help!

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14 Responses

  1. Victoria Ryann
    | Reply

    BirbSquad! Hope you enjoy this video on how I tamed my lil Green Cheek Yoshi! There are many different ways to earn the trust of these ornery critters so don't forget to comment your game plan on taming a fearful parrot. Also if you notice some others with questions, please help everyone out as much as possible. Let me know if you want the Quaker Parrot version! Have a birbtastic week birbs πŸ˜‰

  2. Victoria the green cheek conure
    | Reply


  3. Interesting Vlogs
    | Reply

    My parrot scares from me. I bought him few weeks ago.

  4. Daniel Pineda
    | Reply

    Do you clip your birds wings?

  5. ɱαყσเ αყαรαтσ
    | Reply

    No one's gonna talk about 1:00 ? That was so cute.

  6. Sierra Reid
    | Reply

    🦜🦜🦜🦜 I’m getting a green cheek conure soon, Can’t Wait 😊

  7. Andy Manalo
    | Reply

    Your so beautiful Victoria! Sorry birdies!

  8. Dustin Wilde
    | Reply

    Hi new green cheek owner and I have to say I did a lot of research and watched all your videos and thought I was prepared hahaha man that was a serious overstatement. I've been trying the tips and tricks to have him step up but he is still acting very scared. Been taking it slow and letting him do his thing then trying again about a half hour afterwards. He does this weird thing where he will like lower his head and scrape whatever is in front of him with his beak. Not sure if that's a sign for something or if his is just interested. Any info would really help me out. I'm in it for the Long haul. Thanks in advance.

  9. Velociraptor
    | Reply

    She looks like Elizabeth olsen

  10. Julie Castillo
    | Reply

    I’m still scared to pick her up w my finger I only use the perch handle I made, like yours! When can I start to try this. I’ve had her for a month.

  11. Nicole Borovsky
    | Reply

    i'm getting a bird pretty soon and i cant wait to get him or her i really hope that i could gain its trust as u did with your bird Yoshi hoping the best for your bird <3 πŸ™‚

  12. Michelle Groth
    | Reply

    You have definitely helped so much. Been around birds 15+ years but just got my very first Green Cheek. He/she is only 5 month so we're learning & growing together :). Havent found anything treat wise yet but won't give up :). ALSO LOVE YOUR NIN SHIRT !!!!!

  13. Fnaf Plush World
    | Reply

    What are the metal things on there leg?

  14. Ally Mations
    | Reply

    I just got myself a green cheek conure today, it’s a yellow sided. And I named him/her mango. I got it from a small business and the thing about them that’s amazing is that they will hand feed their birds occasionally to teach that hands are positive. And they also teach them to step up so my bird will already step up and is pretty calm, I try to give a treat every time it does. And as soon as we got home it immediately began to play.

    Though something I don’t know is….. what kind of toys should they have outside of their cage? So that after giving it time to adjust to me being around it and adjusting to my room I can let him play on my bed or the floor

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