How to Tame a Hamster!

PLEASE READ! V —————————– This video is finally* up! I had pushed it off because I was becoming frustrated! xD But here it is! I hope this…

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D
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34 Responses

  1. FuzzyPolkaDot
    | Reply

    @superfimo15: No hamster is “untamable.” But right now, I would let her
    cool off. Just leave her alone for a week or more. You can start up again,
    but I really don’t know what to tell you. You must work through it, or come
    up with different techniques that will suit you. 🙂 I would also suggest
    leaving your scent in her cage for a long time before progressing. If ever
    after many months of taming you feel that nothing is working, she could
    just be that way. And that’s alright. Don’t give up! :)

  2. FuzzyPolkaDot
    | Reply

    @max warmenhoven: Then go back a step if needed. Never rush it, & take it
    slow. 🙂 Tame him at his pace, when he’s ready you can move on. Just keep
    working with him. :)

    | Reply

    **** hamster she bit me

  4. FuzzyPolkaDot
    | Reply

    @Shimmering Hammy: Thank you! :D

  5. nchamstergirl
    | Reply

    it worked!!!!!!! your awesome!!!!

  6. あおみ/ Aomi
    | Reply

    Does this work on Lemmings?
    I got a one month old baby Lemming and I was sure it was a hamster,but
    after googling it,I found that it wasn’t,but I’m still really happy with
    her/him! He/She is super scared,but he/she likes to bury her/himself in the
    bedding and just explore the cage > u <

  7. RJFmedia
    | Reply

    Y do my hamsters want to eat me:(

  8. beaniebooreview
    | Reply

    You should never pick them up from behind, because their natural prey
    instincts will kick in and they’ll think Their being attacked

  9. M.L.M M.L.M
    | Reply

    I picked my hamster up after two days because the things I was reading told
    be wrongly and I now know that it was the wrong thing to do as she bit me:(
    blood drew:( will this affect our relationship in the future?

  10. MrBradlp1
    | Reply

    She’s so like ohh only my hamster would do that no one else’s would
    actually my hamster does but if that girl doe sent shut up I will get my
    tanutaler and put it in her cage and I don’t care if I’m related to her
    she’s soo mean to me

  11. Pooty Cake
    | Reply

    I kinda don’t agree with the “leave your hampster in the cage for four days
    ” thing you might wanna leave it in there for 24 hours. If you leave your
    hampster in its cage it is only going to get used to the fact that you give
    it food. Once the 24 hours is up greet your hammy nicely and give it a
    treat. :)

  12. Raney Phillips
    | Reply

    I have a big issue so someone please reply.
    I got a male Syrian teddy bear hamster a few days ago. It’s the same color
    as yours.. Maybe a few months old, and his name is gizmo.
    I put a blanket over his cage for a little over 12 hours. (I have owned one
    Russian dwarf, and 2 robos, I had them living together but one of the robos
    died, and now I have 1 robo names Snickers, he is also not tamed, though I
    had him for a year. I think he’s untamable. Anyway, after only like 20
    hours. I TOUCHED Gizmo, he turned over and flinched at me. I tried to hold
    him, HE PEED AND POOED ON MY BED. Not egg shaped but… Like… Squishing
    and wet. GROSS. He’s SUPER scared of me. I talk to them all the time. Every
    time I walk in the door when he’s running on the wheel, he runs away in
    less then 2 seconds! He HATES me. I have never owned a Syrian before. I
    messed with my Russian dwarf right when I got home, he was tamed in less
    then a few weeks. HELP…. 

  13. Donnavan Freeze
    | Reply

    Why dont u ever show your face?

  14. Ellie Bennett
    | Reply

    When I had my first hamster he was really nice and after a year and a half
    he started biting so i just ignored him after that and he died

  15. Idiboy Boyidi
    | Reply

    my hamster is very nervous and i just got it what do i do

  16. ben child
    | Reply

    I am getting a hamster tomorrow I hope he is nice

  17. St. Dayis
    | Reply

    OMG my hamster is called muffin

  18. Eric Rome
    | Reply

    Thank you for these tips but my hamster still gets scared when I try to
    pick her up.what should I do? 

  19. petzgalore
    | Reply

    Muffin is so adorable :D

  20. Abbi Coles
    | Reply

    I tried to tame my hamster but he bit me but ill keep trying

  21. Maja B
    | Reply

    i love you videos and can you make some more about homemade treats

  22. samuel lee
    | Reply

    Toilet paper? Won’t they bite it and eat it? 

  23. Ibte Elbenawy
    | Reply

    Awsome girl

  24. caden conley
    | Reply

    Will this work with robo hampsters

  25. Eddie Alencar
    | Reply

    Why does it take one weak?

  26. all things girly
    | Reply

    instead of a blanket could I use a towel?

  27. Samantha Gutierrez
    | Reply

    Muffin Is So Adorable I Just Got One Exactly Like Yours Recently But The
    Store Didn’t Tell Me What Kind Of Hamster She If You Can Let Me Know Thanks

  28. Stargaze
    | Reply

    I tried day 5s thing and my hamster bit me >:(

  29. kyla cassandra manalang
    | Reply

    I like this video. Thanks

  30. Jodi Blubaugh
    | Reply

    I love your hamster

  31. Nicole Darkness
    | Reply

    haha fuzzypokadot im to if i make you mad but i didnt do any of the stuff
    and my hamsters are tamed i have a black and brown syain and a white and
    black chinese hamsters and i never got bit by them my syain roxi was super
    sweet and dont bite same with my chinese hamster joey so to let you know i
    didnt do the stuff and they are perfertly fine joey did get stressed out at
    first i thought he had wet tail be hes healty same with roxi hehe!

  32. iiCookiee Minee
    | Reply

    can i put my every day clothes tht i used to wear on top of the towel so
    they can get used to my scent?

  33. lucy hibbert
    | Reply

    I love, love, love your channel and your video’s! definitely subbing!! 

  34. Katy Wood
    | Reply

    This was very helpful thank you so much, I need your help because I’m
    getting a hamster tomorrow, and I’m going to name it bubbles!

    But thank you very much it really did help!

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