How to tame a ferret –

Here is a video that was requested by the Ferret-World Facebook community – How to tame a ferret. In it I give some handy tips on how to make your new ferret…

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31 Responses

  1. Adam KOFAHL
    | Reply

    Hello, I just recently adopted an 8 month old ferret. She was abused, she
    is a big sweetheart but sometimes can be aggressive. I scruff her like in
    your video says and as soon as I put her down she goes to nip me again. Or,
    if I go to pick her up because she is about to go towards cords because I’m
    afraid she will chew them, she nips. So I put her in her cage and she seems
    to be upset when I put her in her cage. She knocks her food over and her
    litter box. Could this be from the abuse?. Can she be tamed if she was
    abused? When she bites it’s not an aggressive bite. It’s just a nip. I was
    told when I bought her, her previous owners didn’t treat her very well. She
    has a burn mark by her left leg. So I’m thinking it’s lack of trust? Is
    there anyway I can get her to trust me. Or is this aggressiveness permanent
    because of the abuse. Any tips or information would be really appreciated
    because my daughters love her.

  2. Franky Suazo
    | Reply

    I have a problem with my ferret. . . .it keep bitting my cables and if this
    keep up i cant have her anymore, any tips?? (PS. I already tried everything
    in this video to make her stop but still she keep bitting all my

  3. susantyrellfans
    | Reply

    Do you have an agent? You should obtan one if you don’t.

  4. Cameron Potts
    | Reply


  5. Summer Sutherland
    | Reply

    Thank you for all the great info! I love you’re videos, your so awesome
    with your babies. Your videos help me so much caring for my two new little
    ones. 🙂 keep doing what you’re doing can’t wait to see more. 

  6. farrah pratt
    | Reply

    I love your videos. They help me so much. I never knew about a lot of stuff
    about ferrets until I found your videos. I subbed

  7. Ian Christie
    | Reply

    hi my ferret is having a phantom pegneny she keeps pulling her freind about
    what can i do please

  8. Casey Douglas
    | Reply

    not in a bad way but your videos always make me jealous but your also Lucy
    to even have ferrets I’m only 11 and my mum and dad won’t let me have a
    ferret because they stink and my mum thinks she will have to do all the
    cleaning I’ve tried your video and tried to convince them but the only I
    can get on is when I move out, am atleast 23years old and when I’m
    responsible enough. I reeeeeeeaaaaaaaaallllllllyyyyyyyyyyy want a ferret
    though plllleeeeaaaasssseeee help me, pppppplllllleeeeeeaaaaaasssssseeeeee

  9. Alice
    | Reply

    Your video was very informative and gave me a lot of hope to bond with my
    kit. Thank you…

  10. Evan Hill
    | Reply

    Ive got one ferret and i really want another one because its not good to
    keep them alone but my parents wont let me?

  11. Brandy FIscus
    | Reply

    Your videos are very delightful!

  12. zach wilson
    | Reply

    my ferret bites and draws blood all the time…shes calmer then she use to
    be but her teeth still hurt really badly

  13. Tia Pitman
    | Reply

    This helped a lot! Thank you!

  14. luk0aj
    | Reply

    i really need some help i just got 2 male ferrets there a year old and i
    scared to handle them incase they bite as i dont know best way to get them
    use to me or if i should pick them up incase it hurts if they bite what
    should i do please help x

  15. Frank Schäfer
    | Reply

    what do you think it’s the best age for a young ferret where it can moove
    from a breeder to a ferret owner ? – greetings from Germany – I like your
    videos a lot :)

  16. Pititi patuti
    | Reply

    I just got my ferret, I am 9 years old and my ferret is very aggressive.
    Thanks for sharing your video. I love the part were you made me see how
    ferrets see us. HAHAHAHAA.

  17. sheen kilmartin
    | Reply

    My new ferret (just got him today, named Fergus) is six weeks old and he
    doesnt have enough skin on the back of his neck to scruff. When i do manage
    to scruff him he squirms around like im hurting him. What should i do?

  18. cafs1313
    | Reply

    I just got two ferret over the weekend and my ferret Radical like to bite
    at the plastic bowl that’s the foods in. Is that normal or should I get a
    different bowl that attaches to the cage.

  19. Shantel Bock
    | Reply

    RIP Bear ;-;

  20. Krystal Lea
    | Reply

    Me and my boyfriend bought two ferrets probably more than a week ago.. We
    bought them from two different places. The male ferret seems to be fine and
    doesn’t bite much, although he bit me today on the nose and actually drew
    blood lol. But our female one is a terror. They’re both only about 11 weeks
    old and we play with them alot and feed them a proper diet. The female one
    just always seems to bite, she’s always in here naughty cage and everytime
    she bites she draws blood, we’ve been using gloves with her recently. She
    also doesn’t seem to want to sleep as much as the male one. We can’t even
    really hold her because she will bite any piece of flesh she sees. I really
    don’t know what else to do to try tame her and get her to trust us.

  21. Alex Hart
    | Reply

    I am thinking about getting ferrets in about 6-12 months. I’m doing a lot
    of research first. I would like to ask in the British winter could I put
    them out side in my shed. It isn’t cold or anything in my shed personally
    I’ve stayed a night there over when it was snowing it was actually warm.

  22. HOPEbabylon
    | Reply

    are you from Trinidad by any chance lol.. just wondering. go ferrets go!

  23. Tiffany Kennedy
    | Reply

    When I hold my favorite Zelda she crawls on to my shoulder I can never hold
    her the correct way lol.

  24. 1Valeruu1
    | Reply

    jesus christ lol …. i cant even hold my ferret the way you held yours at
    the end of the vid. she will just wiggle so feisty and jump out my arms
    =[ i guess ill have to keep holding her lol . thanks this was a wonderful

  25. Katie Wigglesworth
    | Reply

    Scary… Oo

  26. Ferret_Lover
    | Reply

    How do you scruff a ferret 

  27. SWAQQEDOUT7712
    | Reply

    Can you teach your ferret to stay or come ??

  28. LemursFriend
    | Reply

    Thank you for saving that ferret’s life! 🙂 Love and hugs 🙂 <3

  29. ragnar viking
    | Reply

    i live in the uk whats a natch lol

  30. Liz Amarth
    | Reply

    R.I.P little Bear

  31. caila
    | Reply

    hello thankyou for all the info it really helped me thankyou and my ferret says thankyou aswell 🙂

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