How To SUCCESSFULLY Train Your Horses | Star Stable

Hey Owlings!
Here are some tips and tricks that will help training become both easier and more fun for you 😀
I worked on this video for over 6 hours and I’m glad with how it turned out!
Sorry for the lag during the second to last tip xc

Video Info:
Music: Valesco – Cloud 9
-Stephen Swartz — Bullet Train (Feat. Joni Fatora)
Video Editor: Movie Studio 13 Platinum
Screen Recorder: Open Broadcaster Software

Player Info:
Name: Hazel Deerdawn
Server: Firestar
Club: Summer Rush

Thank you for watching!


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28 Responses

  1. Horses, Animals and Everything
    | Reply

    OMG the song that you were listening to while training, is on my SSO training playlist 😂

  2. ilovehorses
    | Reply

    I have 20+ horses and only 4 or 5 is maxed but I'm training one now the new north Swedish palomino

  3. Sofie BlueRiver
    | Reply

    How are you in the server firestar???

  4. Sofie BlueRiver
    | Reply

    How'd you get the training with friends view? I'm desperate in need of that pls respond asap

  5. Jeux En_ligne
    | Reply

    2 of my 7 horses are untrained… Hum… Yea ?

  6. Cheyenne
    | Reply

    Or instead of listening to music listen to your favorite show! (I want to watch MLP while I train XD)

  7. Evinka Cat Fire
    | Reply

    i like the song she put on

  8. wild galaxy
    | Reply

    Awesome vid 👏

  9. Jordan B Wolf
    | Reply

    This is the most helpful video on this topic I have seen.

  10. Maddie Wehrly
    | Reply

    I've been planning to go on a huge horse shopping spree but I keep telling myself that I can't buy any star coins until all my other horses are maxed. It is working. So far I have maxed 3 but I still have like 12 left

  11. Megan Olarté
    | Reply

    Another thing I do which is kinda weird is I watch/listen to other people training

  12. Dan's Will to Live
    | Reply

    The thing that makes me bored of it especially is because I'm only level 7 and so I haven't unlocked a bunch of races and stuff yet and so it takes me like a week or more to max horses because I can't do races twice in a day and it's really frustrating XD But I refuse to buy another horse until the one I have is maxed. hhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  13. Miss Black Cat
    | Reply

    Thanks to you all my horses are now maxed!

    | Reply

    58 Horses, 52 to train. Better get krackin. -From Wales. C:

  15. Angelina Allen
    | Reply

    i was born for this video.

  16. Ella Dunn-Jones
    | Reply

    I trained with my best friend for an hour and a half yesterday, every single race and rep. We were too tired to do our other accounts

  17. Lexi Florens
    | Reply

    Theres this swedish youtuber (Yes im also swedish) who is called Haley Rainstorm and she has during the past year, or maybe two idk done these videos called leveling…hang I guess? Where she either by herself read questions from us, her fans, or does a storytime etc while leveling. I love listening to her while leveling and now I feel bad for you non swedish speakers who cant understand her..

  18. Loudly star
    | Reply

    What to you juse for recording and editing ????????

  19. Gillian Nightstorm
    | Reply

    I think one of the main reasons people don't train is because since there are only so many races, you can only do them once a day. Meaning for those people who get inspired to train, lose it waiting for the races to refresh again.

  20. Olivia _ Eventing
    | Reply

    I have one horse that I really like, my grey connemara, and now he is maxed and all my other horses are either 1-2 and I just want to stuck to my connemara😂

  21. Imogen Sengstock
    | Reply

    I love training it's my favourite thing to do

  22. Lilli Luna
    | Reply

    In germany we can't write numbers like 12 or so on…
    You have a new subscriber. <3

  23. Shiresome
    | Reply

    I watched this video forever ago and it's helped me for a long time, especially the tip of training one at a time until they're maxed.
    Young me would sit on the same horse for days before switching. I was a *professional*.
    As a tip, I suggest get all your horses to 5, 8, 11, 13, and finally, 15.

  24. MistKat
    | Reply

    My training route when im short on time is both bob cats races , pole bending, and will's mill race. Another tip is the seasonal races.The christmas race gives you 400 horse XP! And you will get cool items too!

  25. Camila Lavayen
    | Reply

    anyone else notice this pause button icon popping up every five seconds! O_O its actually a bit annoying otherwise this video is great! 😀

  26. Daeka AO
    | Reply

    LOVE IT! New owlet joined the nest

  27. Lauren Duskbell
    | Reply

    I honestly think switching your horse takes up more time you have in the day, you will have to go all the way back too where you left off, I have some horses that need training but it didn't stop me from buying the spotted musty, and when I train I train as long I can on that horse, once the horse reaches level fifteen then I train.. plus riding the same horse for a while will get you more connected with it

  28. Elizabeth Lightmore
    | Reply

    Nice! But there is no way I can wait to buy a new horse when I fall in love lol. I have sooo many untrained. I have about 70 horses and I'm guessing that maybe 15 are max level. They are mostly up to about 10. Once you get to 10, it starts to take longer to level up and I run out of patience or get sidetracked on a new horse lol. I like that I have a lot of horses to train because it gives me something to do when there are no quests or anything else to do. I can switch out horses to ride, and I do that a lot. It only matters to me if they're 15 for the champs. But I have several I can use for champs so I'm not in a hurry 🙂

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