How to stop your rabbit from biting.

I Hope this helped:)

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43 Responses

  1. Danielle Rinkoski
    | Reply

    This doesn’t really go with this video I got this baby bunny and the
    breeder said he was rasing them for meat and said she was going to be 20
    pounds how big dose her cage have to be to hold her when she is adult her
    cage now is desent size this is really imported it would mean the world if
    you could tell me or make a video about different size bunnies different
    size cages.

    P.S. sorry for the miss spelling I was never the best speller at all.

  2. jerah legayada
    | Reply

    My rabbit bit me…do rabbits have rabies?

  3. Ashleigh Simpson
    | Reply

    does anybody know how much it costs to get a female mini lop fixed? i just
    got her a few days ago and she is pooping in her litter box, but also
    everywhere else and is becoming very aggressive and biting me (territorial
    i think). 

  4. zhang anne
    | Reply


  5. S Colburn
    | Reply

    Find funny my rabbit lives in a house with 3other dogs and I would say
    about 25 cats and that bunny is the sweetest thing ever his name is vodka
    but the cats put there claws in his cage and tap him on the but and he
    doesn’t do anything why?

  6. Adam Snarski
    | Reply

    Great & helpful video. I’ve never had a bunny nip me before until my newest
    addition. But now I know why! They’ve always licked, but my new one licks
    and nips! I’ll start my squealing soon! Thanks!

  7. blackquiver
    | Reply

    I would like to c more animal behaviour vids.unlike cats or dogs,it’s hard
    to ascertain the animals disposition.its rare to find someone in depth well
    connected to this certaint type on animal.i respect that u have grew up
    with them ,loved them witch I feel make u no amateur at this type of
    animal.a lot of vets r not familiar or trained with this type of animal.i
    feel this make u unique to this critter.however I would like to c more vids
    on them active in play,habits good and bad.including on how there moods r.i
    feel most vets r able to deal with the health and safety of I would guess
    in there speciality on animals,or anny basic welfare of animals.what they r
    not trained to know is the behaviour of animals.this dose not mean they do
    not care about animals. U have raised these animals to be pets,truly
    understand them.that wisdom needs to be sheared to expand ppl knowledge on
    house holds pet rabbits.iv ceen a lot of abuse of animals in my days.the
    lack if respect is defining sad.

  8. Olivia Moo
    | Reply

    You should make a video of how to make rabbits treats and toys from stuff
    like cardboard, Popsicle sticks, ect. 

  9. Hannah Neill
    | Reply

    My bunny used to bite me too (and my hand actually bled!!) when I stuck my
    hand in her cage but I’ve found a really effective way to make her stop,
    and now I can stick half of my body in her cage (its a big cage) and she
    just comes and cuddles!
    I found something online that bunnies make a sort of thumping sound with
    their feet if there is danger or if they disaprove of something, so
    whenever she bit me I would clap loudly and firmly tell her “no!”. I’m not
    sure if it would work on all bunnies, but it definitely worked on mine.

  10. Tineke smith
    | Reply

    Wrong. There is 3 types:

  11. poppyk1
    | Reply

    my friend 4 bunnies scratch and bite and laung me and them and one of them
    is fine

  12. Olivia Moo
    | Reply

    My bunny had babies and I am gonna give one to my friend do you have any

    | Reply

    what type of rabbit is lulu

  14. Milina Mina
    | Reply

    Olivia moo if you want to give a baby bunny to your friend i think that you
    should spay it and make sure that it is well cared for before you give it
    to your friend i hope that I helped
    Oh and also make sure that your friend knows how to take care of a bunny i
    hope I have helped 

  15. Stormey roth
    | Reply

    my one trys to well walk on my face.

  16. mrmagmaman0513
    | Reply

    rabbits can also be lonely when no one is around

  17. 218redhair
    | Reply

    mine won’t stop he chews on my clothes and last time bit my sister and made
    her bleed what do i do ANY ADVISE cuz stuff in the video you said helped a
    little bit but then stopped working

  18. ilikepinkish
    | Reply

    hi, i live in ct, where can i get some dutch rabbits? i want a dutch but
    cant find any

  19. humayra begum
    | Reply

    this really helped me

  20. Christie Hoef
    | Reply

    IMPORTANT: I feel like my rabbit is lonely. Are two rabbits really hard to
    take care of?

  21. Alia Munn
    | Reply

    So I cant let anybody touch my rabbit except me?

  22. DecepticonQueen
    | Reply

    They Think That Bunny Was Their All Night, So It’s Less Likely They Will
    Hurt Each Other. However That Doesn’t Work With Males. Rabbits Thou
    Territorial Are Very Social, Living In Family Groups. We Used To Let Own
    Bunnies Stay Outside In A Special Bunny Proof Fenced In Yard All Together.
    We Kept Ungelded Males(Brothers) in a pen all their own. But In The Bigger
    Pen: All The Females Formed Their Own Social Pecking Order. Where One
    Female Was The Boss of All The Others,The Rest Were Her Underlings

  23. penelope guinea pig hamster lover
    | Reply

    Do I have Spit or neuter my bunnys

  24. TheAnimalLover55
    | Reply

    4:00 awww 🙂 she said sorry 🙂

  25. TheIdiotRabbit
    | Reply

    actually i lied he always bites me now… 🙁 what can i do?

  26. dobrian360
    | Reply

    great video. I may use show this to my 4-H group

  27. 101rabbits
    | Reply

    She could want you to move. Sometimes if you are sitting up against
    something they will “head butt” you or bite to get behind you. Spaying when
    she is old enough will help too!

  28. SnowdropHedgie
    | Reply

    I just discovered your videos and they are fantastic. I have been thinking
    about getting a bunny for a while and am just waiting to find the right one
    for me. Thanks for posting these videos. They are definitely very helpful.

  29. Linda Johns
    | Reply

    my rabbit like to bite my clothes and accerdentally bites me

  30. 218redhair
    | Reply

    make him stop

  31. Melina Yepez
    | Reply

    is the rabbit spayed or nutured?

  32. Merideth Hoggard
    | Reply

    my bunny is a female not fixed and she “boxes” me it where she kinda bats
    at my hand and tries to dig it. how do i stop that.

  33. Christina Hernandez
    | Reply

    NUUU O-O That’s just sad =,(

  34. 101rabbits
    | Reply

    It depends where you live and if it is a male or female. It can be anywhere
    from $100- $500! Just contact your local rabbit savvy vet and find out how

  35. Samantha Lindberg
    | Reply

    Will you do more videos?

  36. 101rabbits
    | Reply

    I am not sure what your question was.

  37. Hyukfied
    | Reply

    How old will the rabbit feel territorial? My rabbit never been aggressive
    when I put my hand in his cage, and he’s not neutered yet. I had him for 7
    months now. I tend to level my head at his level to tell him I’m not a
    threat… so yeah.

  38. Gabriela Almendra
    | Reply

    Thank you 🙂

  39. Melissa Claydon
    | Reply

    My rabbit belle bites me if im taking a while to pick her up. She livs
    outdoors and is it becus shes annoyed or is it another reason

  40. mcsand4311
    | Reply

    * by, get use to your hand.. sorry for the mistakes..

  41. Patty Gonzales
    | Reply

    hi i have a rabbit after i watched this video i did every thing in this
    video but nothing worked my rabbit is still mean please help me!!!!!!!!!

  42. Saf bun
    | Reply

    hey um its wierd but my bunny likes my clothes but he dosent lick my finger

  43. Kowaii Usagi
    | Reply

    One way I got my bun to stop biting me was to actually let him bite me
    until he realized it didn’t make a difference. After that, he became a
    sweet, kissy bun.

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