How to Stop Your Cat from Excessive Crying

By Thomas Allen

Do you want to stop your cat from crying all the time? Often times cats will cry or “meow” excessively and this can become a problem for many pet owners. There can be several reasons why your cat is crying excessively but most often the owner accidentally encourages the behavior. Cats will discover that crying gets a certain reaction from their owners and will meow in order to get that specific reaction. If you want your cat to stop meowing, here are a few things to keep in mind.

Sometimes crying is a sign of discomfort and your cat might be expressing symptoms of pain. Constant crying can also be from sexual tension if your cat is not spayed or neutered. Crying may also be a response to a dramatic change in an environment; unreasonable crying can be a reaction to this change.

One common reason that cats meow excessively is because they are trying to get their owners to do something for them. If this is the case, you must consider the last action you performed for your meowing cat. Did you feed them? Did you clean out their litter box? What was it that you did to reward their meowing?

The key is to know whether you did something for your cat and if your cat is trying to get you to repeat the action. If you want your cat to stop crying, you need to stop rewarding them when they cry. If you believe that their meowing is a result of a reward that you provided, consider ignoring their incessant crying.

When your cat stops crying, this is when you should perform the behavior that you normally would. For example, if you feed your cat when they are meowing, wait till they stop before you feed them. This should eventually teach them that meowing is not what is getting them the reward of food.

If your cat is waking you up early in the morning, try keeping them in another part of the house where their meowing won’t disturb you. You should try however to feed them at the same time of day since cats like routine. Make sure the feeding schedule is on your own terms and not your cats. Cats will often want to be fed earlier and earlier each morning and before you know it, your cat will be waking you up at 4 am!

Whatever your cat’s reason for excessive crying, you are likely reading this article because you want it to stop. Consider whether or not your cat is crying because they are demanding something that they want. If this is the case, make sure you do not reward their demands and you will eventually stop your cat from excessive crying.

Wait! Don’t give up on your cat! A well planned behavior program may be all your kitty needs. Go here for simple tips to help you get your feline inline!

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