How to Stop Your Cat from Attacking Your Ankles

Jackson is answering a question almost every cat owner faces — why is my cat attacking my ankles and how do I make it stop!? Well, the solution is pretty simple — and fun! Learn the way in this week’s episode of Cat Mojo.

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23 Responses

  1. Tiffany Mueller
    | Reply

    Hey Jackson! I have a cat that "lovebites". He'll be sitting on my lap, Im petting him, he's content and purring and he'll very gently put his mouth on me. It doesnt bother me cuz I know he's being affectionate but it freaks out guests who think he's legit biting/being aggressive. Their reactions startle him and he'll end up biting or scratching for real. Any suggestions on how to address this?

  2. Judith Magill
    | Reply

    Ok I get it, we are their prey…….but at 6 weeks my kitten hunts like an adult. My ankles are toast, is it possible to exhaust her ??

  3. Rai CarroceraLopez
    | Reply

    Ankles. Feet. Legs. Arms. Hands. All attacked by my 10 week old kitten. And me and my husband play with him half the day. The only thing I've found that works is me yelling at him and ignoring him for a bit. I feel terrible doing it but my skin is delicate due to an illness and I scar very easily
    And he has toys. He has a cat activity tree to play in. He just seems to get really over excited and start attacking me. And when he's being good I do reinforce his good behaviour with treats and praise. So idk what to do

  4. study programmingCS
    | Reply

    Keep your feet still, the cat would just stop and sleep or get out or something

  5. zen0524
    | Reply

    I have an outdoor cat we keep in our porch and cant keep him inside because of this. He always gets excited every after eating and start chasing around our feet. Even when we stayed still. He will jump on our back or front. He is almost 1 year old. If my mom outside doing something he will chase her and jump on her. Just now I got scratched again. What should I do? I tried too shoosh him and yell at him. And we are forced to give him a snack bcs if we wont he wont stay outside and will run inside.

  6. Tracy Mason
    | Reply

    I’m a animal lover, I live in a very rural area and have “abandoned “ cats show up at my house.
    Recently I had a Tom cat adopt us, he has the best personality. I pick him up and he melts in my arms, vet affectionate.
    But he does this thing, when I walk away he grabs my ankles/foot.

  7. weaponx26
    | Reply

    For my cat it's not play . He gets very loud with a low growl and attracks my wrist and ankles with intent to hurt me its not a regular occurrence but it seems to happen mostly when I have no shoes or throusers on when I'm getting ready for work he doesn't do this to my partner or our daughter I'm the target of his anger being his primary connection since he was a kitten he's 7 now and it's been a thing for the last 4 or so years

  8. Kosar Mousavi
    | Reply

    What if the cat is blind?
    We don't know how to play with her(she has ball that make sound and feather with bell on stick whatever is it's name), because she reacts to sound and when we walk she attacks our foot and bites

  9. L M
    | Reply

    How do I keep my cat out of my craft room I hate to close the door it gets stuffy in there if I do..

  10. tom
    | Reply

    I get that he isn't 'attacking' me … and he is just playing. But if i put 'cat plays with my ankles' into google … i doubt what I want will come up.

  11. S Sing
    | Reply

    LOL. You sound like Dr. Greger a vegan prominent doctor. Hahaha

  12. Anna Turenne
    | Reply

    Got a kitten shes beautiful and sweet, we play 2-3 times a day getting her nice and moving at least 45 min each time but between play times she is an ankle attacker, and at bed time we play no less then an hour but the moment I lay down for bed she turns into a mom killer she goes for everything hands, feet, face… just full craz kill. Shes about 9 weeks old, any advise?

  13. Guadalupe F
    | Reply

    My mom has varicose veins and my cat bit her ankle and her vein almost popped it… that cat was evil.

  14. Vanessa Escalera
    | Reply

    I play with my kitten and he still attacks me. I no longer think its play aggression and more Aggression, and intent to break the skin. I was just standing in the kitchen cooking. And my kitten grabbed my legs and started biting and clawing it which made my skin break/bleed. Its hard not to react when it HURTS. So i grabbed him and he started biting my hands (hands now have scratches and is bleeding). I no longer know what to do when I play with him at least 25 mins a day or even 2x a day.

  15. Geraldine Babester
    | Reply

    Thank you so much Jackson love youxxx

  16. Charlotte8591
    | Reply

    My cat loves to attack my face. But I just start laughing when he does it, because it's so funny. It doesn't hurt at all. When it hurts, I say OUCH and then walk away and then bring his toy. I try to play with him and give him toys as much as possible though and it has been getting better. Maybe it's because he's an only cat though. We will maybe bring in a second cat.

  17. Missa
    | Reply

    Seems I have a bush dweller with the case of the boredoms. I play with him but probably not enough. I'm gonna form a routine. He l o v e s mice and string on a stick, among others I have in a toy box for him. Just need some more toys for variety, a more consistent routine and more play.

  18. كنت سأنجب منك قبيلة
    | Reply

    Mine attacks my toes …I can't even sleep well…she bites them scratches them..I lock her outside..she never stops meowing till I open again…

  19. Melissa Dedloff
    | Reply

    I am playing with my cat all day long and he still attacks my hands and feet.

  20. Katie Maddalena
    | Reply

    Omg my cat. I will literally be playing with him to distract him from playing with my ankles, and he gets bored of the toy and goes right back to my ankles. :p

  21. Carm Sacco
    | Reply

    I play with my Cat every day for at least 2 hours and I still get attacked, Both legs are covered with scratches, I'm looking for another Cat for him to play with.

  22. anamta khan anamta
    | Reply

    My cat plays with my toe and sometimes lick my toe . What this mean???

  23. Jessica Brauman
    | Reply

    My cat is only a year and a half old and she has sooo much energy, I think because she is part siamese. I can't possibly play with her enough to wear her enough so she won't bite and scratch me – I don't think there is a limit! What do I do?

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