How to: Stop your bird from biting

request from matchbox3232.

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35 Responses

  1. chubbyapparel
    | Reply

    This isn’t helpful at all. It’s word for word exactly as someone else had
    written on a website

  2. Bonnie Longo
    | Reply

    First of all, you talk too fast and it’s hard to understand what you are
    saying half the time. You saw a video and that makes you an expert on
    Cockatiels? I have had Cockatiels for many years. They all have their own
    personalities. If you have a biter there is nothing you can do. Some love
    to be held and cuddle and some just like to sit with you and let you pet
    their heads but quick motions will make them bite. My one bites hard
    enough to draw blood but he will let you pet his head. Its their
    temperament………you cannot stop them from biting once they learn they
    can control the situation with biting. There are no signs he’s going to
    bite before he bites. He is a rescue and I think the first owners may have
    mistreated him.

  3. 234Synteny
    | Reply

    lol why would i do that? i have a budgie and we spar all the time, shes
    careful not to bite too hard and usually flies to me whenever she sees me
    begging to play.

  4. coryecho1
    | Reply

    @lamya1961 That what you have posted is exacly the same in my case my
    cockatiel is never in his cage out from 8 in the morning till 6 at night
    sits on my knee flys round the house lets me kiss him on his head and rub
    his head with my face but not hands dont get it have you made any progress

  5. JonDavid Anderson
    | Reply

    When are they wanting?

  6. koreamedia
    | Reply

    u can’t fix biting birds, it is her personality mostly.

  7. TheCockatielChannel
    | Reply

    @zeffyismylove i did that when i first got Joy and it seemed to
    work,another thing i did was get an old cloth (clean) and wrap him in that
    so his head was popping out and just hold him while i was sitting down and
    this worked a bit aswell.

    | Reply

    hahaha you’re one of those gullible ones. huh?

  9. abdullah123a
    | Reply

    عزيزي البنقاليyou تعرف عايض..؟

  10. TheCockatielChannel
    | Reply

    @TheSick80 sorry for posting a response twice i dodnt realise it was the
    same person…sometimes joy ( my tame bird in the video) nibbles my hands
    and sometimes if im trying to get him in to his travelling cage or hes mad
    (like when we went away for holiday he ignored me for a bit becasue he was
    angry that i had lets him for a bit…) they may bite..with patience your
    bird will definatly get used to you…besides they live for a long time so
    you have a while 🙂 x

  11. Jose Zamora
    | Reply


  12. TheCockatielChannel
    | Reply

    @ronbjo00 well for me it dosent but they can inflict a nasty bite so if
    your a bit nervous maybe wear some gloves. x

  13. Lackner Slade
    | Reply

    @multigirl3450 Me too!!! That’s what happens to me!!! My budgie likes my
    Mom more…….. but I do all the work like feeding, bathing….. stuff
    like that!!!!

  14. chocolatedrop233
    | Reply


  15. MegaCockatiel
    | Reply

    My cockatiel passed away today at around 12:00 am and I still haven’t got
    over it :'(

  16. Stephanie Hilton
    | Reply

    I have had my bird for 3 years and he still bites, he always flies to me,
    he also doesn’t like to be patted, he hates my mum, we don’t know why he
    hates my mum when she cleans his cage feeds him and gives him water most of
    the time

  17. Somelurkersomeuser
    | Reply

    when i carefully let my bird on my hand IT HURTS A LOT

  18. gtariman03
    | Reply

    for TheCockatielChannel, not to hurt your feeling or anything, but I think
    your bird needs pellet and fruit diet. The flaky beak means that he or
    she’s barely get vitamin A.

  19. DeadSilent Gaming
    | Reply

    @TheCockatielChannel Thing is we got Kiku (male) cockatiel from someone
    else at my parents shop they said the owners couldnt look after him so we
    took him in. His sort of wild type bird and i dont spend alot of time next
    to his cage but i do talk to him in a nice ways and he tweets and chirps
    back at me as a reply. Also his wings arnt clipped so how exactly do i put
    him into an old /worn out cloth? also while his on my shirt he tries to
    bite/peck at my shirt.

  20. zacyboy12345
    | Reply

    @ronbjo00 yeah it doesn’t bit I just hate it when It does thoe I want him
    to do tricks without biting me

  21. Coldbodyz
    | Reply

    For my bird, Its hair that he’s attracted to, what ive done so far and ive
    only had my bird for 3 days; I pick him up even if he gets spooked and he
    bites me, i let him rest on my finger(s) and let me look me in the face for
    a few and ill let him sit on my shoulder, ill slowly bring up some treats
    and he’ll eat from your hand, soon he reconized me nor my hand was an
    enemy, so no i have an awesome bird who flys to my
    hands/arms/shoulders/head and follows me, Hope this helps (5 Months late)

  22. HorsiePurrson32123
    | Reply

    @leos4life21 A good thing to do would be to hang your finger above the
    birds head, just out of reach. Move your finger lower and lower until the
    bird forgets about your finger. Give him millet or something similar when
    he doesnt bite. I taught my cockatiel not to bite the same way and it
    worked well. If he bites tap him hard enough on the beak to show him you
    dont like it. Good luck!

  23. pikachu and im real
    | Reply

    my bird pikachu bites when i try to pick him up and i do speak to him in a
    gentle voice and do you know how to teach them to talk and he dosnt like
    apples is it normal

  24. TheCockatielChannel
    | Reply

    Well its harder for birds who have the company of other birds to want to
    interact with humans

  25. Walter Born
    | Reply

    @lamya1961 Try Clickertraining! Look for Ann Castro in the Amazon
    bookstore. Works great!

  26. ktr2001
    | Reply

    A lot of imes i talk to my bird for a while and then when i walk away he
    starts chirping for me to come back,i actually just did it now for like 20

  27. MetalBladeReaper
    | Reply

    the cockatiel i own will be perfectly fine and amazing when he is outside
    of hs cage…but when he is inside…he will still bite but let me hold him

  28. TheCockatielChannel
    | Reply

    @leos4life21 well if you hit him he is going to resent you and want to bite
    you more

  29. childsweethearts
    | Reply

    My cockatiel is gentle, but likes to chew on my finger nails and finger
    tips. Any advice? A gentle no will eventually stop her from doing this?

  30. Invader Zinia
    | Reply

    thus is very helpful thank you

  31. Jose Zamora
    | Reply


  32. lamya me
    | Reply

    My bird has been imprinted to me for the past few years now and i’ve had
    him for 3 years. He stays out of his cage all day, 8pm is his bedtime. He
    won’t allow me to touch him hand on, he will only let me touch him with my
    face (nose, mouth, cheek) I speak to him and I spend all my time with him.
    His name is Dooley, nickname Birdy bird. As i am typing this, im baby
    talking to him and he is talking back to me lol How do i earn his trust
    enough to let me touch him with my hands?

  33. DarioSakan
    | Reply

    with gloves, I take 1 of them under tap water , and I give him a good
    shower for 5 minutes (the water is not hot nor cold, 50/50), then I dry him
    little-bit & I put him on my hand with glove& then with 1 or 2 fingers of
    my other hand without glove I give a very soft massage on the head & face &
    neck (about 20 minute massage),I make him feel safe&use to my hand , I
    repeat this for both 5 or 6 times for2days1st&2ed&3ed time they were still
    bitting but less then less until they used to my hand !

  34. DeadSilent Gaming
    | Reply

    Hi i uhm… urgh… okay where to start my cockatiels know we dont hurt
    them well our male knows. He is more comfortable with me but when i want to
    pat him right i have to grab him first (corner him in the cage) i dont grab
    him to hard but firmly so he wont flap/run away then i place him on my
    shirt and pat and say nice things to him. Is this okay to help him trust me
    more? or is this making the biting situation worse? he does bite but its
    not painful or hard. Go to my channel to see my birds

  35. ImDexI
    | Reply

    @leos4life21 DONT EVER. EVER. treat your bird poorly ever

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