How to Stop a rabbit from biting

Biting stop.

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3 Responses

  1. Strawberrykiwi1129
    | Reply

    I’ll see if this works. My rabbit left a big red scab, but she is getting

  2. Georgie Edwards
    | Reply

    A nip is actually a sign of love, and a bite is a sign that the rabbit is
    pissed off lol If a rabbit knocks his head against you it’s coz he want
    petting and if they give you a lick with a nip its a sign they love you,
    most rabbits don’t like their bellys being rubbed, they will only let you
    rub their belly if they trust you, it all takes time but you know when a
    rabbit don’t like you is when it’s a full on bite but a little nibble they
    actually love 🙂 hope this helps

  3. Simmy C
    | Reply

    this is so cute!

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