how to stop a hamster from biting you

Before posting a comment, please read: Yes, I’m aware the cage is small, even for a dwarf hamster. This was all I could provide for him at the time, given that I had already bought this cage before finding out it was too small, and my parents weren’t going to let a new cage go unused. I apologize.

I had major trouble that day forming grammatically correct sentences…… forgive that, the info’s all good. πŸ™‚ Some general tips to hamster biting problems. helpful? comment , rate, and subscribe πŸ™‚

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15 Responses

  1. Catwin Chan
    | Reply

    I read the description and yes. You know the cage is too small and you didn't know that at the time of getting the cage however if you are really suitable for a hamster you should have done your research before hand and known it was too small of a cage. Smh.

  2. Chris Londino
    | Reply

    My brother has a hamster and it bit me and hing on until i bled

  3. Gacha Stripe
    | Reply


  4. Brianna Baco
    | Reply


  5. Slime Time
    | Reply

    I got a hamster I try to put in ball and then he bites my friend and next day I put food in cage he sniffs my finger then this happens owwwwwwwww my finger he BIT me ps he is a fancy bear

  6. KawaiiGacha Potato
    | Reply

    Good wheel, good hideout, SOME good tips, small cage, needs upgraded. Also, use paper based bedding, that’s what I use and my hamster likes to burrow in it.

  7. Minecraft 4life
    | Reply

    "Bla bla bla it my feel threatened or depressed.." Ur hamsters probably depressed IK it's a dwarf hamster and its small but THAT CAGE IS TINY

  8. Trouts of Insanity
    | Reply

    Nice wheel. My brother has the same one for his hamster except it is red

  9. Shea Crimmins
    | Reply

    Dood to small of a cage get a bigger one. If they climb the bars they are stressed

  10. ozesem
    | Reply

    Ur fucking cage is to fucking small u should get a new fucking cage for that cute hamster

  11. Saskeia Plays
    | Reply

    First of all

    Clearly you know nothing about hamsters

    1:the cage is to small
    2: you are talking out of your ass
    3: sawdust causes respiratory problems
    4: you shouldn't be feeding it that type of food
    5: a barred cage causes dental problems for your hamster because they tend to chew on the bars

    Go and do some research on hamsters before owning one because they don't live long and you're giving it a sad life behind bars like its in jail

    There is no excuse from realising a cage is to small if you realized that or not clean the cage pack it all back up and the shop will refund you if you have a recipt and the cage is how you found it.. this is why you always ask if the item is suitable before you buy it in the shop. you have money buy your own cage instead of blaming your parents

  12. Rod Everett
    | Reply

    stop hating yall'

  13. Noah Mueller
    | Reply

    Your cage is small but yes I read the description I would either do a bin cage which is cheap and big or I would get a 40 gallon breeder πŸ™‚ I had a cage like that to at first πŸ™‚ I appreciate the video good job!

  14. mel Β·
    | Reply

    The reason why your hamster is biting you because the poor little thing has a small cage so when you go pick him up he’s territorial over his space!

  15. David May
    | Reply

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