Joseph talk through working with 3.5 year old Fireball (Finest x Fidertanz). Young horse basics starts with mental connection and works into the understanding of the aids.

Welcome to my channel, where you can find all dressage related content.  From instructional videos and in-hand tips to following my journey as a rider, trainer and co-owner (with Jess) of an elite import business- Exclusive Dressage Imports.  My passion is dressage, film-making and vlogging. My videos are created with viewers in mind. Join us while we travel abroad to find the best dressage prospects in Europe, train at home and travel for my specialty- in hand piaffe/passage clinics. I utilize a natural horsemanship approach focused on dressage principles taught on the ground and under saddle to ensure a successful experience for both rider and horse. Dressage means training and I work to improve my riding, my training and my horses everyday. 
Exclusive Dressage Imports (EDI) an elite dressage horse import operation based in San Diego, CA.  EDI specializes in the import and training of superb quality young horses.  EDI personally selects and trains top-notch European dressage prospects for international buyers of all levels.   We have a very selective criteria with our imports.   Our horses are meticulously chosen for superior quality, trainability, rideability and temperament.  We are based in San Diego and all of our horses are under full training with Grand Prix rider and trainer Joseph Newcomb.     
EDI’s team combines top riding and training coupled with unique in-hand expertise and elite equine talent.

If you are looking for your unicorn and do not see it listed on, feel free to email us at We often have horses not listed and personally work with clients to find the perfect match.

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D

25 Responses

  1. claire mardesich
    | Reply

    Once again Joseph thank you for an awesome and completely relevant video! I have two seasoned horses that are new to dressage and wow I'm going to start them fresh using your training tips! Fireball is gorgeous and I can't wait for your next video. 💕

  2. Daniela Kalwarowskyj
    | Reply

    Omg he is sooo gorgeous! And has a fancy bloodline

  3. Jamie H
    | Reply

    sorry Joseph but those pants are accentuating your, ahem, "lumpy area."

  4. Audrey Breuls
    | Reply

    Hi Joseph! Could you make a video on improving the trot? To get that really nice bouncy, elastic movement (just working trot, not passage)

  5. Ann McMillan
    | Reply

    Would love to follow this guy’s progress. How long will it take him to truly relax on the lunge at walk, trot and canter?

  6. Jennifer Fitzpatrick
    | Reply

    Awesome!! Thank you for sharing some very important insights and inspiration

  7. James Woodard
    | Reply

    I'm currently working 2 young horses that I started, so this is super helpful. Thanks Joseph 👍

  8. Erica Bliss
    | Reply

    Perfect timing! I'm doing this exact thing with my baby, down to the reins tucked under the leathers and half mounting process, ha.. Please post more!

  9. Jenifer Rinehart
    | Reply

    Wow! What a beautiful mover. I love his energy and his ohsokind eye! ❤️

  10. Diane Goodall
    | Reply

    Lovely to watch how you introduce and communicate new experiences with the horse in a non-threatening manner. Expertly done.
    Fireball’s name does seem to suit him. I think he’s permanently fresh!

  11. Trina Caba
    | Reply

    Such a lovely young man!!!

  12. Pferdecoach
    | Reply

    oh now I get nosey about that former stallion with his big neck, respect looks very relaxed now….Dom The Second ?

  13. James Newcomb
    | Reply

    This is the best! Cool to see the basics with horses in such a natural state of awareness, not knowing what to expect.

  14. Cyndi Figura
    | Reply

    I am currently preparing my horse for saddle training. Very helpful video! Thanks!

  15. Fiona C
    | Reply

    You can see his energy….he does have fire doesn’t he. It is so exciting to start a young horse isn’t it!

  16. Kristin Clark
    | Reply

    He’s so handsome. I’ve missed your training/ daily vlogs/ traveling videos. Thank you for posting!

  17. Angie Gorse
    | Reply

    Stunning horse. What bits do you use on your young horses?

  18. Bonnie Barto
    | Reply

    He is gorgeous with very kind eyes.

  19. C C
    | Reply

    Hi again! Really good vid Joseph. Happy to see you using this format of explaining while you're demonstrating. For the newbies out here especially it makes the process so much easier to understand and apply. Nice for your prospective buyers to see your training methods and thought process and choices to support those methods. Actually everyone no matter the level can always learn a tip or two that maybe they never thought of or used. Thx as always Jess for your part in the vid quality including your lineage knowledge of the horses!! Look forward as always to next time…

  20. cathi cline
    | Reply

    I would wonder why the stirrups are left loose to bang against the horse’s side. I think that horse is anxious enough without being punished by the stirrups when he is trying to respond to what is being asked of him. Yes, the billet straps are also flapping but they don’t cause pain.

  21. Cindy Noble
    | Reply

    Love these "progress" videos
    Gorgeous beast🐴🐎

  22. ThePaulahoo1
    | Reply

    This is an incredible video in every respect! So much education! So much beauty! Perfection! You did it again, Joseph – I loved every minute of this!! Thank you also to Fireball and Jess!

  23. Brandon Szumski
    | Reply

    Awsome job joseph!!

  24. Edwina Hicks
    | Reply

    Joseph I love your videos but why have you allowed the stirrups to be flaying around while he is being lunged? It can’t be very nice for him to have stirrups bashing him in the side.

  25. ker bear
    | Reply

    You tease me with absolutely beautiful horses every single time I watch! 🐎♥️😎

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