How to socialize your new rat and get it used to you

rat socialization. let me know if i missed anything! thanks (:

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15 Responses

  1. shaqayla connor
    | Reply

    search on YouTube how to convince your parents to have rats

  2. shaqayla connor
    | Reply

    you should really have 2 rats or more so they can play with each other and sleep and do all that stuff together so yes u should have 2 rats

  3. CatAttackMeowHiss
    | Reply


  4. CatAttackMeowHiss
    | Reply

    they should be fine as long as you play with them an hour or two a day, and Im pretty sure your school doesn’t end and then you go to bed right away so yeah…

  5. CatAttackMeowHiss
    | Reply

    what you could do instead of making a clicking sound with your tounge (because it isn’t that consistent) is taking a pen and clicking it by pushing the back down. Im pretty sure almost everyone has that.

  6. Charlotte Canterbury
    | Reply

    I want a rat because I want a pet to play with, but I am worried about how many hours a day they need attention. Is a hour or two every day good for them or do they need more than that?

  7. Kristie Marie
    | Reply

    What happens if I need to go to school???

    | Reply

    my mom is considering getting me a pet fancy rat when school starts (homeschool for me) and i was wondering if you have any advice for me..also do they have to be in pairs?

  9. JaedynJinjersing
    | Reply

    Even with a ton of human interaction, rats still need a partner of their own species. Rats like to play like humans can’t, and cuddle/sleep with each other. No matter how much anyone tries, you can’t be with your rat 24 hours a day. It’s MUCH better to have two. Also, rats that are alone have shorter life spans, and I’ve heard they get depressed if they’re alone.
    Just what I know. 🙂

  10. Emi Hay
    | Reply

    I know this video is old, and sorry to be a bother, but I’m getting as many opinions on this as I can before I go cage shopping.
    is it really so bad to only have one rat? a lot of people who keep rats are adamant that you have to have two or more because rats are social pack animals and all this, but occasionally I see someone who says one should be fine as long as you pay attention to it. I’m plenty willing and capable to do this, but I dont want to be cruel if it’s really all that bad. thanks.

  11. auzzie brenny
    | Reply

    hi i am interested in geting a pet rat but i think my mum and dad will say no because they way they have seen rats do you think there is something i can say or do to make them think the other way and let me get a pet rat?

  12. sambible
    | Reply

    i’m sorry it’s taken me a while! but i’m writing up a good response and it will be posted on my blog by the end of today! cheers x

  13. sambible
    | Reply

    i suggest letting your rats out of the cage more often so they feel more comfortable just coming to you. you should never have to reach into the cage and grab your rats. always let them come to you. next time you need to clean out their cage, bribe them out with treats and have some playtime on the bed. put out some toys for them to chew/climb, maybe a bowl of fresh fruits/food, and even a tub of water for them to play around in. while they’re busy playing, clean away!

  14. Faye Ilsley
    | Reply

    Hi there 🙂 thanks for a great video, I’ve been following your advice and it seems to work. However, I had to clean my rats out recently an had to take them out of the cage. They seemed so scared and now they seem to avoid me. Have I undone all the good work? Thanks in advance 🙂

  15. sambible
    | Reply

    of course (:

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