How to set up a Ferret Nation Cage and Playpen together

This is a video tour of the new Ferret Nation Cage and playpen set up for my ferrets daytime activity while I am working. In the morning when I have time the…

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D
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27 Responses

  1. Starlin Vander
    | Reply

    same cage as mine lol

  2. Danielle Titus
    | Reply

    I like you 

  3. Joshua Rice
    | Reply

    did you smoke any crack before making this video?

  4. victoria patterson
    | Reply

    How you tried using a graber? Thats what I use when my ferrets hide their
    toys in places I cant get them

  5. renee cota
    | Reply

    We’re do you get the plastic tube

  6. Alex Prin
    | Reply

    Hi how much was your playpen, I don’t have ferrets but I have rats so a
    playpen enclosure would be useful

  7. Wade Roberts
    | Reply

    Also can you make some videos on how to make some more ferret toys?

  8. Brianna Evans
    | Reply

    I live in Florida, near Jacksonville in St. Augustine, and I have been
    thinking of getting ferrets for a while and I was wondering where you got
    your rescues from? I really appreciate your videos showing what ferret
    ownership really is like 🙂

  9. pia a
    | Reply

    the clear white tubes are ferret . com. The black tube is from Lowes and is
    corrugated drainage tube. You can cut the black tube easily and can split
    the tube down the length to have a ramp. Sorry, I did not see your post

  10. StarlightAria13
    | Reply

    when should you start to summerize/winterize each year for ferrets? I live
    in the eastern U.S.

  11. Jakodi333
    | Reply

    Haha at first I thought u kinda sounded like a crazy ferret lady the way u
    talk to them….. But who am I kidding; I talk to my two fuzz butts in the
    same high pitched crazy voice. 😉

  12. FerretsForDummies
    | Reply

    Super coool ! <3 your videos(:

  13. Ann Pauze
    | Reply

    My phone fell in some of my new ferrets mouth when I was bathing them it
    went to bad place in my bathroom so there naughty

    | Reply

    what is that black tube called? i am mid-project doing a guinea pig cage
    with an ambitious OUTSIDE RAMP, and im looking for a way to bend a grid 90
    degrees…. but i need a tunnel, and i liked the clear white one…. where
    did u get them? please tell me?

  15. victoria patterson
    | Reply

    where did you get the tube!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  16. pia a
    | Reply

    $31.00 for the playpen.

  17. pia a
    | Reply

    the black tube, lowes. the clear, ferret .com

  18. pia a
    | Reply

    I have not found a single playpen they cannot get out of, but the Midwest
    playpen works well for my ferrets. I have an idea you may not be in the USA
    and your ferrets may be bigger than my Marshall ferrets. I just need to
    keep everything away from the sides but the litter pan. So, that prevents
    them from escaping. They can climb out using the cage. I want to just sit
    and enjoy them also!

  19. pia a
    | Reply

    Thank you! Stick around I am uploading a new video today! It is about the
    daily ferret routine!

  20. Sidney St. Ives
    | Reply

    I love your videos and I’ve subscribed!

  21. rockinaustin755
    | Reply

    what kind of playpen is this ?

  22. pia a
    | Reply

    This is a Midwest playpen. You can find it on ferret . com or dog . com

  23. Mason Stewardson
    | Reply

    where is osteen :(]

  24. sam13972
    | Reply

    Hey, I’ve just ordered a ferret kingdom (same as ferret nation) for my rats
    because I’ve just added some new additions and it’s become a little
    cramped. Would you have any tips on how I could set it up so they could
    have loads of fun in it?

  25. alex villanueva
    | Reply

    awwwww they are very cute hey!!! i am getting a ferret umm i wanted to tell
    you that ummm i am getting 2 ferrets in chistmas well wich cage do you
    recomend me ??? and how much did they costed you????/

  26. Gymnist311988
    | Reply

    Ferrets are so sweet I won’t a chocklete

  27. Anthony Baldwin
    | Reply


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