How to remove a TICK from your pet

HARTZ Tick Removal Video – Get help treating your pet with Hartz Advanced Care Brand® Tick Relief KitT for Dogs and Cats.

Last weekend I pulled a Tick off of Maxxie. He’s quite good for being checked for wood ticks, because I always make a game of it. Actually, I believe it was my brother BRAD who first came up with …. the “Wooden-Et-Ick”.

As soon as Maxxie hears that word, he rolls over on his side and lets me (usually without moving around) check him for “woodeneticks” …. And if I find one? He ~KNOWS~ he’s gonna get a Milky Bone for reward!

So, I thought I would do a simple search on tick removals. The above link is short video that will open up into a new window, and uses a HARTz product.

Here are some other sites you might want to research:

LDF — Tick Removal

Tick Removal: A Step-by-Step Guide

How to Remove a Tick –

If you smoke and have an ashtray around, just toss the tick into the ashtray and burn it, otherwise, flush it down the toilet.

And if I can ever offer a good piece of advice – check yourself and your pets in the morning – if you check just before you go to sleep, you will be thinking about it and scratching yourself all night . or, at least I do that.

Take care.

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