How to re-educate a resistant horse to pick up its feet part one

Learn to relax and enjoy your horse. Michelle Quirico, “MQ Training” is based out of the North Bay at American Canyon Training Center in Napa, CA. Michelle offers confidence building for adults and children on her well-behaved school horses, instruction on client’s own horses and help finding the right fitting horse for new horse owners. MQ Training also offers the starting of young horses from finishing through advanced training. Michelle competes and shows in Western Pleasure, Open breed shows, competitive trail riding, Endurance, Team Penning, Gymkhana, breed demonstrations, Costume, and Parading. in 2014 MQ Training won several Gymkhana High Points and Reserve Championships in Team Penning. MQ Training is currently accepting a limited amount of clients, contact Michelle to reserve your spot

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D
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6 Responses

  1. Kill All Reptiles
    | Reply

    Shit I'd do anything she says.

  2. Joan Johnson
    | Reply

    Michelle, Thank you for your video!  I picked up a horse that was extremely resistant to the farrier and I followed your program to a T.  Today was the second farrier visit, the first one she scored an F-, but only room to go up from there!!! She was a perfect angel, we were prepared, she knew what to expect and my farrier was so grateful to be able to perform his job easily and safely.  Well done!!!

  3. sonseere10
    | Reply

    The 'questionable background' as you put it is just an excuse. I doesn't matter what the background was. It matters what you do now.

  4. Jumping stride
    | Reply

    my horse does this I will try it with her thank you

  5. Jude Campbell
    | Reply

    Thank you for this video, it's very helpful and worked well with my horse. I still haven't picked up the hind legs but he was more relaxed with less is more.

  6. Cano Manuel Gonzaga
    | Reply

    What happened to its shoulder on the left?

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