How To Prevent Dog Chewing

How To Prevent Dog Chewing

By George Kane

Do you have a dog that has a habit of chewing literally every object in the household? Make no bones about it! As part of the dog training process, it is absolutely important to train a dog to stop the nasty chewing habit also known as gnawing. Chewing is a natural instinctive reflex of almost all dogs and they must be trained effectively in order to save your house and your possessions from getting chewed up. Dogs will try to chew on the furniture, mattress, shoes, or anything that will come their way as part of their maturing process and curiosity. So how in the world do you stop a dog from this terrible chewing problem? There are some proven techniques that will answer this question.

Just like human babies, teething is considered to be the most common cause for a dog’s chewing habit. Teething process gives severe pain to dogs; as a result they will try to chew on anything to overcome the pain. If a dog is not trained to be active, the sheer boredom of sitting around the house will make things worse. The dog will form a habit to keep chewing without actually suffering from an extended teething problem. Certain dogs also suffer from loneliness and anxiety; this becomes a mental problem that will eventually make his chewing habit worse. Chewing can be controlled by keeping the dog in a good mental and physical state.

Moving on to the preventive methods and techniques, a chew toy can be a dog’s best friend for eliminating the dog’s desire to chew on your possessions. Train the dog to keep his chewing habit limited to the chew toy; this will save your furniture and other household items from getting attacked. Make sure to pick up a chew toy that is considered to be the safest in the marketplace. You must also get the right size and color to fit the dog’s mouth and personality.

Among the harmless chew toys available in the market are as follows:

Nylabones – Nylabones is made out of odor free nylon fibers, which is safe and tender for your dog’s mouth. They are easily available in edible or non-edible forms. The non-edible nylabones are stuffed with chicken or turkey meat for added flavor. With different shapes and sizes, nylabone will be suitable for different kinds of dogs. Galileo is among the best known nylabone chew toys available currently.

Kong toys – Kong toys are a perfect match for those dogs that are suffering from insecurity and anxiety. These sterilized bones have a hollow in the middle to stuff different kinds of dog food.

Make sure to spend quality time with your dog and make him feel great by praising his good behavior. It is never too late to teach a dog how to stay away from chewing certain objects. Dog chewing can definitely be controlled with the above techniques and preventive measures.

About the Author: George Kane writes about issues such as Dog Chewing for Dog Training A to Z

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