How to potty train your hamster

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D

9 Responses

  1. 32400mario
    | Reply

    It Looked She Squeaked like´╗┐ a Hamster at 0:00 XD

  2. Hamstercare24
    | Reply

    thx nd yea gotta save´╗┐ up for one

  3. Hamstercare24
    | Reply

    that weird well im sorry this video didn’t help i will try to get some more info for you so you can potty´╗┐ train him

  4. LilHuntero3o
    | Reply

    – i keppet on doing that for 1 month and he is still´╗┐ not potty trained!!!!

  5. LilHuntero3o
    | Reply

    not´╗┐ at all

  6. SuperQwerty200
    | Reply

    my hamsters just go potty on whatever is plastic´╗┐ in their cage it smells really bad so I took out that stuff before I tried potty trainig

  7. Hamstercare24
    | Reply

    yes i know but ur hamster might get the memo that it´╗┐ should use the plate

  8. heartzheartzheartz
    | Reply

    if´╗┐ u keep moving the plate , then the hamster is not trained at all.

  9. irockthemothership
    | Reply

    thx for this´╗┐ vid!

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