How to Potty Train your Hamster!

Potty training really helps to keep the cage cleaning easy and the cage smelling fresh 🙂 Forest only took 2 days to learn! Please comment, like, request, and subscribe. Thanks for watching!

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14 Responses

  1. Happycampergaming257
    | Reply

    How often are you supposed clean the potties? Daily? Every two days?

  2. KittyKatGurl2442
    | Reply

    Hey, this is the first video I watched about a year ago from you and I love your channel. Its very informative and I wanted to say thank you for taking your time to make these videos for us. I have learned alot. I love your channel!

  3. Emma Jane Quackenbush
    | Reply

    weres the hamster??!?!!??!?!

  4. Melon Creepy
    | Reply

    Tagalog To English You Write to tagalog Betlog And You See To Englishe

  5. Chloe Theis
    | Reply

    My hamster digs a hole pees in there and covers it with bedding

  6. Dennis Sampson
    | Reply

    my hamster pees and poops in her wheel or her tubes

  7. Battlestar Hamster
    | Reply

    I have sawdust in my hamster cage what do I put in the potty

  8. LaurensDesigns
    | Reply

    Hello, some good information here thanks for the video, I do love the arrangement and toys, however I must ask is that all the bedding you use? Hamsters like to borrow so they will need at least 3 inches of bedding, looks like you only have about 1 inch here? Anyhow just trying to be helpful, cheers, XOXO L

  9. stella's cool styles and pets 2005
    | Reply

    my haammies put litter in their cheeks and the go it into teir food bowl😐😐😐😐😕😕😕

  10. Collin Karnes
    | Reply

    but I do use the pearls

  11. wonderwomen 5406
    | Reply

    my hamster puts litter in her food bowl

  12. Lindsay Sublette
    | Reply

    my hammy has tubes and a bubble that she can sit in she poops in it can I change from my hammy pooping in her tubes into the little before I buy so it's not a waste of money

  13. Collin Karnes
    | Reply

    I use the same liter but different brand and she eats it is that bad

  14. Oliverliski Murphy
    | Reply

    Thank you so much it worked

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