How to Potty Train Your Dog in 7 Days | Super Awesome Dogs

Potty training your dog can be a frustrating task but patience and consistency can be great tools for a better potty training experience. Training Tips: 1) W…

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32 Responses

  1. Mary Rose
    | Reply

    Please, do a video on hard cases of leash pulling!

  2. Bag2218
    | Reply

    I keep hearing that all dogs supposedly love their crates and would never
    do their business in the same place they lie down in. Well whoever started
    that rumor hasn’t met my 3 year old Boxer/Pit. She’s a rescue and we’ve had
    her for a year and a half now but we still can’t get her to go in her cage
    without a protest. And when we let her out, I always end up having to clean
    up the poop, pee, and shredded pads she leaves after her temper tantrums. I
    understand this. It’d be unreasonable for me to be gone all day because of
    work and school and expect her to just hold it until I get back. I just
    don’t crate her whenever somebody’s home to watch her. That’s one problem
    partly solved. The big problem is every now and then she’ll have these
    moments where she sneaks into the dining room every night, when everyone is
    asleep, to piss on the floor. In fact I caught her doing it 10 minutes ago
    at 1:30 am. This is the second night in a row she’s done this and if the
    pattern continues, she’ll keep doing it for 2 or 3 more days before not
    doing it anymore for weeks. She goes out three times a day, including at 10
    pm (two hours after she’s eaten and right before everyone goes to bed) and
    doesn’t come back inside until she does her business. She’s on a very
    strict schedule when it comes to eating and going to the bathroom. I need a
    way to get her to like the crate because I don’t know how much longer my
    sister and I can hide these accidents from my mom, who talks about getting
    rid of her every time it happens (which is usually the time that it stops
    happening as if the dog knows she needs to chill out) and seeing as we’re
    the 4th family to have her (she’s been taken back to the shelter 3 times
    and was about to be put down before we got her) I fear that if she’s ever
    given back, she wont get another chance.

  3. M Stringer
    | Reply

    You look like that girl off the talk show where the 11 year old or 13 year
    old girl wants a baby…..

  4. Sandy Ha
    | Reply

    1:39 lol canine in the background

  5. Phillip Crook
    | Reply

    My puppy was trained in exactly 7 days… Thanx

  6. animefreak1216
    | Reply

    what if you live in a condo? it’s hard to go how many floors down for a

  7. ralph p
    | Reply

    I think I have a very complicated situation and I don’t know where to start
    explaining. I am based in Saudi Arabia and dogs here aren’t really pets or
    even animals for most people (No offense to Arabs).

    I found my dog, a German Shepherd, walking aimlessly in the highway. I took
    him in before something bad happens. He’s been with me for over two months
    now and my only problem with him is that he almost always steps on his poop.

    Now, I can’t take him for a walk outside because I’m afraid people might do
    something to him. I’ve never heard of friends of mine who have dogs or have
    seen people walking their dogs so basically my dog stays in my room and I
    have built for him an enclosed space near the bathroom. I made it because
    he bites things even if I had already bought him stuff for his teeth. Also,
    I work from 2-10 PM. When I get home his space is just a mess with his
    poop all over and on his paws so most days he gets a shower. Though, I’ve
    made a routine with him that I feed him on a particular time and I pick up
    his poop which I kinda figured out when he does it but its just the time
    when I’m sleeping or when I’m away that he steps on his poop.

    Please help. 

  8. Guri Kadolli
    | Reply

    good it worked

  9. Joey Salpietro
    | Reply

    I have an amazing puppy American Bully. I would like to take her outside to
    train (she is 8weeks) but the VET said not to take her out bc she is prone
    to catch diseases without having all of her shots yet. I’m in the city
    area. So she is doing great on the pee pee pads. But obvi don’t want that
    smell in the house lol What are your thoughts on it? In a month she will
    have all of her shots.

  10. Anna Longworth
    | Reply

    You trapped the poor thing in the crate! He couldn’t even turn around!!!!

  11. Iman Nooruddin
    | Reply

    Does it really work

  12. Mikki Taylor
    | Reply

    my dog does not like the crate…. 

  13. Michelle Brotherton
    | Reply

    thanks, cute video~

  14. Kerisha Whylie
    | Reply

    As soon as I saw that dog in the crate, I stopped the dumb video. Did her
    mother lock her in a cage after she pooped as a toddler? I can’t imagine
    ever locking my dog up

  15. Joey Uzeta
    | Reply

    They are not dog experts it’s ridiculous!!! The dog can’t even fit in that
    crate with the divider. I know how to crate train a dog and I think it’s
    the best way but the dog needs to be able to turn completely around and the
    divider is only needed if the puppy goes to the bathroom in the cage.

  16. Beastat Halo
    | Reply

    I have a husky,should i be a bit harsher

  17. Erica Lopez
    | Reply

    what if i have a small dog and it is snowing and his legs get cold? Can you
    make a video of how to indoor potty train your dog?

  18. Norman Osorio
    | Reply

    If anything i enjoyed watching this cutie..

  19. Nikusha Kiknadze
    | Reply

    10/10 would bang

  20. - SA's online Pet Shop Directory
    | Reply

    Train your dog 101 – #5 How to Potty Train Your Dog in 7 Days

    How to Potty Train Your Dog in 7 Days | Super Awesome Dogs

  21. dj3ss3nc3
    | Reply

    nice legs!

  22. Jim Eriksson
    | Reply

    Ooh plz stop it! dont you here what you are saying? The dog cant even play
    in that small cage. i wouldent even think of getting a dog if i cant walk
    with it outside. You are just a bussnies trying to sell ppl some shit. Do
    you think the dog will be happy to sit in that cage locked up? i got some
    news for you its a animal and as the owner to the dog you should lock up
    animals the dog just gonna get more crazy!

    How would you like it if i did lock you up? Or put you in a Confined space
    and let you shit in a cage? Dont you Americans have laws how to treat your
    pet? You ppl even considering this should fucking be ashamed just lock at
    the jews you think they liked it to be at Birkenau or the other
    concentration camps?

    But i hope some day Kharma pays you back what you owe!

  23. Cap Ed.
    | Reply

    I was taught to put the dogs face near the poop/pee, then I would give him
    some spanks after the fact. Now I feel bad! Thanks for this advice

    | Reply

    you are awesome 

  25. lenoriajones90009
    | Reply

    My puppy knows to go outside, but also has no learned to go on the pee pads
    (and rugs which has resulted in all of the rugs in the house being rolled
    up and put away ha!) Will your methods in this video help break him from
    the pee pads too?

  26. jessa sawyers
    | Reply

    how would i potty train 2 months puppy 

  27. Fiona Fay
    | Reply

    what if my puppy can’t go outside yet due to waiting for the rest of her
    vaccines? She has to use the pads, the pads are everywhere incase of
    accidents !! She is two months old! 

  28. Zack EMusic
    | Reply

    I couldn’t concentrate she was too beautiful <3

  29. Yorkielover07
    | Reply

    How can I train my three year old yorkie to potty outside? Because she
    knows how to potty inside 🙁 so what can do 

  30. Phillip Crook
    | Reply

    BEST youtube advice EVER… Thank you sooo much young woman

  31. Iman Nooruddin
    | Reply

    Does it really work

  32. Kerisha Whylie
    | Reply

    As soon as I saw that dog in the crate, I stopped the dumb video. Did her
    mother lock her in a cage after she pooped as a toddler? I can’t imagine
    ever locking my dog up

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