How to Potty Train your bird in 72 hours only !

NOTE ; there are a few ignorant people who will tell you that potty training your parrot is a bad idea because he may hold it until he dies. This has never h…

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39 Responses

  1. Petco
    | Reply

    So talented! 

  2. Yade Hernández
    | Reply

    +Parrot Whisperer ok I Saw That Video
    My Bird Do Potty

  3. Jeanne C
    | Reply

    Amazing, this is beautiful. You deserve more subscribers hani. Your great

    | Reply

    My coockatiels poop every 5 minuts LOL!!!

    | Reply

    My grey has started turning her food and water dish over. I take it out and
    a couple hours put it back and she does it again. Do you have any

  6. King Kareem
    | Reply

    Thanks for the reply but i have one more thing I’ve been staying at a
    relatives house for about a month now and they have an electus parrot (not
    sure if i spelled it right) but I’ve learned a lot from it and its a big
    bird too.

  7. Rand Aram
    | Reply

    You can become a parrot scientist without collage does it work on

  8. Teh Gamer
    | Reply

    Hi Please Please Help Me Parrrot Whisperer I Have 2 Love Birds I Think They
    Are Brother And Sister They Are Really Sacred From Me And My Family They
    Sit On Our Hand But Really Difficulty It Proberary Cuz We Put A Hand Behind
    There Back Then They Are Scared And Sit On Our Front Hand Plz I Belive U
    Can Really Help me Please Parrot Whissperer!!

  9. Ayesha Ajaz
    | Reply

    Plz plz plz plz help I have 2 cocktiel they will always be in cage and I am
    afraid to touch them and when I put my hand in they hssss and try to bite

  10. EstrellaBonita47
    | Reply

    Ok my friend I have a lovebird and hes so scared of me or should i say shy.
    I bought him 1 month ago and i dont know what to do i give him treats I
    talk to him everyday any advice please i need help and you sound like you
    can help me thanks and greetings :)

  11. angelica7543
    | Reply

    Thank you for posting this video parrot whisperer! 🙂
    I have a couple of questions for you. First, how long streaches of time do
    you recommend doing potty training at a time?
    Is it possible/ok to give the bird two places to poop? I found this video
    because I am trying to find a way to potty train chickens, and I would like
    them to use the toilet (preferably, if possible (or a potty)) inside the
    house, but also want them to know they are free to poop as much as they
    want when they are strolling around the yard during the day. After all, I
    really DON’T want my feather babies to hold their poop and become ill or
    worse… Any tips for me?

  12. syzdykov ruslan
    | Reply

    Advice on getting a crow or raven?

  13. Parrot Whisperer
    | Reply

    WATCH NOW our latest with all your problems solved !

  14. Blaze RavenFlame
    | Reply

    Please Help!
    A few weeks ago i bought my own Galah Cockatoo. It is 4 months old and not
    hand tame. I have tried hand-taming it myself but i seem to have got not
    much progress. I have recently bought a pair of leather gloves just in case
    of biting problems. People are suppose to take their bird out of their
    cages often but sadly i cannot due to my Galah’s cage is outside on the
    balcony, even if i try to take my bird out of the cage it is way too scared
    of me. I have tried hand-feeding it, stick training but seem to have not
    much progress. Is there a way for my Galah, Rocky to trust me more?

  15. Abdulla K
    | Reply

    this channel is exiting but im really looking forward for some more vids

  16. Willy Alvarez
    | Reply

    Why your so gay 

  17. Timber Gaming
    | Reply

    what type of bird is Cody?

  18. Taha Almaidan
    | Reply

    I tried it, it didn’t work.
    I’ve been doing it for a week and it’s not working

  19. Snowman XVII
    | Reply

    Hey Parrot Whisperer, I need help. recently my birds will bite me when i
    try to get them to step up. yesterday they where fine but today they’re
    trying to bite. it’s like they’ve had a mood change. they are 2 cockatiels,
    male and female. they still eat from my hand and stuff but they bite when i
    try to hold them. help??

  20. TheGizzlePuff
    | Reply

    Godammnit why isnt my bird shy, he shits all over me when hes on me.

  21. Daisy Heart
    | Reply

    Hi would you recommend a cockateil or a budgie in a huge cage for a first
    time bird owner. I really want a cockatiel but u would have to save up for
    a another 2 or 3 weeks. Also are budgies as loyal as cockatiels?

  22. Brandy Dorce
    | Reply

    That was so boring do a video with your bird

  23. abdul mejo
    | Reply

    Pleas help I have a love bird and I can’t hand tame pleas help

  24. lucas vilgax
    | Reply

    Please someone help I’ve gotten a new 9 week old bird and I’ve had him for
    3 days now and I try to train him but when I can take him out the cage he
    fly’s away and I have to catch him to put him back in his cage and I don’t
    want to cut its wings please help

  25. TheSheamus1233
    | Reply

    Your retarded

  26. Marwan Bassem
    | Reply

    I have a 2 little green fishers ….the female keeps biting things even my
    fingers!!! She bites the cage wood metal and everything. .. I want to train
    her but she doesn’t stop biting me!!! What should I do?!?!

  27. brock lesnar
    | Reply

    Hi,pls help i have a 3 yr old male cockatiel it feeds from my hand and even
    demands me to pet him but he never sits on my hand pls help me how to make
    it sit on my hand

  28. Butt man
    | Reply

    +Parrot Whisperer i just got a male cockatiel and he seems to be very
    afraid of me he is even afraid of the food pls help 

  29. Reuben March
    | Reply

    Hi please can u do a how to teach your bird to fly to u

  30. Bader R Abutaleb
    | Reply

    I just boutht a parakeet I don’t now how to tame him could you put a video
    of taming a parakeet

  31. Nuzhat Yousuf
    | Reply

    Hi! Will all the trainings be same with a lovebird?

  32. Rand Aram
    | Reply

    I have two cockatiels as I told you and I love birds so is it okay for you
    that I send you a lot of questions and comments if its okay for you becouse
    your channel is my favorite on YouTube 

  33. It'sMorgann 230
    | Reply

    Great video it helped a lot 🙂

  34. TrollMaster _/_/_/_/_
    | Reply

    shy more like scared

  35. King Kareem
    | Reply

    Hey parrot whisperer im thinking of getting a bird but i dont know what to
    get cockatiel sun conure or caique what should i get plz reply!

  36. Kitty Kate
    | Reply

    I ❤️ you vids

  37. PN GamingLoL
    | Reply

    Bored of your bird pooping in your house ? Then watch this video and potty
    train your bird

  38. jaksongpg
    | Reply
  39. skyblastgaming
    | Reply


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